NPP Supremo tours International Borders in Jammu Pradesh, Calls on people to support One Constitution, One Flag from Kashmir to Kanyakumari

Prof.Bhim Singh, Founder of J&K National Panthers Party along with Panthers Party leaders moved along International Border in Jammu District this afternoon. He met several delegations of the people, mostly farmers and working class asking for safety and security from the raiders from across the border. Prof.Bhim Singh assured the farmers residing at International Border touching Pakistan that the Panthers Party shall take up the matter before the Supreme Court of India to ensure that the people at the border shall be given all possible help and support for their protection, safety and welfare by the Govt. of India.

          Several delegations of the people living at the borders demanded the application of the Indian Constitution, its fundamental rights and the Indian Flag to the people of J&K so that they can live with honour and dignity as Indian citizens. The people of J&K have remained denied of the Indian Flag, Constitution and the Fundamental Rights, right since day one of India’s independence in 1950.