Bhim Singh’s Press Conference

  1. Prof. Bhim Singh addressing a Press Conference at Jammu NPP Headquarter today to condemn Pakistan authorities’ military coupe against sitting Parliamentary Government of Pakistan. He said that he shall move the Supreme Court of Pakistan with a petition on behalf of Legal Aid Committee against the death sentence of Shri Kulbushan Yadav awarded by the court marshal of Pakistan.
  2. Prof. Bhim Singh declared that he shall move the Supreme Court of Pakistan against Army Court order of the death sentence to Shri Yadav. He said that the judiciary in Pakistan especially Supreme Court of Pakistan is highly judicious and he said justice shall be done to Mr. Yadav.
  3. Prof.Bhim Singh said that the Legal Aid Committee constituted under his Chairmanship has got several Senior Advocates of India and Pakistan which have been giving free legal aid to the Indian Prisoners in Pakistan and Pakistani Prisoners in Indian Jails. He said that through to the writ petitions filed by him in Supreme Court, SC has released about 700 prisoners and deputed them to Pakistan. Panthers Party is also providing free legal aid to 54 Indian prisoners in Pakistan. Of course, without any legal fees from any prisoner or anybody else.
  4. Prof. Bhim Singh said, if need be, he shall take the matter to the International Court of Justice at Hague, Holland where Prof.Bhim Singh has done specialization on ICJ.
  5. Prof.Bhim Singh also accused the Election Commission of India for discrimination with the people of Srinagar Parliamentary Constituency for postponing Anantnag election and holding Srinagar. He shall move the Supreme Court for cancellation of Lok Sabha polls in both constituencies.
  6. Prof. Bhim Singh also expressed thanks to the Talwara Migrants (of 1999) who have been awarded Rs.23 cores compensation by the Supreme Court on the petition filed by Prof. Bhim Singh in 2005. The Legal Aid Committee headed by Prof. Bhim Singh has spent nearly Rs.21 lac rupees in the litigation for the migrants. The migrants committee of Talwara with other migrants of Jammu have been paid part of compensation of about Rs.11crores by the Govt. of India on the petitions of Prof. Bhim Singh.
  7. The other day when Prof. Bhim Singh with his team visited Talwara Migrants camps, the Talwara migrants graciously contributed a bag of currency notes. This was a generous contribution by the Migrants for the legal support by Prof. Bhim Singh to the migrants in Talwara and other migrants from Rajouri, Poonch, Ramban, Old Doda, and Udhampur. There were about 2000 families of Jammu province who were forced out of their homes in 1999-2000. They were not provided relief at par with Kashmiri Migrants. Prof. Bhim Singh with his team of lawyers has been fighting there legal battle since 1999 at his own expense till date.

Prof Bhim expressed thanks to the Jammu Migrants for contributing the part of legal expenses. Prof. Bhim Singh also declared that he shall arrange educational help to the orphan children of the Migrants of Jammu Pradesh.