NPP protest against J-K CM’s remarks against National Flag, express solidarity with AIDEF

A massive protest was held at the lawns of Jantar Mantar, New Delhi this afternoon demanding immediate dismissal/removal of J&K Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti for her anti-Indian Flag remarks in Srinagar yesterday. A massive demonstration of National Panthers Party activists was held under the leadership of Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party demanding immediate dismissal of Mehbooba Mufti who has disgraced the dignity of her office she was holding and for challenging the National Integration in Srinagar yesterday.

          Prof.Bhim Singh urged the President of India to intervene in this matter as a Chief Minister standing on the crutches of BJP in J&K has dared challenging the integrity of the State of J&K with the Union of India declaring that if the Supreme Court of India dares interfere with Article 35A of the Indian Constitution there shall be no one to even carry the corpse of the Indian Flag in Kashmir. Prof.Bhim Singh has challenged this statement urging on the Governor of J&K to invoke Section 92 of J&K Constitution dismissing the BJP supported Government and take an appropriate legal action against the Chief Minister for her anti-national statement and threat to the National Flag.

          Prof.Bhim Singh at Jantar Mantar massive dharna by the All India Defence Employees’ Federation expressed solidarity with the employees federation who have come and are regularly being replaced by the federation every day. Hundreds of workers of the federation have participated in the dharna. The leaders of the federation apprised Prof.Bhim Singh for the real situation saying that the Pioneer Federation of the Trade Unions of 4 lacs Defence Civilian Employees working in 41 Ordinance Factories, 52 DRDO Labs, DGOA, DGAQA, MES, EME and various Establishments under Army, Navy & Air Force. 430 unions are affiliated to this Federation. The AIDEF right from its inception has played a constructive role in achieving self reliance in Defence Production.  These federations are being shifted to private production companies as theGovernment decides 100% private participation in Defence with 100% FDI.

          Prof.Bhim Singh urged on Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India to study carefully what these employees are saying from Jantar Mantar and should consider their demand to review decision on existence of Ordinance FactoriesProf.Bhim Singh also urged the Prime Minister to appoint a person as Defence Minister of India who may study the demands of striking workers at the lawns of Jantar Mantar, the Hyde Park Corner at New Delhi.

Let PM Modi justify Mehbooba’s condemnation for National Flag, threat to revolt if NF is imposed

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party has demanded an explanation from the Prime Minister if he could justify what BJP sponsored J&K Chief Minister has said about the National Flag. Ms. Mehbooba Mufti this morning made highly obnoxious statement against the National Flag threatening,

“Any tinkering with the article won’t be acceptable. I won’t hesitate in saying that nobody will even carry the corpse of the National Flag in Kashmir (if the article is scrapped). Let me make it very clear.”

This is an alarming statement by a Chief Minister of J&K against the dignity of the National Flag. Even Sheikh Abdullah in his rebellion days did not use such a slang against the National Flag. It is not only insulting the National Flag but amounts to total defiance of the National Integration and the Constitution of India. Prof.Bhim Singh demanded that Prime Minister of India must answer this issue raised by a Chief Minister which has been walking on the crutches of the RSS in Jammu and Kashmir. The Chief Minister does not know the difference between Article 35A and Article 370 even. Let the Prime Minister know the Nation about the stand of the Union of India vis-à-vis its relationship with the State of J&K?

Prof.Bhim Singh described the introduction of Article 35A in 1954 as highly undesirable and it shall have gone by this day because this Article (35A) has given Legislature of J&K an upper hand over the constitutional power over the Parliament of India. Highly obnoxious and totally unconstitutional.

Prof.Bhim Singh demanded immediate dismissal of PDP-BJP Govt. headed by Ms. Mehbooba Mufti who has lost confidence in her own-self and the party. Governor Rule is the only befitting answer to save J&K from chaos and destruction.

Supreme Court adjourns Pakistani prisoners’ deportation case to 14th November, 2017

A Division Bench of the Supreme Court of India comprising JJ Mr. A.K. Sikri & Mr. Ashok Bhushan today  directed the counsels of the Union of India to file ‘status report’ on the foreign prisoners  mostly from Pakistan, POK and Afghanistan who have been suffering in different Indian jails for more than a decade without trial. The Union of India in its rejoinder in writ petition no.310/2005 filed by Prof.Bhim Singh had admitted that several foreign prisoners had been released and there were 254 such prisoners in different Indian jails, mostly Pakistanis and residents of POK.

Prof.Bhim Singh submitted before the Supreme Court that several prisoners from Pakistan and POK are suffering for years in different Indian jails, mostly, detained under the J&K Public Safety Act. He strongly argued that no prisoner can be detained for more than two years under PSA, J&K.

The Union of India was directed in May this year to file status report on the POK and Pakistani prisoners who have been detained in different Indian jails and what was the reason. The Supreme Court had fixed this day, 26th July, 2017, to hear the matter.

Prof.Bhim Singh regretted that Union of India has not considered that direction given by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India regarding the trial and deportation of the Pakistani prisoners who had completed their respective sentences in the respective prisons.

The Division Bench of the Hon’ble Supreme Court granted an opportunity to the counsels representing the Union of India to file the status report and announced that the case shall be listed on November 14, 2017.

NPP Supremo visits firing hit IB, Pargwal, Jammu JKNPP demands immediate Governor Rule in J&K

 Prof.Bhim Singh, the Founder of J&K National Panthers Party with his Panthers Party team visited International Border in Jammu District and inquired about the situation at Pargwal, Akhnoor Sector which falls at International Borders.

          Prof.Bhim Singh accompanied by JKNPP General Secretary, Ms. Anita Thakur, NPSU General Secretary, Ms. Asha Rani, State Secretary,  Mr. Shanker Singh Chib, Distt. Vice President Nirmal Kishore, Secretary, Young Panthers Mr. Dilawar Khan and others.

