JKNPP holds massive protest in Jammu, sets effigy of PM Modi on fire, demands apology for destroying NPP office at Jantar Mantar

The hundreds of JKNPP activists held a massive demonstration at Jammu and took a march from Maharaja Hari Singh Chowk up to the Raghunath Temple at Jammu City demanding apology from Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi for destroying NPP office at Jantar Mantar which was instituted after Modi government physically/forcibly ejected National Panthers Party office from Vithalbhai Patel House in July, 2015. That was done only to crush Panthers Party and its Founder Prof.Bhim Singh who never agreed with the authoritarian policies of Modi government vis-à-vis J&K.

          Hundreds of Panthers Party activists led by Ms. Anita Thakur, General Secretary of JKNPP marched from the Maharaja Hari Singh Chowk (Opposite to the Press Club, Jammu) and marched into the heart of Raghunath Bazar where lies the famous Raghunath temple since the rule of Maharaja Pratap Singh. Several NPP leaders including women, youth, students and trade union leaders namely, Raghubir Singh Chib (State Secretary-JKNPP), Neeraj Gupta (Zonal President-Jammu), Sr. Devinder Singh, Jagdish Raj, Nirmal Kishore, Navin Bali, Sr. Simranjeet Singh, Sr. Joginder Singh, Dilawar Khan, Balbir Chand, Santosh Devi, Veena Devi, Babli Rani, Geeta Devi, Pushpa Devi, Hardev Singh, Lakhwinder Singh, Akash Kumar and others.

          The demonstrating NPP activists set the effigy of Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India on fire in front of the Raghunath Temple, Jammu warning that any further concession to the RSS-PDP government shall not be tolerated by the people of J&K. Demanded immediate dismissal of J&K Govt. and apology from the Prime Minister for destroying the NPP headquarters at Jantar Mantar with an intention to make Prof.Bhim Singh ineffective just to keep BJP rulers going for a while. The protesters were raising slogans, “J&K mein Governor Raj Lao, Mehbooba Hatao”, “Delhi Jantar Mantar Panthers Party ke office ko todane walon ko saja do”, “Pradhanmantri ko Panthers Party office ko destroy karne ke liye maafi mangni hogi etc. etc.”

NPP Supremo appeals Kashmiri youth, students to exercise restraint assuring justice to all

 Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party & Executive Member of Supreme Court Bar Association of India who represented J&K in the Legislature of J&K for nearly 15 days made a passionate appeal to young brothers and sisters of Kashmir Valley to exercise restraint in their movement assuring full cooperation and support in their mission to achieve justice and life with dignity for all in J&K. NPP Supremo expressed regrets that fundamental rights to the people of J&K have not guaranteed in the Constitution  of India which is creation of a temporary provision, Article 370 which deprives the people of J&K of Fundamental Rights as well as fundamental freedom which are enjoyed every citizen of India except in the State of J&K where the people of J&K supported the ruler of J&K, Maharaja Hari Singh to accede to the Union of India on October 26, 1947.

Prof.Bhim Singh assured the people of J&K especially the suffering youth and students in the Valley of Kashmir that we shall someday be able to enjoy all fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution of India with dignified survival and right to live with honour.

Prof.Bhim Singh assured the students and youth of J&K that the Panthers Party which was established to ensure the flow of fundamental rights and freedom to all shall be followed religiously in the State of J&K which has remained devoid of equity, equality and rule of law right since 1947.

Prof.Bhim Singh urged the President of India to exercise his absolute power guaranteed under the Constitution of India in Article 370 to impose Governor Rule in the State of J&K. This may be done by advising the Governor of J&K to impose Governor Rule under Section 92 of the J&K Constitution as the present governance has collapsed in totality threatening very existence of the survival of the residents of J&K.

NPP Supremo calls on Security Council to sensor US President for violating International Law & principles of the Security Council

 Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party & Executive Chairman of India-Pak Joint Defence Committee for Prisoners today  held a meeting of the Legal Aid Committee at its headquarters at Jammu (J&K) which condemned the most discriminatory act of President, Donald Trump for using the highest intensity bomb against the civilians and the people of Afghanistan which violates the basic principles of Charter of the United Nations. NPP Supremo an expert in International Law and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) today presided over a meeting of the Legal Aid Committee which unanimously condemned the most discriminatory act of the President of the United States of America for bombing a part of Afghanistan and reducing thousands of the people into ashes which was worst than the use of atomic bomb on Hiroshima in 1945. This atomic attack was the first one by the same country, the United States of America which has been threatening the global peace till today.

Prof.Bhim Singh who is also Founder of World Peace Council of Indian Peace Lovers made a strong appeal to all the peace-loving countries of the world including India to trump the Trump Govt. of the United States of America which has threatened the security and peace of the world.

