Parliament cannot punish a Muslim for tripple talak, already declared as illegal by the SC

“It is a tragedy of the times and bankruptcy of the minds of the party that rules the country that the ruling party has failed to understand that India is a democracy which was earned after long long battle and sacrifices by the people. Ruling party should have discussed in depth as to what needs to be done to ensure that the orders of the Supreme Court (presently Supreme Court Judgment on Tripple Talak) should be enforced strictly in accordance with the letter and spirit of the Constitution of India. Does Parliament has any power to make a law to send a Muslim to jail for three years for exercising his traditional tripple talak? Tripple Talak has no legal sanctity of law today after the judgment of the Supreme Court. How and what parameters of the Constitution the Indian Parliament can pass a law awarding three years sentence to a Muslim for announcing ‘talak’ thrice. The Parliament of India is not a dictator nor it represents an authoritarian system as India is governed by the peoples’ representative called Parliament”. Prof.Bhim Singh, a former legislator in a Muslim majority state of India (J&K), specialized in Islamic Law and holds post-graduation degree in law from London University issued this statement after going through the statement that ruling party namely BJP is trying to act ‘Hitler’ this time by making a law to sentence a Muslim for three years imprisonment if he will use tripple talak.
Prof.Bhim Singh, a Senior Advocate in the Supreme Court of India expressed hope that the Speaker of the Parliament will be cautious enough to ensure that the such a Bill shall not be presented in either House of the Parliament. Such a move shall expose the wisdom and democratic values of Parliament of India. Needs a comprehensive measure to achieve desirable result.

India does well at UN Assembly meet supporting Palestine against Trump’s anti-Palestine policy

India, for the first time, since the installation of Modi Govt. has acted well and carefully in supporting the resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations by condemning Trump’s government decision to propose the installation of the US Embassy in Jerusalem which has been recognised by the United Nations (itself) in 1967 in Security Council Resolution No.242 as integral part of the State of Palestine which was divided in 1947 through UN Resolution 181. Israel was an ‘illegal’ creation of the Security Council Resolution 181 in 1947 as the United Nations has no power to create a State or divide a State. The United Nations, Prof.Bhim Singh, an expert on the international law, said that the creation of Israel by the United Nations was illegal, contrary to the power vested in the United Nations. Prof.Bhim Singh had written a book, ‘An Examination of the Documents on which State of Israel was created’, which was published by Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO from its Headquarters in Beirut in 1969.

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party & Chairman, Indo-Palestine Solidarity congratulated Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi to act wisely and in the true spirit of friendship existing for long between India and the Arab world. Prof.Bhim Singh also congratulated Smt. Sushma Swaraj, the External Affairs Minister of India for her assertive stand on India’s policy towards Jerusalem (Palestine).

Prof.Bhim Singh suggested that Govt. of India should review its shaking policy vis-à-vis the Arab world and the Prime Minister should realize his hasty decision in dealing with foreign policy towards its neighbourers and Arab world. India has constantly and consistently supported the Palestinians that, “Palestine belongs to the Palestinians in the same sense as England belgons to the English and France to the French” as was stated by Mahatma Gandhi in 1935. Prof.Bhim Singh regretted that the Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi had visited Israel without touching Palestine, a year back which has proved a fatal mistake on the part of the Indian Prime Minister. Prof.Bhim Singh congratulated the Indian Prime Minister for the decision of the Govt. of India at the United Nations to vote and support the resolution in favour of the Palestinians which has certainly reintroduced the international policy of India that India stands for the UN Resolution may it be resolution 242 or 338 or any other resolution asking Israel to vacate all territories it had illegally occupied in 1967 or even before. Jerusalem cannot be and shall not be allowed to become a capital city of Israel. This is, Bhim Singh said, this was the message of the United Nations Resolutions which cannot be eroded or dumped by Mr. Donald Trump.

