Bhim Singh led Students Congress in front of Parliament paid homage to Nehru on his sudden death

Nearly 100 activists of J&K Students Congress led by its Chief petroin, Bhim Singh started Hunger Strike in front of Parliament on May, 27th 1964 protesting against Kashmir leader Sheikh Mohd. Abbdullah’s statement in Algiers demanding plebiscite over Jammu & Kashmir. He was sent by Prime Minister Nehru to Pakistan to talk with the Pak Leaders for the peacefull resolution of Jammu & Kashmir. Sheikh Abbdullah had crossed the Laxman raikha, limits, and flew to Algiers and maid an astonishing statement there which was not swallowed by the people at home. Prof. Bhim Singh was a student in AMU. He got most of his colleagues from the AMU and stage a Dharna in front of the Parliament (Northern side).
Bhim Singh chief pettron of Jammu-Kashmir Student Congress gave a Press Confrence while on Hunger Strike demanding a return of Sheikh Abbdullah from Algiers and regination of the Prime Minister. The prominent among those who sat on Hunger Strike included Rajkumar Sehgal, Addvocate Rishpal Singh, Anadi, Sudharshan Singh Jamwal, Kamal Gandotra, and several others.
Several Press people, who may not be present today, interviewed most of protesters on their mission. “We made it cleared that we want Jammu & Kashmir to be integrated fully with rest of the country (India). We wanted Sheikh Abbdullah and his party to be called back”.
Prof. Bhim Singh today, after 52 years, recollected that on that day, Parliament stated at 11 am. It was about 3 pm on the same day that the tricolour (National Flag) suddenly went half mast (Lowered). It was a great shocking indeed. In minutes the shocking news came. Nehru Ji was no more. Some time after this news, Shashtri Ji with some MPs came to us and made an appeal with folded to close “Hunger Strike” as India had lost its great leader – Prime Minister, Nehru Ji.
This was one of the most shocking occasion in our life time.
Today special meetting was held by the activists of National Penters Party (which, I had founded in 1982) to pay homage to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on his 52nd Death Anniversary. We shell miss him. The world shell miss one of the greatest leaders of the world.