31st Foundation Anniversary J&K National Panthers Party

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron-NPP installed Shri Harsh Dev Singh, MLA as Chairman & Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia, MLA as President-JKNPP for two years  in the presence of thousands of Panthers Party activists gathered from different corners of the State including Working Committee Members and State & Districts office bearers.
This Special Session of JKNPP on 31st Anniversary held at Parade Ground, Jammu adopts the following resolutions were carried unanimously.
1.  REORGANIZATION: The State of Jammu & Kashmir needs to be reorganized on the basis of the cultural, geographical and linguistic identity of each region with separate Legislative Assembly, separate Budgets, separate Recruitment Boards and Public Service Commissions, separate Planning Commission, separate Delimitation Commission and of course separate Chief Ministers One Governor and one Chief Justice.
2. REUNION: All the regions of J&K State including those under the illegal occupation of Pakistan and areas held by China need to be reunited to make J&K State a confederal democratic unit.
3.  FIVE YEAR TERM OF ASSEMBLY: During emergency the then Govt. of Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah extended the term of J&K Assembly from five to six years implementing 42nd Amendment of the Constitution of India. After emergency six years term was reverted to five years in rest of the country but in J&K it continues to be six years.  This session demands five years term for J&K Assembly also.
4. ANTI-PEOPLE POLICIES OF UPA-II GOVERNMENT: The UPA-II government led by Congress has adopted the policies in favour of multinational companies and against the interest of common people. FDI in retail sector has further added to the miseries of the people. The prices of essential commodities have soared beyond the reach of common man. Corruption and criminalization is ruling the roost. To curb the dissent, the Union Govt. is using fascist methods to remain in power. This Session expresses strong resentment of these anti-people policies of the UPA-II.
5.   UNEMPLOYMENT:  There is fast growth of unemployment in the State & the State Govt. has only made false promises with the youth. The government has not come forward with any viable solution to end this problem. This Session demands Rs. 5000/- per month unemployment allowance to all Graduates and Rs.3000/- to others till they are provided employment.
6.  DISTRICTS:  While adding eight new Districts, the State Government ignored very genuine demands of creation of Districts for Billawar, Nowshera, Akhnoor etc.  This Session demands creation of Districts of Billawar, Nowshera and Akhnoor and Delimitation of Tehsils, Blocks as recommended by the Wazir Commission.
7.  ST STAUTUS & POLITICAL RESERVATION TO GUJJARAS, PAHARIES & GADDIES: This Session demands ST Status for the Paharies ethnic fraternity and political reservation to the Gujjars, Bakerwal, Gaddies.
8.  DOGRA-PAHARI PRADESH: This Session feels that justice shall be done to each region after Dogra-Pahari Pradesh is established.
9.  ELECTION UNDER GOVERNOR RULE: This Session demands dismissal of the NC-Congress Government and holding free and fair elections under the Governor rule.
10. END PRICE HIKE: This Session demands that oil prices should be reduced and the prices of essential commodities should be fixed according to the income (salaries) graph.
11. NO TO CORRUPTION, CRIMINALIZATION & COMMUNALISM IN POLITICS: Corruption, Criminalization and Communalism should be eliminated from politics and bureaucracy so that justice shall flow to every door.
12.  ELECTORAL REFORMS:  EVM system should be replaced and there should be electoral reforms without delay to check political corruption.
13. AMENDMENT IN ARTICLE-370: This Session forcefully demands amendment in Article 370 of the Constitution of India in order to empower Parliament to legislate on Jammu & Kashmir vis-a-via the subjects enumerated in the Central List especially in respect of Defence, Foreign Affairs, Communications which would included expressly by Maharaja Hari Singh in the Instrument of Accession in 1947.
14. IMPLEMENT 1994, 2013 PARLIAMENT RESOLUTIONS:  This Session demands complete implementation of Parliament resolutions of 1994 & 2013 so that entire occupied territories of J&K as was directed by the United Nations Resolutions of August 13, 1948.
15. WOMEN: This Session urges Central & State governments to ensure adequate representation to women in all statutory bodies. This Session further calls for an appropriate and immediate amendment in criminal laws to ensure full security to the women against all forms of violence.
16. REGULARIZATION: This Special delegate session demands for regularization of services of SPOs, ReT & contractual employees. Also expresses full support and solidarity with the demands of J&K employees so that they get justice and equity.
17.   PANCHAYAT EMPOWERMENT: This special session resolves to fight for the empowerment of the Panchayats.  Also stands for the introduction of 73rd & 74th Amendment in J&K so that Panchayats may get full share in the process of developmental works.
18.   BAR COUNCIL: This session demands implementation of Advocates Act in totality and elected Bar Council in J&K.
19.   LABOUR LAWS: Implement all Labour Laws including minimum wages Act.
20.  POK REFUGEES: This is special session of JKNPP reiterates its commitment for comprehensive settlement of the refugees of 1947, 1965, 1971, 1997 from POK in accordance with International Law. The JKNPP expresses its solidarity with the refugees of 1947 from Pakistan who deserve to be treated as citizens within the meaning and scope of the Constitution to enjoy their fundamental rights.
21.   HONOUR UNO: This Session calls for full implementation of UN Resolutions so that Palestine is granted statehood with full sovereignty at par with Israel. No foreign intervention shall be allowed any country including Syria or Iran.
22.   SUPPORT DISARMAMENT: This Session reiterates is commitment for complete disarmament in the world and elimination of all nuclear weapons so that the world lives in peace and security.