Tributes to Justice P.N. Bhagwati

State Legal Aid Committee chaired by Prof.Bhim Singh held a meeting at its Headquarters, New Delhi to pay homage to the former Chief Justice of India, Mr. P.N. Bhagwati who passed away on 15th June, 2017 in New Delhi. Several advocates from Delhi High Court and Supreme Court of India gathered at Jantar Mantar and expressed condolences on the unfortunate demise of leading judicial personality in India who introduced concept of Public Interest Litigation and absolute liability to the Indian Judicial System.

Prof.Bhim Singh, Executive Chairman of State Legal Aid Committee & presently Sr. Executive Member of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) expressed deep shock on the death of Justice Bhagwati whom he considers as a legal guide and philosophy and a teacher in legal jurisprudence. Prof.Bhim Singh said that it was Justice Bhagwati in 1973 who forced him to come in Advocate’s uniform when he (Bhim Singh) appeared in person in a Public Interest Litigation against the Govt. of J&K challenging the drastic amendment that the Govt. of J&K had introduced in the Ranbir Penal Code (in J&K Indian Penal Code is not applicable). It was Justice Bhagwati who made Bhim Singh to appear in the Supreme Court as a lawyer to take up Public Interest Litigation (PIL).

Prof.Bhim Singh reminded his lawyer friends that it was Justice Bhagwati who made him to constitute J&K State Legal Aid Committee to take up the legal matters in the public interest domain. Prof.Bhim Singh said that he has been fighting for the public interest since 1982 till date and that was only because of the tremendous inspiration he had been drawing from the blessings of Justice Bhagwati. Chief Justice Bhagwati was the Chairman Advisory Board of the State Legal Aid Committee, J&K and it was unique inspiration in this field which made Bhim Singh to fight on legal platform for justice and equity for the helpless and poor sufferers from different parts of the world.

Prof.Bhim Singh also visited the residence of Justice Bhagwati this morning and expressed heartfelt condolences to the wife of Late Mr. Justice P.N. Bhagwati and to his daughters.

Prof.Bhim Singh pledged that he shall continue his legal battle for the helpless and the deprived members of the society at home and abroad and that is the mission which he has inherited from his great legal inspirer in life.

 Sd/-B.S. Billowria, Advocate, Secretary-State Legal Aid Committee

NPP urges President of India to impose Governor Rule in J&K

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party has made a strong appeal to Shri PranabMukherjee, the President of India to dissolve the Legislative Assembly in J&K and direct the Governor of J&K to impose Governor Rule without any delay to save J&K from annihilation and chaos so that the innocent people shall be protected.

          Prof.Bhim Singh said that the nation is alarmed on the news flooding from Kashmir on the death of innocent people even that of police and security personnel as well as civilians because of the bloody attacks of the undesirable elements who have been infiltrating into J&K from across the border ever since PDP-BJP Govt. took over the reigns of power in the state. Prof.Bhim Singh said that the bloody acts of killing, sabotage and violence are being carried out by the saboteurs who have infiltrated into J&K from across the border.

          Prof.Bhim Singh made a strong appeal to the political activists in the state including the members of the Hurriyat Conference to cooperate with the government under Governor Rule so that peace shall return to the state at the earliest.

          Prof.Bhim Singh also appealed the leadership in J&K including that of Hurriyat Conference to cooperate with the Governor Rule so that the flood of death and destruction shall stop and people of J&K shall feel safe and secure.

          Prof.Bhim Singh also urged the President of India to amend Article 370 of the Constitution of India which is within his command as there is no Constituent Assembly in the State which ceased in 1956 when new Constitution was imposed in the State of J&K. this is in the interest of unity and integrity of the entire nation that Article 370 is amended by the President and present Assembly is dissolved.