Sr. Advocate Bhim Singh regretted adjournment in J&K Bar Council hearing

Prof.Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate today made a strong appeal before the Court of Chief Justice of India, Mr. Justice T.S. Thakur for showing adjournment of J&K Bar Council case. Prof.Bhim Singh mentioned before the Court of Chief Justice today that the J&K Bar Council case was fixed for 3rd January, 2017 by the orders of the Chief Justice himself which has been shown deleted from the list of the cases fixed for hearing today on the ground of urgent importance that this case has been adjourned for hearing to the next date. Prof.Bhim Singh said that he did not want to say everything today but the vested interest did not want this case to be decided today by Chief Justice, Mr. T.S.Thakur.

This case was filed by Prof.Bhim Singh in person to ensure that the Bar Council is also constituted in accordance to the law of land applicable in the entire country and to all state Bar Councils. Prof.Bhim Singh said that Bar Council has not been constituted in J&K for the past 70 years. This is the kind of integration people of J&K have been sharing with the rest of the country.