Fascist elements conspiring to destabilize Govt. by fomenting anarchy

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Member of National Integration Council accused the government for their failure to identify and eliminate the fascist elements in the society who intend to destabilize democracy and rule of law by fomenting anarchy in the society. He said that as a criminal lawyer and student of sociology he can speak with authority that kind of crimes (rapes of children) as are being committed and exposed by the media publicly could not be committed by ordinary criminals or habitual offenders. Committing a rape against a child is one thing and then committing heinous crime, unspeakable or unimaginable could not be committed by an ordinary criminal. After committing such a heinous crime, ghastly criminal acts against the victims are done by those who are more than habitual criminals or criminals. The criminals who attacked five-year-old girl committed another offense only to give a nerve shock to the society as a whole. Thousands of men, women and youth from the civil society have come out on the streets as they could not digest the nerve shock.
Prof. Bhim Singh, besides being, a parliamentarian and political activist has travelled all over the world on two wheels for five years, said that nowhere in the world, even the notorious criminals would do what has been done by the child rapists in India including in the national capital.
Prof. Bhim Singh said that this is an organized assault not only on democracy but on the cultural heritage of India by the fascist forces which have always conspired against the nation. He said that laws or ordinances are not enough to deal with such elements which intend to attack the very foundation of India’s civilization and ethos. He wondered why the great leaders in the country who have open opportunity to speak from the media platforms have not come out against the enemies of the society and the country. He said that commercializing education in the country amounts to a criminal conspiracy against the cultural ethos of India. Uniform syllabus and education to the children of all is essential so that the foundation of the society shall remain intact on the platform of equity and equality for all.
The Panthers Party leader also appealed to the politicians not to exploit the innocent people by promoting criminals just to add to their vote banks in the next elections. Why Prime Minister of India should not lead a march against social evils and for harmony in the country?