BJP, Congress & Kashmir centric parties stand exposed on Panthers Party bill on secularism

This was highly tragic and unfortunate that the ruling party in India namely BJP did not support the Panthers Party MLA’s bill in J&K Assembly last evening to include ‘secularism’ in the preamble of J&K Constitution. The Congress and the Kashmir centric political parties like PDP and National Conference also opposed the inclusion of ‘secularism’ in the preamble of the J&K Constitution. The bill was moved by the Panthers Party MLA and former Education Minister Shri Harsh Dev Singh, Chairman of JKNPP. The bill was supported only by the Panthers Party MLAs namely Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia and Shri Yashpal Kundal whereas 11 BJP MLAs were seen hiding their faces in their sleeves whereas the Congress, National Conference and PDP MLAs stood against the inclusion of word secularism in J&K.

          When the mover of the bill, Shri Harsh Dev Singh, MLA and Chairman of JKNPP stood in support of bill advocating vociferously that J&K is integral part of India which has even been constitutionally incorporated in Section 3 of the J&K Constitution, the word secularism and socialism has to be included in the preamble of the State Constitution. He argued that J&K has been a secular state. It is integral part of India, a secular country and therefore word secularism cannot be omitted in the State Constitution. He argued that without the words ‘secularism’ and ‘socialism’ the State Constitution has no constitutional mandate and therefore it has lost its legality.

          Only three MLAs of the Panthers Party carried the flag of secularism onto the well of the floor of the House and exposed the opponents of secularism.

          Prof.Bhim Singh, former three times legislator, a constitutional expert and Sr. Advocate of the Supreme Court urged Shri N.N. Vohra, the Governor of J&K to invoke Section 92 of the J&K Constitution as the present government is working out of the scope and meaning of the Constitution. When they (ruling parties) failed to accept world secularism which is soul of democracy in India, they are working out of the parameters of the Constitution, hence there is constitutional obligation on the Governor to dissolve the Assembly and dismiss the government of J&K.

          Prof.Bhim Singh also reminded the people of J&K who voted heavily for the BJP in the recent Lok Sabha election to mark this point that both the BJP as well as National Conference plus PDP are deadly against secular Constitution. The nexus between ruling BJP in the Centre and ruling National Conference and Congress in J&K stands totally exposed.

          Prof.Bhim Singh congratulated the four musketeers (four NPP legislators), three MLAs and one MLC for demonstrating their total commitment to the cause of nationalism, secularism and democracy through their continuous efforts to raise public causes inside the legislature. This is the right time for the people of three regions to understand who deserve public support in the coming Assembly election.