Deploy Defence forces to stop infiltration of foreign weaponry, money & terrorists to enter into India

Addressing a mammoth rally of Young Panthers and National Panthers Students Union activists here, Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of Young Panthers & NPSU demanded a high power probe to identify the real enemies of India who have been sending arms to India to wage war against the country and the people. He questioned the relevance of any inquiry commission by the government to probe into the security lapses by the administration or the other failures to provide protection to the political activists. The real issue has not been touched by the political parties;
i).    as to who is the real culprit sending arms to India worth hundreds of thousands of crores?
ii).    From which route, air, sea or land this huge quantity of destructible weapons are entering into the Indian soil?
iii).    Which are the agencies responsible for this kind of lapse?
iv).    What precautions Govt. of India has taken to block this menace to protect India’s unity, peace and integrity.
v).    What is the law laid down to stop this kind of attack/aggression against India?
Prof. Bhim Singh said that security is the Central subject and so are the borders. The Central leadership/Parliament cannot be absolved of its responsibility to defend the people of India from internal or external aggression.