          Prof.Bhim Singh with NPP team is visiting International Borders on the Line of Pakistan and is preparing the final report on the International Border. Next week he with his team shall visit the Line of Control from Akhnoor to Poonch Border.

          Earlier this morning Prof.Bhim Singh held a meeting of the senior leaders of Jammu Rural and Urban Districts including Samba District. A committee of 15-senior leaders from the Districts was formed which shall supervise the important convention of the JKNPP for the confirmation of the elections of Chairman, State President and the Districts Presidents in the State.

          Prof.Bhim Singh proposed to hold election of the NPP on 19th August, 2017 in a delegate convention that shall be held in Jammu. This 15-Member Committed constituted today shall supervise the convention on 19th August, 2017 in Jammu.

          The meeting adopted a unanimous resolution urging the Governor of J&K to dissolve the State Assembly and the State Government immediately to avoid a civil war in J&K. What happened today in Kashmir a dangerous message and proves that J&K Govt. has ceased to exist.

NPP Supremo addresses a strong letter to PM, demanding all Fundamental Rights to J-K Residents, withdrawal of Art. 35(A)

In a strong letter NPP Supremo, Prof.Bhim Singh urged Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India to withdraw Article 35(A) which empowers State Assembly to shadow any fundamental right and deprives the Indian citizens in J&K to share fundamental rights with the Indian citizens in the rest of the country. He pleaded strongly that Article 370 needs to be amended so as to empower the Parliament of India to legislate, at least, in respect of the subjects which Maharaja Hari Singh acceded himself with the Union of India namely, Defence, Foreign Affairs, Communication and Allied matters.    

          In his letter Prof.Bhim Singh wrote to the Prime Minister that,    

    “I am taking this liberty requesting the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India to call a meeting of the representatives of all political parties operating in the State of J&K. The representatives of the Hurriyat Conference may also be invited without any pre-condition. Every recognised political party functioning in J&K may get an opportunity to convey its suggestions as to what needs to be done at present when our school children stand locked up in their schools, business is closed, the civilians are feeling totally insecured and the governance stands collapsed in the bordering areas in J&K. The Prime Minister of India is urged to convene an urgent meeting in Delhi to seek the public opinion as what is to be done by the Govt. of India at this moment to save the people of J&K from further death and destruction by our neighbourer Pakistan.

          In the meantime, I would like to request the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on behalf of the Coordination Committee which was established in 2005 to convene a ‘Heart to Heart Talks’ among the representatives of the political and social groups from both sides of Line of Control. We had a very useful meeting in 2005 and again in 2007 which were held in New Delhi where legislators, political representatives and social groups from J&K interacted with the legislators of POK, Gilgit-Baltistan and other social groups.

          I would like to request the Prime Minister to allow the Coordination Committee to hold ‘III Heart to Heart Talks’ among the social and political notables from J&K with the representatives of POK to continue our effort to seek an amicable resolution vis-à-vis Line of Control that falls between J&K and POK and Gilgit-Baltistan.

The war is no solution to seek permanent resolution of the situation prevailing in J&K as well as in Pak-occupied areas of J&K namely, POK and Gilgit. The Coordination Committee would like to hold the meeting in the month of October, 2017 in New Delhi as well as in Islamabad. What has been happening today in J&K deserves immediate attention of the Govt. of India and for that the Govt. of India needs to wake up without any delay. I strongly urge on the Prime Minister of India to think of tomorrow and find a way out to ensure that peace returns in J&K with justice to all the people whether in Ladakh, Kashmir Valley or in Jammu Pradesh.

I urge the Hon’ble Prime Minister to request the President of India to advice the Governor of J&K to go for Governor Rule in J&K in the interest of the people J&K in particular and the people of India in general. The present Assembly needs to be dissolved without delay which the Governor can do by invoking Section 53 of the Constitution of J&K itself. The Governor should intervene under Section 92 of J&K Constitution to take over the administration of J&K for the reason that the present Govt. has collapsed and has failed to function. This was admitted publicly by the Chief Minister of J&K while admitting that the foreign intervention in Kashmir has created the present situation in Kashmir and the Govt.of J&K stands helpless. This admission by State Chief Minister is sufficient to lead to the conclusion that the State Govt. has failed to function and has become non-functional because of the foreign intervention in the State of J&K. There is no way out to save the State of J&K from further death and destruction. The Army it appears is also loosing patience which could be understood by the most shocking  and tragic incident today when an Army Naik could not control his frustration and shot an Army Major in the Uri Sector. This does not need further explanation. This situation needs to be handled very carefully.

          There is a need to integrate J&K with the Union of India in the light of spirit of the command of the Instrument of Accession which was signed by Maharaja Hari Singh on 26th October, 1947 and ratified by the then Governor-General of India next morning on 27th October.
I assure the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India that every Indian shall support the Prime Minister if his government advises the President of India to amend Article 370 of the Constitution of India so as to extend the spirit of the Instrument of Accession. The President of India is fully authorised under Article 370 itself to integrate the State of J&K with the rest of the country by amending Article 370 through Presidential Order. The President does not need any approval of any non-existing Constituent Assembly which was constituted in J&K in 1952 and came to a close on 26th January, 1958 when J&K Constitution was made applicable to the State of J&K only temporarily.  The Indian Constituent Assembly itself had given this provision as ‘temporary provision’, Article 370.

          This is the only way when the Fundamental Rights shall be extended to the State of J&K and the people of J&K shall not fall victim to the blunders committed by the Central Govt. by adding Article 35A in the Constitution of India giving commanding power to the Legislative Assembly of J&K when it was not even born in 1954.”