Bhim Singh, noted globetrotter with peace mission around the world urges India & Pakistan to work for peace & their common civilization

Prof.Bhim Singh presently a senior elected Executive Member, Supreme Court Bar Association of India who is also the Founder of J&K National Panthers Party made a strong appeal to the leadership of India and Pakistan to stop their daily war-mongering slogans and activities, attacking or shouting loud against each other as both India and Pakistan have one cultural heritage, common history and seeds of civilization.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that India and Pakistan had the same culture, civilization and common heritage as they were one nation till 1947 when India was divided by the outgoing colonial British Rule. Prof.Bhim Singh said that the leadership, today, in India and Pakistan, it appears, more in power than in the welfare of the people. He said that he has travelled every corner of India and most of the areas in Pakistan. He said he found no difference in the culture, language and even behaviour of the common people in India and in Pakistan. He said that he found the people in Pakistan have same kind of affection and attraction for the people of India as he had found among the people living in any part of India.

Prof.Bhim Singh regretted that ruling elite on the both sides have forgotten their centuries’ past relationship forgetting that both the people on both sides of the International Borders today have deep rooted emotional links as they are the seedlings of the common soil with similar dialects, cultural links and common languages and of course, a common history of hundreds of years. Both the people fought for India’s independence together. He said that the leadership in Pakistan, unfortunately, does not enjoy the freedom of thought and expression as is available to the people on the Indian soil. Prof.Bhim Singh made a strong appeal to the military leadership in Pakistan to let Parliament look after the affairs of Pakistan and let Army take care of its constitutional responsibilities and duties.

Prof.Bhim Singh made an appeal to the lawyers community in Pakistan as well as to the political parties and the elite in Pakistan should get-together and discuss the important issues Pakistan thinks it has to settle with India. He hoped that a new wave of thought in India shall work the same way. Prof.Bhim Singh appealed to the intellectuals, thinkers, political activists on both sides of the international borders to get-together, sit together and discuss together whatever problems we have been facing between us (India and Pakistan). There is no problem in the world particularly between two brothers (India and Pakistan) which cannot be resolved or settled amicably. Why not we are two brotherly nation having common culture, history and civilization. We shall certainly overcome all our common problems without use of souls or guns or the abuses which flood from our media every day and every night least caring that we are a great common civilization in the world which has carried the message of love and peace unto the world. India and Pakistan together can save the entire world from annihilation and destruction. Prof.Bhim Singh declared that he is proposing a common Parliament of India and Pakistan which shall meet somewhere outside India and Pakistan to start with to ensure that peace should be our Ultimate Aim to protect our great civilization and humanity.