NPP Supremo extends New Year Greetings to all people all over the world

New Year Greetings
NPP Supremo extends New Year Greetings to all people all over the world seeking end to nuclear weapons and wars

“The world needs an end of all battles and wars, end of hatred regimes and spread of human love and glory for mankind so that the world shall live longer and people shall live in peace without hatred and with no conflict. This has been the message of every religion and faith and this has been the message of all prophets and the religion yet the entire world is engulfed in petty wars on land, religions, political propaganda which keeps the humanity divided. The holy message for the near year–2018, is international peace, total disarmament, functioning of democracies with human rights and dignity for all human being of all religions, all faiths, all races from north to the south and east the west–all over the globe†. This is the message conveyed by Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party (India) & Chairman of International Legal Aid Committee which he has conveyed from the borders of Jammu and Kashmir (India) to all the people of the world.

Urgent need to provide civil facilities to border residents in Rajouri & Poonch

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party who toured extensively the border areas along the LoC in Rajouri & Poonch Districts urged Govt. of India to sound the sleeping government in J&K to provide civil and the legal facilities to the residents living in the border Districts of Rajouri and Poonch. He said that Poonch District today was a state by itself till 1947. Poonch State was governed by its Ruler. Today Poonch town has a District Court and District Police Headquarters whereas its constituents namely, Mandi, Surankote and Mendhar have remained neglect rather in the same state as they were before 1947. There is only one District Court in Poonch and office of Dy. Commissioner too. Mendhar which falls along LoC is about two hours drive from Poonch. Mendhar has one Munsif Court which is based in a broken house which is not worth an office of Munsif even. More than 60% of the cases in the Sessions Court in Poonch go in appeal from Mendhar in District Sessions Court Poonch. This is a matter of shame that the Govt. of J&K has not given even an Additional Sessions Court in Mendhar. There are around 50 advocates, most of them were educated in Aligarh Muslim University and other institutions. This is a sad state of affairs that the Munsif’s court in Mendhar has not been raised even to Additional Sessions Judge Court. The building is in pitiful condition. Prof.Bhim Singh said that same is the situation of Surankote and Mandi.

Prof.Bhim Singh in a strongly worded dispatch to Shri N.N. Vohra, the Governor of J&K has urged that Sessions Court of Poonch should be assisted by Additional Sessions Court at least in Mendhar and Surankote for the benefit of the residents of the area particularly in Mendhar. Mendhar has remained under the shadows of guns from across the Line of Control which divides thousands of families since 1948 when raiders from Pakistan entered this area and illegally occupied.

Prof.Bhim Singh urged the Governor to visit this area personally talk to the local lawyers, study the situation facing the people of bordering areas who have remained denied of justice for 70 years. Prof.Bhim Singh offered to the Govt. that the National Panthers Party is prepared to construct a reasonable and respectable office building for the courts in Mendhar if it is the elevated as Additional Sessions Court for the benefit of thousands of people so that they can feel the cool breeze is coming from Bharata. The President of Bar Association, Mendhar welcomed Prof.Bhim Singh and his team in the court premises explaining in detail the sufferings of the people of the area who have remained denied of their fundamental and civil rights since the Accession of their State (Poonch) in 1947.