Prof.Bhim Singh congratulated Prime Minister Modi for teaching Trump administration a right lesson whose Ambassador at the United Nations had described all those who supported the resolution of the United Nations vis-à-vis Jerusalem and ‘puppets’. The US envoy to the United Nations Nikky Halley made this highly derogatory and unparaliamentary statement after the General Assembly of the United Nations had resolved against Trump’s decision to put up its US Embassy in Jerusalem. The 193 Member General Assembly of the United Nations had voted with a message majority against US President’s anti-UN peace resolutions vis-à-vis Palestine since the creation of Israel in 1948.

NPP Supremo holds urgent NPP meeting in Jaipur, Rajasthan NPP appears for decisive poll battle for Assembly

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party held an urgent meeting of Rajasthan Pradesh Panthers Party calling for participating in next year Assembly polls in Rajasthan. The State Executive Committee meeting was presided by Shri Anil Sharma, Working President of Rajasthan Pradesh NPP where Prof.Bhim Singh was invited as Chief Patron to help the party in Rajasthan to revive the old era of 16th century when the leadership of Rajasthan contested a battle against Mughal rule to save the identity and history of Rajputana (Rajasthan).

Prof.Bhim Singh in a message to the youth of Rajasthan invited them to join National Panthers Party to revive the old era of human dignity, independence and self rule where the youth of Rajasthan can play a leading part to lead the youth towards length and breadth of the whole nation so that the dignity of the great Indian history is revived and the entire country from Imphal (Manipur) to Dwarka and Ladakh to Kanyakumari shall stand as one India with one Flag and one Constitution where all citizens of India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari shall enjoy all basic fundamental rights so that India shall lead the world towards greater glory and human dignity of all the people of the world.

Prof.Bhim Singh accepted the invitation of Rajasthan Panthers Executive Committee to hold a special convention of the National Panthers Party in Jaipur (Rajasthan) in middle of March, 2018. Prof.Bhim Singh expressed his thanks to the President and the Members of the Executive for holding such a successful executive meeting at short notice.

Prof. Bhim Singh releases New Year Greeting ‘Make Eye Health A Priority’

Prof. Bhim Singh, Executive Chairman of State Legal Aid Committee, J&K, Sr. Executive Member of the Supreme Court Bar Association & Chief Patron of JKNPP today on 18th December, 2017 at Press Club Jammu released New Year Greeting titled “Make Eye Health a Priority”.

This New Year Greeting is a 32 page document published by Dr. Kuldeep Singh, the former NSS Program Officer GGM Science College Jammu, founder president of NGO ‘Society Health Environment Education Research and Chairman Jammu &Kashmir National Study Centre.’

Dr. Singh in his inaugural address highlighted that releasing New Year Greeting Brochure on NSS guidelines is a regular feature since 2011. This 2018 Greeting on “Eye Health” is backed by four point crystal clear objectives namely- (a) to propagate awareness on overall Eye Health; (b) to maintain functioning of eyes well into later years; (c) to fully complying with World Health Organization & The International Agency for Preventing Blindness (IAPB) guidelines reducing avoidable blindness & visual impairment and (d) to establish Indigenous Eye Health Group (IEHG) for Bridging Gap among masses & Ophthalmology Department of GMC Jammu for treatment of vision problems, diseases & promote pledging eyes in Eye Bank.

This New Year Brochure is authored by two young medicos namely Dr. Amrita Singh, Registrar Ophthalmology and Dr. Mohita Singh MD Physiology 2nd year student, Government Medical College Jammu.

Speaking on this occasion, chief author of brochure Dr. Amrita Singh said that out of five senses gifted to man, eyes account receiving 75% to 80% information around the world and these require utmost care.

Eye is a godly gifted complex structure composed of perfect functional and accessory elements to interact with light. Light makes the images of various objects that are sighted by lens in the eyes and signals go into brain to vision these images. However, eyes are not permanent that require monitoring. Eye health is susceptible to growing incidence of diseases mostly the avoidable blindness & visual impairment; refractive errors; stressful life; computer & mobile vision syndrome coupled with sedentary habits, said Dr. Amrita Singh.

About 39 million around world are blind and 246 million have moderate or severe visual impairment [MSVI]. 80% blindness is preventable. 90% visual impairment cases live in low or middle income group. People with poor background still believe in faith healers and quacks selling eye tonics. They reach hospitals when it is too late, said Dr. Amrita.

