NPP Supremo extends Eid Greetings to Muslim fraternity all over the world with a message that truth shall win someday

Prof.Bhim Singh, Founder of the National Panthers Party in India and Bar-at-Law from Lincoln’s Inn, presently Senior Advocate in the Supreme Court of India & Executive Chairman of State Legal Aid Committee who travelled around the world on motorcycle for five years on peace mission extended Eid Greetings to the entire Muslim fraternity all over the globe particularly to the Palestinian friends who have been forced to live under the Israeli command though Palestine was divided vertically by the United Nations in 1948.

Prof.Bhim Singh in his message circulated all over the world said that Islam means ‘peace’ and the contribution the Islamic scholars have made is no less than the contribution made by other religions in the world. He said that Bakrid is being celebrated all over the world including in India sharing the message of international peace and universal brotherhood. Prof.Bhim Singh in his message mentioned his brethren in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other SAARC countries that share the cultural values with their brethren in the Indian sub-continent.

Prof.Bhim Singh also congratulated the Delhi Pradesh Panthers Party for transcending the message of Eid Greetings to the Kashmiri brethren in Kashmir Valley who could not celebrate their Eid because of there exists no governance today and hoped that Kashmiri brethren shall also celebrate next Eid with Indian brethren after their liberation from the present dictatorial and authoritarian rule.