NPP urge President of India to invoke Art. 370 Impose Governor Rule u/s. 92 of J&K Constitution

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party has urged Shri Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India to exercise his authority under Article 370 of the Constitution of India and direct the Governor of J&K to impose Governor rule in J&K within the meaning and scope of Section 92 of J&K Constitution which has vested powers in the Governor to do so with the approval of the President of India.

            Prof.Bhim Singh, who is also Executive Chairman of State Legal Aid Committee and Constitutional expert vis-à-vis J&K urged President of India to play his mandatory role in defense of the safety, security and integrity of India vis-à-vis State of J&K which has been under a serious threat since July 8. He said 43 days are over and the people of J&K, particularly in the province of Kashmir have been living under the shadow of terror. The safety and security of the defence forces stand threatened because of the complicated legalities involved in the state of J&K by the unwanted provisions in Article 370 of the Constitution of India.

            Prof.Bhim Singh urged the President of India that life and liberty in Kashmir Valley stand threatened, Constitution has failed to function as the ruling clan (BJP and PDP) have utterly failed to govern as they have lost the total confidence of the people of J&K. The only way out is the Governor Rule which the President of India enjoys unlimited powers within the meaning and scope of Article 370 to direct the Governor of J&K to impose Governor Rule for the safety, security and liberty of the people of J&K in the national interest and security of the country.

            Prof.Bhim Singh also urged the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi to support this plea of the Panthers Party made to the President of India because it is only the President of India under Article 370 of Indian Constitution who is vested with constitutional authority to intervene in the present crisis that has arisen in J&K in the interest of safety, security and integrity of the people of J&K.

NPP hold protest demonstration at Jantar-Mantar, New Delhi demanding urgent Governor rule in J&K

NPP activists held a protest demonstration at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi demanding Governor Rule in Jammu and Kashmir State to save the crown of India from devastation. The hundreds of Panthers Party activists led by Prof. Bhim Singh Chief Patron NPP and other senior leaders including Delhi Pradesh President, Shri Rajiv Jolly Khosla, Vice-President Shri Romesh Khajuria, General Secretary Mr. Beig and others made a strong protest at Jantar Mantar also five hundreds meter away from the Parliament House demanding imposition of Governor rule in the interest of general public and national interest without any delay.

The NPP demonstrators called on the President of India, Shri Pranav Mukherjee to exercise his exclusive power under article 370 of the Indian Constitution which empowers him alone to command Governor of J&K under section 92 of the J&K Constitution to impose Governor Rule in J&K by dismissing the state government in the national interest and security of the state.

Prof. Bhim Singh appealed to the Parliament of India and the national leadership to support this voice for the security and safety of the entire nation which is under a serious threat today. Prof. Bhim Singh also declared that Panthers Party shall sit on fast in front of Prime Minister House if Governor Rule is not imposed within 24 hours.

JKNPP urged Union Home Minister for intervention to ensure release of NPP Distt. President Poonch

Panthers Party in an emergency meeting held at party headquarters Jammu took a serious view on the illegal detention, lathicharge and suppression let lose against Panthers Party activists in Surankote, Poonch district yesterday.  The Panthers Party condemned draconian detention of district president Poonch Shri Ashfaq Rana who is also a Sarpanch in Surankote on false and concocted grounds.

The Panthers Party had taken out a procession in Surankote demanding end of bullet rule in the valley and end of oppression and suppression against the innocent people of the Valley.  The Panthers Party also urged the Union Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh for his urgent intervention and end of draconian rule in the state and restore peace in the State. 

Chief Patron of JKNPP, Prof.Bhim Singh has demanded immediate release of Panthers Party District President Poonch and others activists without  any delay. Prof.Bhim Singh also met the Union Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh last evening and urged for his intervention for the release of Panthers Party activists arrested in Poonch and Rajouri Districts for demanding rule of law in the Valley.

All-Party Committee misleads Nation on J&K situation—need for amendment in Article 370

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Sr. Advocate of Supreme Court today expressed surpise on the decision of the all party leaders who met under the Chairmanship of Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi yesterday and discussed the present situation in Kashmir province of J&K state. Prof.Bhim Singh said that both the Houses of Parliament had pety long time to discuss the situation in J&K and the uncertainty created in the province of Kashmir for nearly a month. The Parliament failed to take serious notice of the situation for the reason that the BJP was more interested in power and loot in J&K than seeking a respectable resolution of the situation prevailing in the Valley of Kashmir. There had been similar occasion earlier also when Congress and National Conference were ruling the state. The situation was settled by imposing Governor Rule under Section 92 of J&K Constitution.