Dr. Amrita narrated that India is a key driver to joint venture of World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for Preventing Blindness (IAPB) whose job is to involve government and non-government agencies including professionals to promote eye health through advocacy, knowledge, partnerships eliminating the main causes of preventable blindness and visual impairment. Aim of world agencies to target against avoidable blindness & visual impairment diseases regardless of the economic status of people in developed and developing economies.

Dr. Amrita called upon gathering to become part of World Sight Day (WSD) that falls on second Thursday of every October focusing attention on preventable blindness and visual impairment among target audiences and to generate support for VISION 2020. The target diseases are Cataract; Refractive error; Trachoma; Childhood blindness; Diabetic retinopathy; Age related Macular degeneration; Low vision; River blindness; Gender & blindness; Vitamin A deficiency.

Dr. Amrita rightly pointed out that without following the set standards the excessive use of modern computer technology has resulted in fast rising cases of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and exactly like the Mobile Vision Syndrome (MVS).

The excessive Blue Light, also called as HEV [High Energy Visible] is released from digital screens such as the computer monitors, smart phones, flat screen televisions, LED & Fluorescent lights. The risks involved are developing macular degeneration, pterygium & people with low blood plasma levels of vitamin C and other antioxidants suffer from risks of retinal damage, said Amrita Singh.

Staring at a computer or phone screen for too long can cause- eyestrain; blurry vision; trouble focusing at a distance; dry eyes; headaches; neck, back, shoulder pains; physical fatigue; decreased productivity and increased numbers of work errors, to minor annoyances like eye twitching and red eyes, said Amrita Singh.
Dr. Amrita said kids handling computer in educational institutes with lack of awareness are more susceptible and also due to continuous handling of mobiles. The standard guidelines are proper posture, blinking of eyes, 20-20-20 rule or 10/15-10/15-10/15 rule and consultation with qualified doctor.

Dr. Amrita said Corneal Blindness is reported to be the fourth leading cause of blindness after cataract, glaucoma and age related macular degeneration. It requires corneal transplants.

Of the total 45 million corneal blind, 15 million live in India. Country needs 2 lakh corneas in a year and donation is about 44,806. Out of donated only 46% are found suitable and rest 54% do not meet the standard. All this requires awareness and encouraging Eye Donations. Jammu GMC in August 2017 has also recently opened Eye Bank. It is in budding stage, said Dr. Amrita.

Prof. Bhim Singh, in his address congratulated the young medicos the author of this greeting brochure and founder president of NGO ‘SHEER’ for doing charitable services to mankind.

Prof. Bhim Singh described the New Year Greeting on eye health, a complete guide written in simple language that will surely help social activists, students, NSS/NYK volunteers to serve the needy ones requiring medical support for treatment of eyes in GMC Jammu.

Prof. Bhim Singh advocated that constitution of IEHG (Indigenous Eye Health Group) is a visionary idea involving experts and volunteers that will certainly go a long way to achieve the target on eye health as per set standards by world agencies the WHO & IEHG.

Prof. Bhim Singh asked Dr. Kuldeep Singh to arrange functions on overall health of people in his head office 30-B Gandhinagar Jammu.

The dignitaries present on this occasion were Prof. Subash Sharma, Advocates Bansi Lal, Nonu Khera, Gurshesh Singh, Deepak Singh Baluria, Thakur Virender Singh, Rishi Badyal and social activists Amandeep Singh Boparai; Sukhdev Chib; PK Ganju, Miss Anita Thakur, Shankar Singh Chib, Ravinder Jamwal, Gagan Partap Singh, Partap Singh Jamwal, Naveen Bali, S. Charnjeet Singh.

Vote of thanks was expressed by Miss Anita Thakur who thanked the participants, media, and congratulated the authors for valuable New Year Greeting brochure.

Function was organized by founder President Society Health Environment Education Research (SHEER) and sponsored using tax paid income. Program ended with singing National Anthem.

