Immediate Dissolution of J&K Govt. only way out to save J&K from further death & destruction, NPP Supremo calls from Hyderabad

Speaking at a special session organized by an NGO on security of J&K, Prof.Bhim Singh, Supremo of National Panthers Party called on the President of India to exercise his power under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution to dismiss the present government and impose Governor Rule to save J&K from further death and destruction. The special conference was organized by an NGO under the chairmanship of Shri Satyamurthy an enlightened social activist invited Prof.Bhim Singh in Hyderabad a day after Diwali. Prof.Bhim Singh on his special tour to create awakening about the situation in J&K reached Hyderabad last evening on Diwali Day. Deepawali is celebrated in the entire southern region in a thrilling mode and enthusiasm.

The Chairman of the special meeting Shri Satyamurthy, a prominent social activist described Prof.Bhim Singh as a beacon light from the Himalayas which has given a noble message of national integration, peace, human brotherhood and national unity from Kanyakumari to Himalayas congratulated people of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for their noble contribution to strengthen National Integration. He expressed gratitude for the soldiers from southern parts of the country who made heavy contribution for the defense and security of the country right since 1947. He also reminded the audience about his close association with NTR (Ramarao) who brought a revolution in United Andhra Pradesh. Prof.Bhim Singh also hoped that present government in the Centre will try to reactivate National Integration Council which was not convened even once by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi who is de facto chairman of the NIC.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that Swami Vivekananda gave his message that India is one from Kashmir to Kanyakumari which has not been fully cared since 1950. J&K has not been integrated with the Union of India like other 577 states as its Maharaja was allowed to continue as a Monarch (King) even though Maharaja Hari Singh had signed the similar Instrument of Accession  as was signed by other rulers before 26th January, 1950. Prof.Bhim Singh called on Parliament of India to wake up and correct the mistakes which were committed by the earlier Parliamentarians as India is one from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

NPP Supremo reaches Hyderabad Tamilnadu Panthers leaders give him a thrilling send off

Prof.Bhim Singh, Supremo of National Panthers Party left Chennai this afternoon after having attended a Panthers Party conclave at Chennai this morning. Prof.Bhim Singh expressed gratitude to the Panthers Party organizers for having arrange a warm get-together in Chennai and reconstituted the Chennai Panthers Party. Mr. K. Yousuf, District President & District Committee Members gave a warm send off to Prof.Bhim Singh and the party.  The President of the Panthers Party of Tamilnadu State Mr. Naresh Ambedkar presided over the conclave.

          Prof.Bhim Singh congratulated the Panthers Party leaders of Tamilnadu for having arrange such a great show in Chennai but regretted that the social order in Tamilnadu needs careful thinking and the intelligentsia in the state as to involve itself to ensure that social order which has been guaranteed by the Constitution of India namely equality, fraternity and classless society has yet to be realized in the southern state of Tamilnadu in the socialist democratic order of India.

          Prof.Bhim Singh was received at Hyderabad Airport by Mr. S.M. Bhatia, President, Telangana Panthers Party and Mr. K. Dathapa, President, Andhra Pradesh Panthers Party.

          Prof.Bhim Singh shall attend a lawyers’ conference and a social activist Congress in Hyderabad tomorrow.



 Delegation of National Panthers Party led by its Chief Patron, Prof. Bhim Singh visited Apollo Hospital in Chennai to wish Hon’ble Selvi Jayalalitha, Chief Minister of Tamilnadu who is under treatment in the Apollo Hospital. The Panthers Party conveyed best wishes for the speedy recovery of the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu with a prayer that Hon’ble Ms. Jayalalitha, the great leader from the south shall soon walk from the south to the north to reach New Delhi with a message of human love, equality, national unity and integration. So that there shall be one tricolour flag from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. 

The other members of the delegation were; Ms. Nasreen Hamid (Chairperson, Global Women’s Lib & Social activist), Mr. Naresh Ambedkar (President, Tamilnadu Pradesh Panthers Party), Mr. A. Jesurajan (Secretary, Tamilnadu Panthers Party), Mr. Karmeham (PRO of Panthers Party).

            Prof. Bhim Singh felt happy that the Panthers Party message of good wishes for Madam Jayalalitha shall go all over the country that India is one from Kashmir to Kannyakumari’ He was satisfied that the Panthers Party’s message of good wishes to Tamilnadu Chief Minister has been conveyed to her which was received by the senior leaders of AIADMK at the Reception Centre of the Apollo Hospital in Chennai.

            Prof. Bhim Singh while addressing media expressed hope that Ms. Jayalalitha shall be back on her seat of judgement as Chief Minister of Tamilnadu which is the prayer of every citizen of India.

