Telangana Advocates Forum for Bifurcation of High Court of Telangana

Telangana Advocates Forum starts Hunger Strike

Prof.Bhim Singh blessed them at Jantar Mantar

          Several Advocates of Telangana State today started Hunger Strike at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi urging on the President of India for his urgent intervention to grant a special status to the newly established State of Telangana for its genuine development. The striking advocates have also urge the President for his urgent intervention to ensure that Telangana shall have a separate High Court as it was done in Chhatisgarh after its separation from Madhya Pradesh. The Hunger striking advocates are led by Mr. K.S. Krishna (LL.M) Advocate of Telangana High Court and the Convenor of Telangana Advocates Forum for establishing independent High Court of Telangana. He is accompanied by several advocates including the Forum Secretary, Dr. Vardhraj and Mr. D. Vidyanandam, Advocates.

          Prof.Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate of Supreme Court of India and co-Chairman of Seminars and Programs of the Supreme Court Bar Association being Sr. Executive Member Committee of SCBA inaugurated the four day hunger strike initiated this morning under the leadership of Advocate Mr. K.S. Krishna at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi. Prof.Bhim Singh assured full support by the Bar Association of Supreme Court in all just and reasonabl demands of the Telangana lawyers committee which resorted to four day hunger strike at Jantar Mantar this morning. Prof.Bhim Singh strongly appealed to the Union of India and to the Chief Justice of Supreme Court to consider the demands of Telangana lawyers with open mind so that the lawyers community in Telangana and the people shall get justice at par with the residents of Andhra Pradesh. He said two High Courts are essential in the newly re-organised of State of Andhra.

          Delhi Pradesh Panthers Party President, Mr. Rajiv Jolly Khosla assured full cooperation to the Advocates Forum who have started hunger strike for days at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi.

Prof.Bhim Singh expresses gratitude to lawyers fraternity of J&K

  Prof.Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate & Co-Chairman of Legal Seminars & Congregation of Lawyers in the Supreme Court Bar Association expressed gratitude towards the lawyers fraternity of J&K for their support and coordination in the fight of legal battle for the introduction of Bar Council in the State of J&K. The lawyers community held two prominent meetings in Jammu, the winter capital of J&K to extend greetings to Prof.Bhim Singh for his untiring legal battle in the Supreme Court of India for the introduction of Advocates Act of 1961 to the State of J&K. The Advocates Act was never extended to J&K under the discriminatory command of Article 370 as the Act made by the Parliament do not extend to J&K because of the ban imposed by Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.

            The Assembly of J&K passed a Law in 1986 when Prof.Bhim Singh was sitting Panthers Party MLA in the Legislative Assembly of J&K. It was Prof.Bhim Singh’s initiatives that all the parties in the Legislature joined hand to extend the benefits and command of the Advocates Act so that the Advocates in J&K shall not be deprived of the benefits of the Advocates Act, 1961.

            Prof.Bhim Singh filed a latest writ petition in the Supreme Court in 2013 which was decided in the month of January, 2017 directing the Union of India to implement this command of Advocates Act which was passed by the Assembly in 1986. The Supreme Court division Bench headed by the then Chief Justice, Mr.  T.S. Thakur had heard the case, issued direction to the State Govt. to respect the law. It was Chief Justice, S. Jagdish Singh Khehar who gave the final order in January directing the Govt. of India to issue notification within four weeks to implement the Advocates Act in the State of J&K.

            The lawyers fraternity in J&K has hailed this decision of the Supreme Court.

            The Bar Association of J&K High Court at Jammu gave a befitting reception to Prof.Bhim Singh at Jammu Bar Association at the premises of J&K High Court at Jammu. The President of Bar Association, Mr. Abhinav Sharma offered flower bouquets to Prof.Bhim Singhalong with his Members of the Secretariat of the J&K High Court Bar Association, Jammu. Prof.Bhim Singh is also a Member of J&K High Court Bar Association. Mr. Abhinav Sharma described Prof.Bhim Singh’s contribution as a unique victory of the lawyers of J&K who were kept out of the scope of Bar Council of India ever since the Bar Council was created. The Bar Council of J&K till today has been headed by the Chief Justice of J&K with judges of the High Court as its Members. The lawyers call it a mockery of the Bar Council and a tragedy in the field of rights of the lawyers.

            The lawyers community also organised a heavy reception to Prof.Bhim Singh at Press Club, Jammu. This was organised under the auspices of lawyers fraternity by Mr. A.K. Sawhney former President of Jammu High Court Bar Assocation and Hony. Editor of English Daily, the Journey Line published from Jammu. Several senior advocates, former presidents of the Bar Association and the young lawyers participated in the reception. Several senior advocates & former presidents of the Bar Association of the High Court at Jammu addressed the gathering congratulating Prof.Bhim Singh including the Mr. D.C. Raina, Sr. Advocate & former Advocate General, S. Daljit Singh Saini, Sr. Advocate, Mr. Shyam Sunder Lehar, Sr. Advocate, Mr. Ved Raj Wazir, Sr.Advocate & former President, Mr. M.K. Bharadwaj, Sr. Advocate and former President, Mr. Shakil Ahmed, Advocate, Mr. Murtaza Ali, Advocate and Ms. Surinder Kaur, Sr. Advocate, Mr. H.C. Jalmeria were among the prominent advocates who intervened congratulating Prof.Bhim Singh for the great victory he had earned for the lawyers community of J&K.

            Prof.Bhim Singh thanked the lawyers community of J&K for their continuous support and cooperation and assured that the lawyers community.