Afro-Asian friendship, an essence of Human Rights & dignity, world over

“The Afro-Asian Solidarity, friendship & united march towards world peace and human dignity have been essential ingredients of Afro-Asian culture and dignity. Seeds of Afro-Asian Solidarity and respect were sown by Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and African leader, Nelson Mandela for years. I have travelled through the length and breadth of the entire African continent in 2001 while travelling on motorcycle (on peace mission around the world) in 1971 when I entered Africa on two-wheels from Gibralter to Morocco and crossed over through Spanish Sahara on two-wheels thus becoming the first person to cross Sahara Desert on motorcycle (2100 kms.) in 20 days. During my travel through the African continent I realized Fanon Fanoon’s expression, “the Black is beautiful’ and experienced during my travels through the entire African continent except South Africa which I could not travel because South Africa did not grant me travelling permission.

“I have visited almost all big and small countries in the African continent and found that black is not onlymost beautiful but most loving as well. This I have narrated in my book, ‘Around the World on Motorcycle on Peace Mission’.

“The people of Africa have been exploited most by the colonial countries mostly from the Western World which I have experienced myself. The people of Africa, big or small, rich or poor I found as most loving, beautiful, caring and full of compassion and human love. I feel deeply pain on the happening in a corner ground of Indian capital Delhi where the most loving people where Mahatma Gandhi started his movement ‘Satyagrah’in the twenties against racialism practiced white hierarchy from the West. It was Mahatma Gandhi who introduced the people of the great African continent to the world. What has been happening on the skirts of India’s capital, Delhi, land of peace and tranquility is sad, unfortunate, not acceptable and the present rulers of India have to realize that there is failure on the part of the Govt. of India. The Govt. of India should talk to all and specially to the African representatives (embassies) to listen to their genuine grievances.”

Prof.Bhim Singh, the first world traveller (1967-73) on motorcycle who crossed through entire African continent in 1971 on peace mission expressed solidarity with the people of African continent and the new generation and those who came to India for studies from the African world and making a strong appeal to the President of India to send a message of Afro-Asian Solidarity for international peace and understanding. Prof.Bhim Singh also urged Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India to convey regrets to the people of Africa over the unfortunate incidents that occurred  in the past weeks in India realizing that the people of Africa are most beautiful and loving people on the map of the world.

Prof.Bhim Singh also declared that the Indo-African Solidarity Council shall convene a solidarity meeting of the Afro-Asian social and political representatives to ensure that Indo-African solidarity gets strengthened and bitter memories may sink into the depth of the Arabian waters.

Sd/- Sudesh Dogra, Political Secretary


Prof. Bhim Singh

*          A noted Jurist and Senior Advocate in the Supreme Court of India, a prolific writer and Author of International repute. His books have been acclaimed in India and abroad. An International Sr. Advocate in the International Court of Justice.

*          Prof. Bhim Singh Graduated in Sciences from the University of Jammu and Kashmir in 1963, Post Graduate in Political Science and Graduated in Law from the Aligarh Muslim University in 1966-67. He was admitted to the Bar in Lincoln’s Inn (1971) and a Post Graduate in Law (LL.M.) with highest distinction in the Constitutional, the Islamic and the International Law from the London University (1972). Studied in London School of Economics, Kings College and the School of Oriental and African Studies (London), Dare-alum (Egypt), PLO Research Centre (Beirut), Lebanon.

*          He has been elected as Sr. Executive Member of the Supreme Court Bar Association of India twice. He was elected third time for the session of 2016-17 to the Executive Committee of Supreme Court Bar Association though uncontested.