Prof.Bhim Singh also appealed to the United Nations to convene a meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations to condemn this bloody invasion by the United States of America against the innocent civilians of Afghanistan (Asia).

Prof.Bhim Singh appealed to the United Nations to convene the meeting of General Assembly to ensure that Trump shall not use such nefarious acts against North Korea or even against the Palestinians who have been under the cruel and authoritarian rule of Israel.

Prof.Bhim Singh declared that he would move a petition before the International Court of Justice in the Hague at the earliest seeking intervention of the ICJ against the use of any bloody weapons/bombs or otherwise against the innocent people in any part of the world. Prof.Bhim Singh also declared that Panthers Party with all friendly parties in the country shall organise protest against the bloody attack of President Donald Trump and appealed to the people of the USA to support this movement against President Trump so that he does not prove the Hitler.

India-Pak Free Legal Committee exchange draft petition for Supreme Court of Pakistan on Kulbhushan Jadhav’s sentence

Prof. Bhim Singh, Executive Chairman of the State Legal Aid Committee & Chairman of India-Pak Joint Defence Committee for Prisoners had several video conferences with the senior leaders of India-Pak Joint Defence Committee for Prisoners on the substance and approach of the committee through a writ petition being drafted and filed by the said legal aid committee before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan against his unjust, unconstitutional, illegal and malafide sentence awarded by Field General Court Martial (FGCM) under Pakistani Army Act where the Army General signed the order of death sentence to an Indian, Mr. Kulbhushan Jadhav on April 10, 2017.

Prof.Bhim Singh also interacted with the President of India-Pak Joint Defence Committee for Prisoners namely Zulfiqar Ali Jehangir, Advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan presently in Lahore. The draft prepared at New Delhi was forwarded to the India-Pak Joint Defence Committee for Prisoners, Lahore in the evening.

Prof.Bhim Singh expected that the India-Pak Joint Defence Committee for Prisoners shall go through the draft and returned inputs if any by this evening.

Prof.Bhim Singh, however is confident that the writ petition within the meaning and scope of the Constitution of Pakistan shall be filed on April 14, 2017 with a prayer for the intervention of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan to provide a copy of the order of Field General Court Martial (FGCM) passed on April 10, 2017 at unknown place. Prof.Bhim Singh also urged that the lawyers from the Legal Aid Committee should be given an opportunity for an interview with Kulbhushan Jadhav who is detained in unknown place in Pakistan.

Prof.Bhim Singh expressed hope and confident that Govt. of Pakistan under the Prime Ministership of Janab Nawaz Sharief shall be cooperative to ensure that Nawaz Sharief Govt. will provide all reasonable and legitimate cooperation to pursue this case in the Supreme Court of Pakistan or elsewhere. He said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharief has undergone through the most difficult period of his life when he himself got deported from Pakistan while he was the sitting and legitimate Prime Minister of Pakistan. This is a testing point for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharief also, Prof.Bhim Singh reiterated from his legal aid committee office at New Delhi this evening.

NPP Supremo calls on CEC to cancel Srinagar Lok Sabha elections to save J&K from further death & destruction

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party & Sr. Executive Member of Supreme Court Bar Association today urged Dr. Nasim Zaidi, the Chief Election Commissioner of India to cancel the farcical and fraudulent electoral election held recently for the Srinagar Lok Sabha constituency. NPP Supremo questioned the Election Commission of India about the justification in holding so-called election in Srinagar Parliamentary constituency whereas postponing Parliamentary election in Anantnag constituency when the Election Commission had issued the simultaneous notifications to hold bye-elections in both the constituencies which fall in the Valley of Kashmir.

The Panthers Party had strongly protested against the decision of the Election Commission of India to hold bye-election at a time when the entire Valley was under the grip of rough weather and snow. Election in the part of the constituency were managed on 9th April, 2017 whereas in 38 polling stations election was planned on 13th April, 2017. Prof.Bhim Singh maintained his stand while appealing the Election Commission of India that the election in Srinagar parliamentary constituency was rigged and fraudulently 7% of the total number of votes were shown to have been cast in the Srinagar parliamentary election.

The election to the Anantnag parliamentary constituency were postponed by the CEC on the suggestion of the PDP candidate, brother of the ruling Chief Minister. There could be no justification to hold election in Srinagar constituency and deffer/postpone bye-election in the adjoining constituency of Anantnag. Prof.Bhim Singh has demanded to cancel the fraudulent elections in Srinagar constituency as well as in Anantnag constituency where election was postponed.

Prof.Bhim Singh has demanded the cancellation of the parliamentary elections in the both the constituencies in the interest of democracy and rule of law which has been hijacked by the PDP-BJP government in J&K.