PM Modi’s praise for Israel’s surgical strikes against Palestine against India’s foreign policy

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party, world peace traveller and Sr. Advocate in the Supreme Court wrote the following letter to the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi expressing his disappointment on the statement which the Prime Minister made during his speech in Himachal Pradesh praising Israel’s surgical strikes against the Palestinians. The letter is reproduced as under:-

“I am taking this liberty to write to your honour that India has been a Non-Aligned nation and has earned an international reputation as a Non-Aligned nation. India played a leading role in all international situations to ensure that international peace is maintained throughout the world. India’s role in Africa, South-East Asia, Arab World and in other conflict torn areas has been appreciated as beacon light throughout the world.

            Your honour is representing India, the lagest democracy in the world, which has played a leading role for the maintenance of international peace. Indian Prime Minister’s reaction equating, “The Indian Army’s surgical strikes (29th September, 2016) across the LoC with Israel’s exploits.”, is horrible.

            I being Law graduate of Master’s Degree from London University and Sr. Advocate of the Supreme Court of India would like to request the Hon’ble Prime Minister to come out with a bold stand that India has been supporting the United Nations for the establishment of Sovereign State of Palestine since thirties. India was one of the foremost Member of the United Nations who did not vote in the United Nations for the division of Palestine. India did not recognize creation of Israel in 1948. The Indian leadership since Gandhi’s era has stood for the establishment of State of Palestine as per command of Resolution 81 of the United Nations.

            The Israeli Govt. vastly known as ‘Zionist State’ has not accepted the UN Resolution till date and it has been bulldozing Palestine through so-called surgical strikes. The Indian Prime Minister’s statement comparing Israeli surgical strikes against the Palestinians with the so-called surgical strikes against Pakistan on 29thSeptember, 2016 does not deserve any appreciation by the Indian people who have been supporting the Palestinian movement for the recognition of State of Palestine by the United Nations. India has always supported the Palestinians and their leadership namely, Yasir Arafat in their movement to seek recognition of State of Palestine.

            I shall be grateful if Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi may rethink about the statement he has made vis-à-vis Israel’s surgical strikes against Palestine. Israeli strikes against the people of Palestine are being condemned by the entire world. Prime Minister’s statement, I guess, has been mis-projected or wrongly conveyed. This will be in the nation’s best interest that India does not slip away from the school of Non-Alignment. India has recognized Palestine as a state therefore the Prime Minister’s statement as it appeared in the press praising Israel for its unethnical, unconventional surgical strikes against Palestine which violate the four walls of the United Nations Charter.

            I hope that Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi may reconsider my request and go for withdrawing the statement he made on surgical strikes againstPalestinians by Israel. It shall be in the interest of the nation.”