Trump needs to be trumped by the Security Council to ensure that world peace survives

Prof.Bhim Singh, a Sr. Advocate in the Supreme Court of India, postgraduate in Law from London University and was a great friend of President Saddam Hussain and PLO Supremo Yasir Arafat today appealed the Permanent Members of the United Nations Security Council namely, the USA, Great Britain, France, Russian Federation and Republic of China to take cognizance of the explosive situation that is being created by the Hitlerian slogans being raised by the newly elected President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump from the White House.

            Prof.Bhim Singh in his appeal to the Permanent Members of the Security Council urged the leadership in the said countries who happened to be Permanent Members in the Security Council to persuade American President, Donald Trump to use his war vocabulary with care and caution.

            Prof.Bhim Singh who has also authored a book on division of Palestine as a historic blunder committed by the United Nations to please the Jewish community in the USA and England thus bifurcating/dividing Palestine to create a Zionist State of Israel in 1948. He said that Resolution 181 was a resolution supported by all the Permanent Members. It were only India and Iran (under Shah’s regime) which had opposed the division of Palestine. India’s stand has been appreciated by the intellectuals, thinkers and peace-lovers all over the world. It was a great test of the statesmanship that existed in India in 1947.

            The Security Council has passed several resolutions namely, Resolution no. 242 and 338 among others directing Israel to vacate all occupied lands of Palestine which Israel occupied in 1948, 1967. Israel is under the spanner of the United Nations and must be obliged to implement all resolutions of the Security Council ensuring that State of Palestine gets all support of the United Nations as it is a Member of the United Nations General Assembly too. This message must reach Donald Trump, President of USA who, perhaps, has not been briefed properly by his new advisors and assistants in the White House.

            Prof.Bhim Singh appealed the USA President, Mr. Donald Trump to take advice/information from the political thinkers/historians on the present situation vis-à-vis State of Palestine and Isarel. Palestine is State recognised by the United Nations. Israel was a splinter part of Palestine till 1948. Prof.Bhim Singh said that he has visited extensively all areas in Palestine and Israel after 1967 and said that he was convinced that majority of Jews were not against the Palestinian Muslim friends. Palestine and Israel must co-exist with dignity and full security. Prof.Bhim Singh said that he knew Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel whom he personally interviewed for the Doordarshan in Jerusalem in 1992/93. He hoped that Netanyahu shall also try to understand the situation around the world today and should boldly accept Palestine as a State and respect all resolutions of the United Nations in this regard. Peace is possible in the Middle-East only when Israeli leadership shall make its commitment to live in peace and with the human dignity with the people of Palestine. The only solution is that State of Palestine should be recognized by Israel without any delay. Let UN accomplish that task for peace in the world.