NPP pleads Election Commission Conclave to disband the use of EVMs in elections

Addressing a Special Conclave organised by the Election Commission of India at Constitution Club, Rafi Marg, New Delhi this afternoon, Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party strongly and forcefully argued before the full Election Commission of India presided its Chief Election Commissioner, Dr. Nasim Zaidi in the presence of the representatives of 54 recognized political parties in India which included six national recognized political parties, urging that use of EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines) should be closed once for all for the reason that this system is full of loopholes and gives every chance to the ruling parties to rig polls. Prof.Bhim Singh quoted the practice that has been followed in most of the leading democratic countries in the world. He said that use of EVMs has been abandoned in Canada, the USA, Latin American countries and of course in Europe and United Kingdom. This was done because EVMs could not satisfy the electorates and the intelligentsia in any part of the world. He said that EVMs is manufactured by a human being and can be manipulated by any human being. He said the EVM is not a satisfactory instrument to hold free and fair polls.

          Prof.Bhim Singh quoted that India has more than 50% of its electorates who cannot read or write their own names. A person who does not know A,B,C/ka, kha, ga/alf, be, pe in other words who is totally illiterate and cannot read or write is not capable to understand the manipulation of highly sophisticated technology like EVMs or VVPAT. He said that VVPAT is another bluff as the voter cannot touch it or have it or preserve it nor it could be seen or checked at the counting table by the counting agents. He said that counting agent can only note the number of votes cast in favour of a particular candidate. The entire mechanism it appears is a bluff.

          Prof.Bhim Singh in his most forceful arguments before the representatives of all the political parties and the Members of the Election Commission of India proposed to the Election Commission that the Election Commission should send a questionnaire (4-5 questions) to each recognised political party in the country on the use of EVMs and VVPAT. The party should reply to the Election Commission of India in specific terms whether the particular party would like to have a change and if so what shall be the change. Secondly Prof.Bhim Singhalso suggested to the CEC that EC should confirm from every recognised political party if they want to change this system and if so do the political parties intend to go back to the ballot paper system.

          Prof.Bhim Singh assured Election Commission of India that the Panthers Party and most of the NGOs support this view that EVM system should be done away with and the old ballot paper system should be restored. He said that Indian democracy, the largest democracy in the world is under a serious threat because of the EVM system. He said that EVM has been abandoned in the majority of the democratic countries and India cannot afford its hard earned democracy. He strongly concluded for old ballot paper system.

          The Panthers Party was represented  in this convocation by its Chairman, Shri Harsh Dev Singh, President, Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia and Prof.Bhim Singh.