Palestinian President presented Gandhi’s declaration o1 1938, ‘Palestine belongs to the Palestinians’

 A unique declaration of Mahatma Gandhi which he made in his newspaper, ‘The Harijan’ in 1938 declaring that, “Palestine belongs to the Palestinians in the same way as France belongs to French and England to the English.”  This declaration became the international policy followed by India till this day as India stood by the side of the Palestinians. Even during the UN Resolution 181 which was passed in 1948 by the United Nations India, Iran, Yugoslavia and a couple of other countries opposed the division of Palestine. Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party & Sr. Executive Member of Supreme Court Bar Association accused all the big powers who supported the division of Palestine and creating State of Israel in 1948.

Prof.Bhim Singh wrote a book on division of Palestine and creation of Israel which he felt that it was a dangerous move of the United Nations and all the 5 big powers were guilty of this blunder.

Prof.Bhim Singh presented a gift, documented with the declaration of Mahatma Gandhi which he made in 1938 declaring that, “Palestine belongs to the Arabs (Palestinians) in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French”. This was only a reminder to the world that India stood by Palestine, stands by Palestine and shall continue to be with Palestine in the interest of international peace, progress and development.

Prof.Bhim Singh met Yasir Arafat the founder of Palestine Liberation Organization and the Founder President of the State of Palestine in 1968 at a Red Cross Office on the Eastern side of Jordan River while he was travelling on motorcycle around the world on peace mission. Prof.Bhim Singh remained in touch with Yasir Arafat and PLO from day one till the death of Yasir Arafat in 2004. Prof.Bhim Singh was the only foreigner to pay last tributes to Yasir Arafat in Ram Allah, Palestine in 2004. Prof.Bhim Singh also met President, Mehmoud Abbas in Palestine couple of years back when he visited Palestine.

Prof.Bhim Singh expressed full solidarity and support to the PLO and its leadership for ensuring for the establishment of full sovereign state of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital.