NPP Supremo holds meeting of Trade Union, Young Panthers, NPSU, farmers Union

Exclusive Meetings of Young Panthers, NPSU, and Farmers Panthers Union were held at NPP Headquarters at Gandhi Nagar, Jammu. Vice president Shri. P.K. Ganjoo, Miss Anita Thakur (General Secretary), Shri Yash Paul Kundal State President (Young Panthers) among district Office Bearers of Kathua District and senior leaders of the party were present.

Prof. Bhim Singh proposed to hold a meeting of the Panthers Trade Union and NPSU on 10th November in the afternoon. The Trade Union Acting President Sadar Paramjit Singh Marshal was advised to the call the meeting on 10th Nov in the afternoon to reorganize the PTU and NPSU President Thakur Virender Singh was also advice to reorganize NPSU and submit its list by tomorrow .

Prof. Bhim Singh conveyed to the activists to ensure that all the unit of the Panthers Party are formerly announced by 20th of Nov.  The Meeting of Farmers Panthers Union and Panthers Ex. Servicemen Panthers Union shall be launched by the 20th of Nov. The Chairman and State President are defacto patrons of all the units of the Panthers Party.

Prof. Bhim Singh in his massage to the Panthers Party Activists said that the Panthers Party should complete all its units in Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh by 15thof Dec, 2016.  He braboed the Panthers Party leadership for carrying the Programme and the mission of the Panthers Party for the welfare as well as justice and equity for all people in the state. He said that the reorganization of Jammu & Kashmir by Amending Art 370 is the only way out. So that Jammu & Kashmir is reorganized by establishing a Confederation of Jammu & Kashmir  so that all the citizens of  India shall get fundamental rights providing in chapter III of the Constitution of India

Others who were present on the occasion include Ajay Singh Jamwal (District President) Kathua, Naresh chib (District President) Urban JKNPP Jammu, Balvir Singh (District President) Young Panthers Kathua, Pushpinder Singh Manhas (Vice President) Young Panthers, Rakesh Gupta (State Secretary), Sham Gorka Vice President PTU, Parshotam Parihar State Secretary PTU , K.K. Sharma and others

NPP Supremo shall reach out far flunged areas bordering State & Doda Sector

Prof.Bhim Singh, the Founder & the Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party shall be reaching Jammu and hold a joint meeting of the active party leaders of Districts at Panthers Party Headquarters in Jammu on 9th November, 2016.

Prof.Bhim Singh has completed his exhaustive tour of Poonch, Rajouri, Kathua and Jammu Districts last month and submitted a detailed report to the Hon’ble Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh urging the Union Home Minister to provide ration, medical aid and schooling facilities to the people who have been forced to vacate their homes along the International Border and the LoC in Jammu Pradesh. Prof.Bhim Singh had also moved writ petition in the Supreme Court on behalf of the Panthers Party urging the Supreme Court to direct the Govt. of India/President to invoke Governor Rule in the State so that the state maybe saved from further death and destruction. It is nearing four months that the people of J&K have been living on the mercy of God and the Kashmir Valley has been without any assistance essential for the survival of human beings. It is only because the Central Govt. is interested in RSS governance rather than in the welfare, security, survival and human rights of the citizens of India residing in J&K.

Prof.Bhim Singh has planned to visit the erstwhile areas in the Districts of Doda with a hope that the President of India shall exercise his constitutional authority vested in him under Article 370 of the Constitution of India. Governor Rule is the only way out.

Prof.Bhim Singh appreciated the patience exercised by the angry leadership in the Kashmir Valley who have been facing the heat of the PDP-BJP rule in the state. Prof.Bhim Singh has proposed to hold a state level conference of all political parties except those who have been ruling Kashmir with pellet guns and rule of draconian Public Safety Act. Prof.Bhim Singh has demanded release of all those who have been detained udner Public Safety Act as well as all minors. He has demanded free medical treatment for all those children/youth/adults who were hit by pellet guns by the Govt. of PDP and RSS.

NPP Supremo calls on US voters to defeat Donald Trump Urges President of India to impose Governor Rule in J&K

Addressing a massive public rally at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi, the Hyde Park Corner in front of the Parliament of India this afternoon, Prof.Bhim Singh, the Founder & the Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party, a renowned human rights activist and a Sr. Advocate in the Supreme Court made a strong and compassionate appeal to the USA voters to defeatDonald Trump whose shadow has threatened the peace-loving people around the world even those who are residing in the United States of America. He said that the Panthers Party had rightly set effigy of Trump on fire at Jantar Mantar on Saturday with the same appeal to defeat Trump and save the world.

Prof.Bhim Singh addressing a massive rally at Jantar Mantar made strong appeal to the President of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee to dismiss the present rotary Government in J&K to save the state from further death and destruction. Prof.Bhim Singh argued that President of India under Article 370 is empowered to dismiss the Govt. of J&K without seeking any approval or consent from the Govt. of India. He said that Article 370 though has lapsed on several accounts yet the President is empowered to make any change in the body of Article 370. He said President is empowered to impose Governor Rule in J&K and amend abnoxious provision in Article 370 which debar the Parliament to legislate in respect of items mentioned in List-I of Schedule-V of the Constitution of India. Prof.Bhim Singh said that the Constituent Assembly of J&K was abnoxious, unauthorised, unconstitutional as the Constituent Assembly of J&K was contrary to the Constitution and rule of law.