Petition before Supreme Court of Pakistan–Prof.Bhim Singh

Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan
Constitution Avenue, G-5/2
Islamabad, Pakistan


Mr. Raza Khan

Convener of Aghaz-e-Dosti

R/o Lahore, Pakistan

Through Prof.Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate

Supreme Court of India ,

Chairman, State Legal Aid Committee, J&K (India) …Petitioner


1. Through Govt. of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Islamabad (Pakistan)

2. Hon’ble Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi

Prime Minister’s Secretariat


3. Police Chief of Police

Federal Republic of Pakistan …Respondents

Lord Chief Justice of Pakistan,

This is a writ petition being filed by Prof.Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate, Supreme Court of India and Chairman of State Legal Aid Committee is seeking your Lordship permission to move this petition before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan with a prayer to issue appropriate writ, direction or order to the police/security forces of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to locate/trace out one Mr. Raza Khan, youth activist in Lahore and working as Convener of Aghaz-e-Dosti in Pakistan. He was abducted in Lahore. FIR in this regard has already been registered with Lahore Police.

2. That this intervener is a Barrister-at-Law, qualified LL.M from London University with distinction in 1972. Since then he has been taking up legal matters before several courts of writs in High Courts and Supreme Court of India as well as in other Hon’ble Courts outside India seeking justice for the unfortunate youth who had fallen prey to the wrath of the respective governments in the respective countries.

3. That this petitioner (Prof.Bhim Singh) received an email from Pakistan seeking support of the friends all over the world who have been fighting for human rights and justice. I am quoting the contents of the email, urgent alert which I am reproducing below:

a). We report in great distress that our friend and fellow peace activist, Mr. Raza Mahmood Khan CNIC 35102-3310354-7 has gone missing since Saturday evening, 2nd December 2017. He is about 37 years old, with permanent residence in Kasur Tehsil. Currently, he was residing in Lahore, Firdous Market, Model Colony, Street 3, House Number 58-C. He was living in Lahore for the purpose of studies and vocation as a social worker.

b). Mr. Raza Mahmood Khan is a law abiding citizen who has never come into any trouble with the law. He is a peace activist and has held many events for the promotion of harmony and tolerance in the society. The last event that he organized on the eventful date was on extremism, held at Lowkey Lokai, a public space located in room 709, Al Qadir Heights. He registered his organization as “Hum Sab Aik Hain” in 2017 with his noble intention of bringing fellow citizens of all class and religions together by providing them with a public platform. He is also a proponent for peace in the South Asian region and always stressed on the importance of improving ties with SAARC countries in order to fight our common enemies of poverty, climate change and extremism. He is Convener (Pakistan) of Aaghaz-e-Dosti, a voluntary Indo-Pak Friendship initiative that works in peace education.

c). Mr. Raza was last seen by the event attendees around 8 pm near Al-Qadeer Heights. Since then, his whereabouts remain unknown and both his phone numbers 03004934142 and 03334126816 have remained switched off. We got worried about not being in contact with him for more than 24 hours and decided to search for him in our personal capacity. During this course, we contacted all his friends, his family and also his neighbors, but no one has any information about him. At his residence, we found Mr. Raza’s door locked from outside, but noticed that the light was still on in his room. Upon breaking the lock in presence of police, we found his clothes lying around, but no valuable things were taken. Once we exhausted all our efforts and realized that he is indeed missing, we went to the police station where his brother, Mr. Hamid Nasir Mehmood bearing CNIC number 3510211977797 complained about Mr. Raza being abducted by unknown persons for unknown reasons. The complaint was submitted late in the evening (copy attached at annexure A). The police was initially reluctant in registering the case, however, upon our insistence, they registered the FIR on the morning of 5th December, 2017.

It is also pertinent to mention here that all events he held at Lowkey Lokai were public and open. We consider it the state’s responsibility to recover him and bring those responsible to justice.”

