Why India has failed to lodge complaint before UN against violation of LoC & IB

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party and an international lawyer has questioned the Govt. of India on its surprised silence on the violation of ceasefire and sanctity of international law by Pakistan for nearly 10 days. India is one of the founder members of the United Nations and has been playing very important role against the Member States which have violated the ceasefire or international sanctity of International Border. Pakistan, according to the statements of the spokesmen Govt. of India, has been violating the sanctity of LoC vis-à-vis J&K as well as the international order along International Borders between Pakistan and India, about 170 kms. long International Borders.

The Govt. of India has also admitted as well as the national and international media has brought out several concrete information that several innocent people on the Indian side along LoC as well as International Borders have been killed and thousands of innocent people have been forced to vacate their homes from international border and LoC and pushed back to the deserted camps and areas. This is a grave violation of ceasefire agreements as well as sanctity of international border between India and Pakistan. India had an opportunity to take up the matter before the Security Council of the United Nations without any delay instead of adopting a policy of tit for tat which is not allowed in international laws.

Prof.Bhim Singh expressed hope that Govt.of India headed by Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi shall take up the matter before the Security Council of the United Nations without any delay so that the people on both sides of LoC as well as international shall not be forced to meet dooms day. India has been playing a unique role of maintaining peace and tranquility with its neighbourers right since the independence of India. India had recognized Pakistan as a favourite most Nation in the past. India’s leadership has been assisting the United Nations in all conflict torn areas in the world. What makes Indian leadership to keep silence to move the United Nations against Pakistan.

War between India and Pakistan is not favoured by 90% citizens in India and almost by equal number of citizens of Pakistan. India and Pakistan are two brotherly nations with a same culture, same past history and past civilization.

Prof.Bhim Singh appealed to the youth in particular in J&K to take up a peaceful movement for restoration of law and order and urged the President of India to impose Governor Rule in J&K without any delay and the security forces should ensure that the civilians and innocent people are not harmed unnecessarily. He also appealed J&K Chief Minister, Ms.Mehbooba Mufti to resign from her position so that Governor Rule shall be imposed with effective measures and public support. So that the innocent people and the people of J&K shall be able to live in peace and dignity.

Prof.Bhim Singh urged Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi to act boldly and like a judge not like a politician because people of J&K deserve respect, honour and peace.

    Prof.Bhim Singh returned to New Delhi late last night from his one-week tour of southern states after carrying the message from J&K that India is one from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and the problem of J&K shall stand solve once there is one Flag and one Constitution from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.