Bhim Singh visited pellet wounded Kashmiri boys in AIIMS

Prof.  Bhim Singh, Chief Patron National Panthers Party who is also Executive Chairman of Human Rights Committee visited five Kashmiri boys admitted in AIIMS for bullet (pellet) injuries in the eyes in Kashmir Valley in the last week.

Prof. Bhim Singh assured the injured boys one of them is a Kashmiri girl and a boy of about seven years of age.  Prof. Bhim Singh assured the wounded children of Kashmir who have been admitted in the eye wing of AIIMS in Delhi.

Prof. Bhim Singh assured the young one that the Panthers Party shall fight from the streets to the Supreme Court to ensure that justice is done to the victims of the state bullets.  He also assured that he shall take up this matter of eye wounds with the eye hospitals in India and anywhere as to ensure that the unfortunate children shall get their eye sight back to a normal stage.  He also appealed to the Union Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh to provide all facilities to such boys/girls who have lost their eye sight because of the bullets of Kashmir government aided and supported by the BJP, a partner share holders in the state government.