4. The human right group in a brief letter addressed to this petitioner (Prof.Bhim Singh) addressed an appeal to this petitioner which is produced below:

a). As you are a powerful political voice who support peace building and in fact with your important identities of being a peace activist who work honestly and dedicate for Pakistani prisoners in India, as an advocate who understands and respect national and international laws and human rights and as a politician based in Jammu & Kashmir, raising voice for a peace activist who has worked on IndoPak peace building is relevant and important.

b). We work as Aaghaz-e-Dosti, an Indo-Pak Friendship Initiative that focus on peace education and advocates dialogues and people to people contacts between the two countries and we are working since the year 2012. In these 5 years, we have been recognised as one of the most prominent voice lead of youths and that also on completely voluntary basis.

c). Recently, on 2nd Dec night, our close friend Mr. Raza Khan, who is a local youth activist in Lahore and working as Convener of Aaghaz-e-Dosti in Pakistan got abducted in Lahore. FIR registered with police there but no clue yet.

d). Family and friends are requesting with Govt. of Pakistan to take measures for speedy search to know whereabout of Raza. Considering the sensitive issue and our close brotherly relations, we have started campaigning for him globally while his friends and family, local activists of Pakistan are campaigning in Pakistan. Yet, after 10 days, Govt could not search Raza there. Meanwhile, there is a huge support grown in Pakistan for Raza Khan and protests were erupted in Islamabad, Peshawar and Lahore in his support. All progressive organisations, activists and journalists are supporting him. Media houses have covered it widely in Pakistan and globally as well. International organisations like Amnesty, Forum Asia and Asian Commission for Human Rights raised their voice in his support. People in Pakistan erupted their anger on social media as well and #FindRaza became a top twitter trend in Pakistan. Pakistani students also protested before Pak High Commission in London. Senate committee on human rights in Pakistan sent memorandum to police and agencies. A Habeas corpus petition has also been filed in Lahore High Court through senior advocate Asma Jahangir ji and LHC asked police officials to be present in High court on 19 December with their report. Amnesty International Germany also led a protest march in Germany. Many more demonstrations are scheduled. People at all places across globe are speaking who feel concerned for Peace. Recently, a powerful political voice from J&K Tarigami sahab also issued press statement in support.

e). In view of this, I would seek your support if you can issue a press statement urging Govt of Pakistan that search for Raza Khan should be in speedy manner to ensure his safe return and that peace activists, specially youths who are working for Indo-Pak peace building through efforts like Aaghaz-e-Dosti need to be encouraged and protected in both countries. Work of Indo-Pak peace activists are actually important for people in Kashmir as it is Kashmir that face most of the worse results due to long sustained hatred and violence between the two countries. Youths of our regions may pave a way of peace, of dialogue and of reconciliation. ”

5. This petitioner takes this opportunity praying for an urgent intervention of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan with a prayer that;

i). That this Hon’ble Court may be pleased to issue instructions to the Federal Police of Pakistan as well as other agencies who are authorised to investigate into the kidnapping/disappearance of the said Raza Khan from his house on the relevant date when he disappeared reportedly from a house on 2nd December, 2017.

ii). The Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan may also be pleased to issue direction/order to the Interior Minister/Minister for Home Affairs of Federal Govt. of Pakistan to take all possible measures/methods to trace out the missing youth by ensuring his safety/security by restoring him back to his family members.

iii). The Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan may also be pleased to register this petition (though in formal) as a writ of habeas corpus without seeking the fulfillment of all formalities for the reason that this petitioner (Prof.Bhim Singh) is enable to perform such formalities for the obvious reasons.

iv). That the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan may also appreciate that this petitioner (Prof.Bhim Singh) has filed several writ petitions in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in his personal capacity (Bhim Singh Vs. Union of India, writ petition (Crl.) no. 310/2005) challenging the illegal arrests and detentions of more than 1000 Pakistan boys detained in different Indian jails. Nearly 800 boys have been released on this petition by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. This case can be viewed as Bhim Singh Vs. Union of India, Writ Petition (Crl.) No. 310/2005 from the website:

v). This is submitted before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan that corridors of justice may be opened by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan by appreciating the contents of this writ petition which may open doors of friendship, equity and justice for all citizens of India, Pakistan and the rest of the world.

vi). The Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan may pass any other order it deems fit under the circumstances to ensure spread of peace and message of human dignity for all people.