Parliament cannot punish a Muslim for tripple talak, already declared as illegal by the SC

“It is a tragedy of the times and bankruptcy of the minds of the party that rules the country that the ruling party has failed to understand that India is a democracy which was earned after long long battle and sacrifices by the people. Ruling party should have discussed in depth as to what needs to be done to ensure that the orders of the Supreme Court (presently Supreme Court Judgment on Tripple Talak) should be enforced strictly in accordance with the letter and spirit of the Constitution of India. Does Parliament has any power to make a law to send a Muslim to jail for three years for exercising his traditional tripple talak? Tripple Talak has no legal sanctity of law today after the judgment of the Supreme Court. How and what parameters of the Constitution the Indian Parliament can pass a law awarding three years sentence to a Muslim for announcing ‘talak’ thrice. The Parliament of India is not a dictator nor it represents an authoritarian system as India is governed by the peoples’ representative called Parliament”. Prof.Bhim Singh, a former legislator in a Muslim majority state of India (J&K), specialized in Islamic Law and holds post-graduation degree in law from London University issued this statement after going through the statement that ruling party namely BJP is trying to act ‘Hitler’ this time by making a law to sentence a Muslim for three years imprisonment if he will use tripple talak.
Prof.Bhim Singh, a Senior Advocate in the Supreme Court of India expressed hope that the Speaker of the Parliament will be cautious enough to ensure that the such a Bill shall not be presented in either House of the Parliament. Such a move shall expose the wisdom and democratic values of Parliament of India. Needs a comprehensive measure to achieve desirable result.