NPP questions Modi Govt. for purchasing Barak Missiles & Russian bombs at the cost of starving children

Prof.Bhim Singh, Supremo of National Panthers Party, Sr. Advocate of the Supreme Court of India & world renowned traveller on peace mission questioned Modi Govt. on the purchase of 131 Barak Missiles from Israel and 240 bombs from Russia. Prof.Bhim Singh said that children of India with naked feet are begging in the streets of Delhi, great capital of India whereas the Modi Govt. has no mind to ensure security and honourable survival of these children of India but Modi Govt. can afford Rs.1714 crores to purchase unwanted and undesirable guns and missiles from Israel which has been responsible for the unrest and userpation of Palestinian land creating threat to the existence of a country recognised by the United Nations.

NPP Supremo expressed shock that the political parties including the leftists are keeping quiet in the Parliament on the dangerous trends of the government which was witnessed only a day before when the Defence Minister of India cleared the proposal to buy Barak Missiles with associated equipment from Israel which has caused threat to the existence of Palestine and is responsible for the violation of Resolution of the United Nations vis-à-vis Israel’s occupation in Palestine since 1967. Prof.Bhim Singh also expressed shock on the proposal of Modi government to purchase 240 bombs from Russia.

Prof.Bhim Singh warned the political parties in the country who have failed to keep a check on the functioning of the Modi government and also on the latest development vis-à-vis Israel. Indian government, unfortunately, has fallen in trap of the Zionist government of Israel and has started defence deals with Israel which is against the Indian interest and amounts to promoting Israel’s interest against Palestine. Prof.Bhim Singh called on the opposition parties particularly the leftists and the Congress to wake up and act according to their conscience and national responsibility.