Bhim Singh expresses gratitude to those who burnt his effigy in public

Prof.Bhim Singh, Executive Chairman of State Legal Aid Committee & Chairman of the Seminars Committee of the Supreme Court Bar Association expressed gratitude to those who the other day put his effigy on fire in public in Samba District. Prof.Bhim Singh said that he feels grateful to all those who cared about what he speaks, what he does and what he thinks about the humanity and the future of the human race in the world.

          When he said, he was informed by some media persons and asked how he would react to the act of some BJP party’s act of burning his (Bhim Singh) effigy in Samba District the other day. Prof.Bhim Singh laughed quoting a couplet.

                    Rafeeqon se raqeeb achchhe jo jalkar naam lete hain!

Gulon se khaar achchhe jo damaan tham lete hain!!

                  रफीकों से रकीब अच्छे जो जलकर नाम लेते हैं!
गुलों से खार अच्छे जो दामन थाम लेते हैं!!

    Prof.Bhim Singh expressed gratitude to those who stone him or put his effigy on fire as he says, they understand what I do and why I do?