Governor Rule in J&K after dismissal of State Govt. only way out to save peace in the state.

Hon’ble Shri Modi Sahib,
I am taking this liberty to urge the Hon’ble Prime Minister to kindly invite at least five representatives from each political party recognised by the Election Commission of India in J&K. The representatives of Hurriyat Conference, not recognised by the Election Commission of India, may also be invited as a special case under the circumstances.
1. The opinion of each political party deserves to be considered by the Prime Minister under the present circumstances and the situation that has prompted in the state.
2. The Prime Minister may invite each group and seek the opinion of each political party as to what needs to be done to restore peace in the state.
3. The Hon’ble Prime Minister shall be doing a great service to integrate the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir with the rest of the country as was done by the Maharaja of J&K in 1947 by signing the Instrument of Accession on 26th October, 1947. The State of J&K has not been fully/constitutionally integrated with the rest of the country as has been done in respect of other 575 states which also integrated with the Union of India. Article 370 deserves urgent amendment as the temporary provisions of Article 370(3) has no constitutional mandate left. This is for the reason that State of J&K became integral part of the Union of India and the proviso in Article 370(3) turned redundant. Proviso in Article 370(3) was relevant only during the life of the Constituent Assembly of J&K. With the end of Constituent Assembly on 26th January, 1957 the proviso in sub-clause (3) of Article 370 also came to an end.
4. That the President of India after the collapse/end of the Constituent Assembly of J&K has been vested full powers as incorporated in Article 370 commanding that the President of India, “Shall have full power to introduce any change/amendment in any provision provided in Article 370”.
5. This is submitted that the President of India is competent to bring any change in any provision of the language of Article 370. The President is competent to make any amendment in the language of Article 370 which is still temporary.
6. That the President of India may intervene to ensure desired amendments in Article 370. He is competent to amend any language or contents of Article 370 to ensure that the integration of the State of J&K as desired by its ruler in 1947 is implemented and is enforced as was done by the Parliament in respect of other 575 states on 26th January, 1950.
7. The Hon’ble Prime Minister may invite representatives of political parties working in J&K including the national parties to seek their opinion separately. This shall help create confidence of the national and state political parties.
8. The Hon’ble President of India needs to be advised, though, there is no constitutional requirement to do so.
9. The Hon’ble Prime Minister should not think of the power hungry politicians and their desire to rule when the nation and particularly the people of J&K are looking for peace and end of bullet rule who they may be. Everybody in J&K looking for peace and end of bullet rule as J&K has witnessed during 100 years of Dogra Rule from 1846 to 1947. The people of J&K have been non-violent and peace-loving and they deserve to be governed by a peace-loving system. That is only Governor Rule which President of India is competent to invoke under Article 92 of J&K Constitution read with Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.
10. I in cooperation with several political parties of J&K including Hurriyat Conference made it possible to hold valuable conferences in J&K and in New Delhi in 2005 and 2007 during the Prime Minitership of Dr. Manmohan Singh. Almost all political parties from POK, and J&K attended those conferences with a clear message of peace and harmony. Dr. Karan Singh, Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Prof. Abdul Ghani Bhat from J&K as well as Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan (POK) and several legislators from both sides of J&K participated. It was a great message to seek resolution of the J&K problem without violence or use of guns. It was great and unique family get-together.
11. I would like to urge the Prime Minister of India to allow us to hold such a peace conference of the members of the split family once again. This shall be great contribution towards promoting peace with understanding between the people of the two families; India and Pakistan. People of India and Pakistan should be mobilized to live in peace and cooperation which is possible only through this effort. War/wars are no solution to any problem among the brethren Nations
With regards,

PM urged to consult all J&K political parties including Hurriyat leaders, what needs to be done

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party & Member of National Integration Council before Modi era urged on Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to consult all recognized political parties in J&K including the representatives of Hurriyat Conference as to what needs to be done to restore peace in the State of J&K which has been in flames for quite a long time. The civilians have been killed, banks are being looted, private and state properties are being plundered and the state administration stands totally collapsed from the state to the district levels. The public institutions have literally collapsed with schools and educational institutions on the rock. There is no governance at all as there is no law and order instead there is anarchy everywhere. Banks are being looted in the broad day light and the police stands helpless under the situation because there is a total defiance of the government by the general public.