His Noted Publications

(1). Flames in Kashmir, (2). Sulgata Kashmir (Hindi), (3). Sada-e-Kashmir, (4). Kashmir–A Mirage, (5). Murder of Democracy in J&K (6). ‘The Judgment’ on NATO Aggression Against Yugoslavia released by former President of Yugoslavia Mr. Slobodan Milosevic in Belgrade in 1970. His latest book is ‘Iraq, A Heroic Resistance’, which was released by former Governor Shri Bhishma Narain Singh in 2001 in Delhi and by Mr. Tariq Aziz, Dy. Prime Minister of Iraq in Baghdad, the only book written against the horrors of economic sanctions against Iraq. His latest book on his globetrotting, ‘Peace Mission, Around the World on Motorcycle’ has attracted the youth all over the world with its 3rd edition in the offing in English, Hindi and Urdu. His latest book on J&K, ‘The Blunders and the Way Out’, rarest of the rare documentation. ‘My Jails & My Schools’ is under print.


*          Sr. Advocate & Sr. Executive Member (elected) of Supreme Court Bar Association, Chairman, International Affairs Sub-Committee.

*          Secretary, London University, Students Union (1970-71).

*          Chairman, Indo-Arab Solidarity Council

*          Chairman, International Jurists Council.

*          Editor, The ‘Sennet’ of London University Publication (1970-72).

*          Executive Chairman of State Legal Aid Committee, Jammu and Kashmir.

*          Past Legal Advisor to the Indian Council of World Affairs, 1994-2000.

*          Specialized in International Court of Justice (ICJ), International Institutions, Constitutional Law & Civil Aviation.

*          Specialized in Public Interest Litigation and has helped several hundred poor people to secure justice through the High Courts and the Supreme Court.

*          Past Legal Consultant to the ‘Palestine Constitution’ Committee.

*          Past Legal Advisor to the Aligarh Muslim University.

*          Research:-An examination of the documents on which the State of Palestine is based. Published by the PLO, Research Centre, Beirut, Lebanon.

*          Legal Advisor to the Indian Association of Tour Operators since 1998.

*          Author several books including Palestine Legal Status in International Law.

*          Teaching experience:- Taught Law at Jammu University (1973-74), Department of Law, Delhi University and visiting professor in the Aligarh Muslim University.

*          Taught Law at the International Institute, Delhi (Delhi University), 1975-76.

*          Special lectures:- On the legality of Palestinian problem, International Law and on disarmament in several universities of the world including, University of Baghdad, American University, Beirut, University of Cairo, Egypt, University of Damascus, Syria, University of Amman, Jordan, University of Hiroshima, Japan and University of London, University of Chicago, University of Mexico, University of Lima (Peru).

*          Imprisoned 54 times by the Govt. of J&K with eight years of total period in jail. Awarded Rs.50,000 as compensation by Supreme Court of India for his wrongful confinement and arrest in 1984 by J&K Govt.

*          Refused to accept 7.3 million dollars’ vouchers of UN, offered (on record) from President Saddam Hussein in ‘Food for Oil’ Program. Mr. Paul Volcker, Head of the UN Committee on ‘Food for Oil’ exchanges, as reported. Reference to Table 3 of Vol.II of the Volcker Report.

Interviews with world prominent leaders

1). Hon’ble Mr. Saddam Hussein, President of Iraq, 2). Hon’ble Mr. Yasir Arafat, President Palestine, 3). Hon’ble Mr. Farooq Al-Shara, the then Foreign Minister of Syria (Presently Hon’ble Vice President), 4). Mr. Abdullah-Al-Hammar, Syria, 5). Mr. Tariq Aziz, Dy. Prime Minister of Iraq.


Political Status

Chief Patron                            :           J&K National Panthers Party

Executive Chairman                :           State Legal Aid Committee, J&K

Legislator                                :           MLA (1977-87), MLC (2003-2008) in J&K.

(Resigned one year in advance in protest against imposition of Mr. Omar Abdullah as Chief Minister)

Editor-in-Chief (Hony.)          :           The Voice of Millions (English Weekly) for the

                                                            Voice of Millions Publications-India



Travelled on Peace Mission, Around the World on Motorcycle (1967-1972)—Covered 140 countries—First person to Western Sahara from Morocco to Senegal in 1971