Iftat hosted by Prof Bhim Singh in Poonch With a message of salam ( peace ) to all

Iftar party was hosted at the bar lounge of district session  court poonch last evening which was attended by advocates and noted members of the civil socity of poonch. Prof. Bhim Singh in his address to the participents conveyed the message of Salam which means peace (shanti) and that message was sent by prophet Mohammad fifteen centuries ago. Prof BhimSingh was reciprocating to the welcome address by the secy of the Poonch Bar Association  Poonch,Anjunn Shaheen described prof. Bhim Singh as alion  of peace. The president of the Bar Association ,  welcomed the noble iniciated of prof. Bhim Singh in hosting iftar Party  to the Bar fraternity in Poonch. The president of the Poonch Bar Association Poonch , mr. Syed Taj Hussein Shah discribed  Prof Bhim Singh as great friend of the helpless and deprived people in the socity.

Prof. Bhim Singh extended idd greating to  the Muslim fraternity all over the  world peareticularly across the line of control and those living in Palestine