Prof.Bhim Singh made a strong appeal to the Prime Minister of India to call a meeting of five representatives of each recognised political party from Jammu and Kashmir. Prof.Bhim Singh said that Hurriyat Conference, though, is not a recognized political party yet it needs to be given a patient hearing to ensure their cooperation for the return of peace in the State of J&K which had saved the secular character of Bharata in 1947.

Prof.Bhim Singh has been pleading with the state leadership as well as national leadership to dismiss the present J&K Govt. and go for Governor Rule which is provided in the Constitution of J&K also (J&K has a separate Constitution—thanks to the Parliament). The present situation in J&K has threatened the integration of the nation and peace in J&K.

Prof.Bhim Singh urged the Prime Minister to save nearly 12 millions people of J&K who are citizens of India from this wave of death and destruction and the Prime Minister of India is capable to play his role which many Prime Ministers in the past had played under the compelling circumstances to save the integrity, unity and the Indian Flag in the Himalayan State—Jammu and Kashmir.

Prof.Bhim Singh suggested that the Prime Minister is involved in some more urgent issues he may depute his one or two senior ministers to seek consultation with J&K leadership (all parties) including Hurriyat Conference. The bullet rule must end with an urgent message. He conveyed to the Prime Minister that people of J&K shall response positively as the people of J&K including Ladakh, Kashmir and Jammu Pradesh are looking towards the Prime Minister of India for his initiative. Dissolve J&K Assembly, dismiss the State Govt. and hand over power to the Governor of J&K which is provided in the Constitution of J&K as well as in the Constitution of India.

Governor Rule in J&K & Reorganization is only way to restore peace

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party has called on all the political parties in J&K which believe in secular state and democracy to ask the President of India to dismiss the State Assembly and government and impose Governor Rule which the President of India is competent to do under Section 92 of J&K Constitution read with Article 370 of the Constitution of India.

NPP Supremo called on all the political parties in J&K as well as the opposition parties including Hurriyat Conference to act in grace and in defense of the people of J&K who want peace with democracy so that all of them shall enjoy the fruits of democracy and share the fruits of Fundamental Rights which have been curtailed under Article 35(A) which stands challenged before the Supreme Court of India. The day the Indian citizens shall get all the Fundamental Rights enshrined in the Indian Constitution there shall be democracy and peace.

Prof.Bhim Singh was addressing Executive Members of the State Legal Aid Committee this afternoon. Prof.Bhim Singh reminded the United Nations that J&K acceded to the Union of India when its Ruler Maharaja Hari Singh signed the Instrument of Accession like other 575 States in 1947 and the State should have been declared as integral part of the Union of India according the letter and the spirit of the British Act of Parliament in 1946.

NPP Holds condolence meeting on the sad demise of Mrs. Mulamde mother of NPP Office secretary

An emergency meeting of NPP secretariat was held at NPP headquarter in New Delhi to condole the death of Mrs. Mulamde , mother of Mr. Sehdev Singh, executive secretary at NPP headquarter in New Delhi today. She died two weeks ago at Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi.

Panthers Party secreatariat met at its headquarter New Delhi and expressed sympathy with the family of Mrs. Mulamde. She belonged to village Kapar, Dist. Porigarhwal, Uttrakhand. She was 69 years old. She left 3 sons , one daughter and grand childrens.

Prof. Bhim singh chief patron of Panthers Party presided over condolence meeting and expressed deep shock on the sad and unopportunate demise of the mother of Panthers Party executive secretary.

NPP Holding special meeting on 3rd march to decide convention for NPP Foundation Day on 23 March

Prof. Bhim Singh supremo NPP Shall attend special meeting of JKNPP on 3rd march 2018 at NPP Headquarter, Jammu (J&K) organized in connection with celebration of 36th Foundation Day at Jammu, J&K on 23rd march 2018.

The founding members of NPP shall also be honoured on that day. The surviving founders shall also be honoured on tha day.

The Panthers Party shall plan the celebration in the meeting which shall be presided by shree Balwant Singh Mankotia , the president of the party who presided over the special meeting where the Chairman of the Party shree Harshdev Singh was special invitee. A special organizing committee for the Founation Day shall also be announced which shall include all the members of the secretariat and the district presidents.

The details of the celebration day shall be announced after the special meeting .