PM’s Israel visit and important tips.

Hon’ble Shri Modi Sahib,

          I am taking this liberty to write to your goodself about the important message that your honour may kindly keep in mind during the first visit of the Indian Prime Minister to Israel, a Jewish State which came into existence after the partition of the State of Palestine under Resolution 181/1948 which sponsored by the Zionist group working in the USA.

1.                 This is important to have a look at Resolution 181 under which Palestine was divided rather a State of Israel was created by the partition of Palestine which had a composite culture representing Muslims, Christians and Jewish, most of whom had migrated from Germany after the Second World War.

2.                 That the Zionist lobby was supported by all the big power (5) in this process. China was represented in the UN by the Govt. of Chiang Kai-shek as a Permanent Member. He being a stooge in the hands of the US signed for China as its representative to create a Zionist State of Israel in 1948.

3.                 That India strongly opposed Resolution 181 for the partition of Palestine. Iran was among the countries which stood by India to oppose partition of Palestine.

4.                 That the partition plan was violated by the Zionist State of Israel who had gathered a Jewish Army mostly former trained Army men Germany and other European countries. The Jewish community started pouring into Israel from different parts of the world. Surprising about India’s Jewish community that most the Jewish from India were given free flights to rush to Israel. Many Indian Jewish, mostly from Bombay managed to flee back to India after the maltreatement by the white coloured Jewish from Europe. During 1971 I during my visit to Israel visited Bersheba and met several Jewish who were sitting on protest dharna demanding their return to Bombay. It was because of my interaction with the Indian Jewish in Bersheba that I was detained by Israeli soldiers and backed to Tel-Aviv, the capital of Israel and dispatched to first available flight to London visa Ishtumbul (this fact is mentioned in my book, ‘Around the World on Motorcycle on Peace Mission’.

5.                 That in 1967 Israel invaded entire Palestine and captured the Palestine State. India and many other Non-Aligned countries expressed strong resentment against Israeli aggression.

6.                 That in 1967 the Security Council of United Nations passed a strong Resolution no.242 in which the Security Council in its unanimous Resolution directed Israel to vacate the occupied territories of Palestine. The Resolution 242 (1967) on 22nd November, the Resolution stipulated that the establishment of a just and lasting peace should include the application of two principles;

*        Withdrawal of Israel armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict; and

*        Termination of all claims or states of belligerency and respect for and acknowledgement of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every State in the area and their right to live in peace within secure and recognised boundaries free from threats or acts of force.

          The resolution also affirmed the territorial inviolability of every State in the region and called for “achieving a just settlement of the refugee problem.”

7.                 Again a war broke out between Israel and its Arab neighbourers namely, Egypt and Jordan. A Resolution No.338 was unanimously passed by the Security Council. The Resolution again called on Israel to withdraw from all occupied areas of Palestine.

8.                 That Israel has failed to implement its commitment to withdraw from many areas of Palestine. It has not even vacated the territories which fall within the municipal limits of Jerusalem in spite of repeated resolutions of different countries as well as that of the Security Council.

9.                 That Israel has occupied more than one-third of the territories of Palestine in violation of Resolution 181 of 1948.

10.            That Israel has set up the Jewish new colonies described as New Settlements in East Jerusalem as well as in other areas of Palestine within the control of the Palestinian Liberation Government.

11.            That Israel has violated all resolutions of the United Nations as well as the Security Council. All these resolutions were supported by India right since 1948 till 2015.

12.            That India never thought of sending its Prime Minister to Israel by ignoring the wishes and opinion of the leadership of Palestine.

13.            That Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi is visiting Israel and tomorrow (4th July, 2017) the first Indian Prime Minister shall be in Israel, a country which was forced by the UN Resolution 181 and was created against the wishes of 51 Muslim countries as well as that of India who was Member of the Security Council at that time.

14.            That Prime Minister of India is visiting Israel that is his decision. I being an interested person who has seen, studied and visited every corner of Israel as well as that of Palestine. It is tragedy that Israel a splinter part of Palestine has been recognised by the United Nations whereas the original State of Palestine has not been recognised by most of the Members of the United Nations including United States of America and others. It is petty that Palestine has not been given a full membership of the United Nations which amounts to a tragic affairs prevailing within the four walls of United Nations.

15.            It is also sad that more than half of the countries of the world, Members of the United Nations General Assembly. Agree that Palestine should be recognised as a full Member of the United Nations and Israel should be commanded to implement all the resolutions of the United Nations passed by the Security Council right since 1948 till today without any failure. This is essential to ensure that world peace survives an humanity shall live in honour and glory till the world survives.

It is my earnest appeal to the Hon’ble Prime Minister to take care that half of the world is in favour of providing justice with equity to the people of Palestine and their state, Palestine. Israel must be told without any hesitation that she (Israel) must implement every clause of Article 242 and 338. Israel must vacate its control by its Army over the roofs of the Palestinians who have been living under the cover of terror created by Israeli Army since 1948. The Palestinians should have their right to live with dignity and honour as citizens of Palestine enjoying complete sovereignty with statehood. Of course, according to the Resolution of the United Nations namely, 118, East Jerusalem shall be the capital of the State of Palestine. It is for the Palestinians to work out their democratic system to govern their State. Not a single soldier in Israeli uniform should be seen within the four walls of Palestine. That is the message which the Prime Minister of India should convey to Israel within any hesitation. The history is witnessing this first visit of Indian Prime Minister to Israel.

          With warm regards,

Yours sincerely,


Bhim Singh