Call on rulers to invoke peace, tolerance, equity message from life of Mohammed Prophet

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party & Sr. Advocate of the Supreme Court of India who has been fighting for equity, justice, tolerance, brotherhood and peace today called on those who are ruling in different parts of the world to practice tolerance, invoke peace and deliver justice with equity wherever they govern or rule.

       Congratulating the people of the world today on the birthday of Prophet Mohammed while addressing a huge rally of advocates, youth and social activists at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi (popularly known as Hyde Park Corner of India), Prof.Bhim Singh, the founder of J&K National Panthers Party said that Prophet Mohammed had given a unique message of equity, equality, brotherhood and universal peace. He said that those who have gone through the practices of the Prophet and life understand that Prophet Mohammed gave a great message of humanity, love and tolerance. He cited an example that a Jewish lady who used to act hostile to Prophet Mohammed did not appear on the way to throw dust etc. on Mohammed Prophet on a day. Mohammed Prophet walked to her house to enquire about her health. The lady was astonished by the great gesture mixed with humanity that the Prophet went to know about the health of the angry lady. The Jewish lady apologised to the Prophet and accepted his message and teachings.

          The Panthers Party Chief Patron urged the thinkers, intellectuals and the rulers of the world to learn from the life and practice of all the Prophets who were sent by God in the East, the West to spread message of peace and equality. NPP Supremo said that he had an opportunity to travel all over the world by road (on motorcycle) for five years and experienced the human love all over the world. He found that all the religions in the world have transcended message of peace, human dignity, tolerance, human love through the messengers of God in the East and in the West. He suggested that all educational institutions should include Torat, Bhagwad Geeta, Bible, Holy Quran-e-Pak, Guru Garanth Saheb and other holy books which bring the message of God. This is the only answer to heal the wounds caused by the power hungry rulers and politicians in the bleeding world of today.