            Prof. Bhim Singh reached Chennai this morning by train from Kanyakumari with Tamilnadu Panthers Party Leaders.  He shall leave for Hyderabad on 29th October, 2016.

Issued by:

Naresh Ambedkar, Advocate

State President, Tamilnadu

Mobile : 09994660398

NPP Supremo hoists National Flag at Kanyakumari

NPP declares National Flag from Kanyakumari to Kashmir

             Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party today hoisted National Flag on the banks of the Indian Ocean, Kanyakumari, where three seas namely, Arbian Sea, Indian Sea and Bay of Bengal merge into the Indian Ocean. Where the borders of great India skirt into the Indian Ocean, where stand the statue of Swami Vivekanand and Saint Thiruvalluvar.

            The activists of Tamilnadu Panthers Party led by its President, Shri Naresh Ambedkar (Advocate) and Secretary, Shri A.J. Rajan today held a massive rally call Kanyakumari to Kashmir at Kanyakumari on the last borders of India pledging to continue the movement of‘Ultimate Revolution’ to spread message of unity, integration, fraternity, brotherhood, tolerance and peace from Kanyakumari to Kashmir.

“A resolution moved by Prof.Bhim Singh that ‘India is one from Kanyakumari to Kashmir’ and urged the Parliament of India to amend Article 370 without delay to merge (integrate) J&K into the Union of India so that National Flag shall hoist from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and there shall be one Constitution in one India and the fundamental rights guaranteed in Chapter-III in the Indian Constitution shall extend to J&K. So that the Parliament of India shall be empowered to legislate in respect of State of J&K which was acceded to the Union of India on October 27, 1947, 70 years back. This resolution passed by Tamilnadu Panthers Party at Kanyakumari urged Parliament of India to integrate entire State of J&K into the Indian Union which was not integrated on January 26, 1950. This resolution also appeal to all politicians, intellectuals, writers and artists including the Parliamentarians to mobilize public opinion for the amendment of Article 370 in the Constitution so that 70 years old discrimination with the people of J&K shall come to and and end. So that residents of J&K shall also share fruits of fundamental rights like all other Indian citizens.”

Panthers Party also passed a resolution with a prayer for the speedy recovery of Madam J. Jayalalitha, Chief Minister of Tamilnadu who has been under treatment in Apollo Hospital, Chennai for several weeks.    

Prominent among those who addressed at Kanyakumari National Integration Rally organized by Tamilnadu Panthers Party included M/s. Nasreen Hamid (Sr. Journalist & Chairperson, Global Women’s Lib), Naresh Ambedkar (State President), Carmeham (General Secretary), Srinavasan (State Organizer), Sundra Krishnan (Sr. State Secretary), K. Panraj, C.Thankaraj (Youth President), Chellathurai (Youth Secretary), Kothananda Raman, Advocate (State Secretary), M.Kumaran (Joint Secretary), M.Maryappan, Ramakrishnan (President, Engineers’ Club), Sathesh (Journalist).

Early in the morning, Prof.Bhim Singh garlanded the statues of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, K.Kamraj, VOC Chidambaram, Freedom Fighter, Muthuraman, Lingham Devear in Tirunveli in the north of Kanyakumari.

The Panthers Party declared that it shall start march from Kanyakumari to Parliament in support of demand to amend Article 370 so that India goes one from Kashmir to Kanyakumari with one flag and one Constitution. Fundamental rights to all including J&K.

Press Release from Thiruananthapuram–for publication–Panthers Party

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party made the following statement to the press at Press Club, Thiruananthapuram (Kerala) this morning. He shall inaugurate the 70th Accession Day on 27th October, 2016 at 11.00 a.m. of J&K Accession with the Union of India at Kanyakumari and the function shall be presided by Tamilnadu Pradesh National Panthers Party President, Shri Naresh Ambedkar’s participation.

          One flag and one Constitution and fundamental right to every citizen of India from Kanyakumari and Kashmir is the mission of JKNPP which the Panthers Party has undertaken to spread for grant fundamental rights to the Indian citizens in J&K. This is tragedy that the Indian citizens of J&K have not been granted fundamental rights enshrined in Chapter-III  in spite of 70 years have passed but citizens in J&K have not been granted fundamental rights. The JKNPP has launched this movement, “India is one from Kashmir to Kanyakumari”with one Flag and one Constitution.

          JKNPP is celebrating the Accession Day (70th) on 27th October, 2016 at Kanyakumari urging Parliament of India to amend Article 370 so as to merge J&K with the rest of the country which has not been done by the Constituent Assembly. 577 states were merged into the Union of India but J&K was left out in 1950. This is the mission of Panthers Party to make India one.

          Panthers Party’s Mission is “India is one from Kashmir to Kanyakumari” with one Flag and one Constitution so the citizens of India, J&K shall also share the fruits of the fundamental right.