Prof.Bhim Singh called on the President of India to rewrite the fate of the people of J&K who have been debarred from ripping benefit from the fundamental rights prescribed in the Constitution of India in its Chapter-III. He said this is only because of Article 370 that the people of J&K have not been able to share the fruits of democracy and the fundamental rights.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that Governor Rule and immediate dissolution of the State Assembly and then fresh election is the only way to ensure democracy in J&K. He appealed to all sections of the people in J&K from all political shades to participate in the next election of the Assembly so that the people of J&K shall also enter the doors to democracy in J&K.

Panthers activists appeal Americans to unite to defeat fascist ‘Trump’ in Presidential poll

Several Panthers Party activists held a massive protest in the Hyde Park Corner styled political centre in front of the Indian Parliament in the national capital making a strong, emotional and scientific appeal to the American voters in the USA to join hands to defeat the fascist thinker American candidate Mr. Donald Trump to ensure that the world remains safe and secured even after the Presidential election in the USA at the end of this year.

Prof.Bhim Singh, the Founder & the Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party which is recognized political party by the Election Commission of India made a strong appeal to the American voters to exercise their vote power in the interest of international peace and security which is under threat today because of existing international disputes and conflicts. Prof.Bhim Singh who is the first Indian who travelled around the world on motorcycles for more than five years between 1967 and 1973 founded the Panthers movement in the country in 1982 while he was an elected Legislator in the Assembly of J&K (India) has appealed to the great American people to cast their votes in the Presidential election for the security, safety and welfare of the entire world as head of the USA government today heads the most powerful and nuclear ridden power in the world. He said that American President has to be a person like Ibrahim Lincoln, Kennedy or other heads who have cool mind and acceptability of the peace-loving people all over the world. He said that the Republican candidate, Mr. Donald Trump has sought a wave of threat to the peace of the world even to the existence of the entire world by his expression and actions as a Presidential candidate in the United States of America.

Prof.Bhim Singh a great friend of Yasir Arafat, President Saddam Hussein and other Arab leaders made a strong appeal to all the Americans irrespective of their old affiliations, religious or regional to ensure that Donald Trump is respectfully kept out of the race in the Presidential election so that the people in the world shall feel safe and secured also, besides Americans.

The activists of Panthers Party to mark their protest against Donald Trump set his 6-feet tall effigy on fire just to ensure that the protest from New Delhi, India is noticed by the democracy loving great people of the United States of America where Prof.Bhim Singh travelled in 1972 on peace mission.

Prominent among those who also addressed the Panthers Party peace-lovers included Delhi Panthers President, Rajiv Jolly Khosla, its Vice Presidents, Romesh Khajuria, Om Kishan, General Secretaries Dildar Hussain Beg, Sunita Chaudhary, Secretaries, Dinesh Sharma, A.J. Rajan, Ajit Singh, Mehfooz Khan, Bharatiya Samata Samaj President, Kali Ram Tomar, Neelam, K.K. Raghav, Chaman Nagar, Popat Singh, Rajasthan General Secretary, Anil Kumar Sharma, R.N. Pal, Romesh Sharma and several others.

Bhim Singh urges Baba Ramdev to support NIC movement to mobilize the nation for amendment in Article 370

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party today met Baba Ramdev at his Patanjali Yogpeeth Maharishi Dayanand Gram, Near Bahadrabad, Haridwar, Uttarakhand and sought his spiritual cooperation and support mobilize the Indian nation from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Imphal (Manipur) to Gujarat to ensure that India is strengthened and promoted as one nation with one Flag and one Constitution. Prof.Bhim Singh urged Baba Ramdev to utilize his super NGO status and standing in the country to mobilize entire nation that the Parliament of India corrects its mistake by inserting Article 370 in the Indian Constitution and keeping Monarchy out of the ambit and command of the Constitution of India. He strongly pleaded with Baba Ramdev to take up this cause of national unity so that entire country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari shall have one Flag and one Constitution. This is a tragedy that the people of J&K have remained denied of fundamental rights since the adoption of the Constitution of India in 1950. Prof.Bhim Singh told Baba Ramdev that he (Bhim Singh) is deprived of the fundamental rights because J&K has a separate Constitution without any fundamental rights which are enjoys by every Indian citizen except Indian citizens in J&K. Baba Ramdev expressed immense pleasure to meet Bhim Singh at his Patanjali Ashram, Haridwar, Uttarakhand. He assured Prof.Bhim Singh that he shall do whatever he could to promote and strengthen bonds of the National Integration. Baba Ramdev also presented lot of gifts to Prof.Bhim Singh and his colleagues. Others who accompanied Prof.Bhim Singh, Rajiv Jolly Khosla, Delhi Pradesh National Panthers Party, Col. T.P. Tyagi, President, Rashtriya Sainik Sanstha ram-2