            Prof.Bhim Singh questioned Mr. Modi what stops him to not recommend Governor Rule in the state. The President of India has a constitutional mandate in such situation to interfere in the affairs of State of J&K within the meaning and scope of Article 370. It is President of India alone who can intervene and advice the Governor of J&K under Section 92 of J&K Constitution (which is a special Constitution in the State of J&K alone). The President of India is vested with power equivalent of viceroy of India as J&K has not been integrated to the Union of India when all other 577 states were integrated in 1950 at the time of promulgating Constitution of India. Prof.Bhim Singh said that the Governments of India had been committing blunders vis-à-vis J&K till yesterday. Today it is the Parliament of India that is responsible for the present affairs in the State of J&K because the Parliament has neither courage nor wisdom to intervene. It is the Parliament of India is vested with absolute power to amend the Constitution of India as it did vis-à-vis Article 31 of the Constitution of India when Shri Morarji Desai was the Prime Minister of Janata Party.  Those who are ruling today have failed to discharge their duty vis-à-vis Union of India which includes the territories and the people of J&K. The only way out is to amend Article 370 and allow the Parliament of India to introduce the Chapter on the Fundamental Rights in the State of J&K which has not been till this day made part and parcel of the Constitution of J&K.

            Prof.Bhim Singh expressed surprise the way so-called All-Party Meeting was held without the participation of all political parties belonging to different political perspectives. Hurriyat Conference was ignored because they do not digest the so-called nationalist parties like Congress and National Conference. But, what was the ground for inviting a super nationalist and secular political party like Panthers Party which is strongest political party in J&K so far as the test of nationalism, secularism and brotherhood is concern.

SC awards Rs.2 Lacs compensation to Anita Thakur,

SC awards Rs.2 Lacs compensation to Anita Thakur,

Rs.1 Lac each to H.C.Jalmeria, Adv. & P.K.Ganjoo

In a historic judgment, a Division Bench presided by Hon’ble Justice A.K. Sikri in Ms. Anita Thakur Vs. State of J&K and Ors. (Writ Petition (Crl.) No.118/2007) awarded compensation to all the three petitioners belonging to J&K National Panthers Party who were leading a peaceful procession of the Jammu Migrants from Reasi to New Delhi seeking implementation of the Supreme Court order dated 2006 directing the Union of India and the State Govt. to release compensation to the Jammu Migrants (petitioners) at par with Kashmiri Migrants. The Supreme Court had directed to pay all the balance amount (which exceeded Rs.20 crores). The Union of India and State had not implemented Supreme Court order (It is not implemented till date).

The police under the direction of the then State Chief Minister, Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad who was handling J&K police department stopped the peaceful procession of the Jammu Migrants numbering about 2000 persons, men, women, children etc. near Katra-Vaishno Devi. The police arrested several migrant leaders as well as the three leaders of the Panthers Party namely, Ms.Anita Thakur (State General Secretary), Mr. H.C. Jalmeria, Advocate (State Secretary) and Mr. P.K. Ganjoo (Media Incharge and a journalist). The Panthers leaders were taken into police custody and assaulted. A film on the assault was shown to the Supreme Court which made it clear that the police assaulted Ms. Anita Thakur after taking her in custody and the same fate was met by Mr. H.C.Jalmeria, Advocate who was taken into custody and then attacked by the lathies and shoes by the police. Ms. Anita Thakur was dragged by the police on the road like gunny bag and beaten up. Mr. Jalmeria was assaulted publicly by the police. His leg was broken by the police assault. Mr. Jalmeria faced severe injuries on his body besides his leg was fractured. Both Ms.Anita Thakur and Mr. Jalmeria were arrested along with Mr. P.K. Ganjoo. They were assaulted in the police station and detained in Jammu Hospital. Both of them were treated later in Ganga Ram Hospital as they were driven by the Panthers Party to the hospital. They are till under treatment.

The Supreme Court heard this matter in detail. Mr. K.Venugopal, Sr. Advocate and Prof.Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate appeared in the case. Mr. Venugopal represented this case before the Supreme Court right from day one till the last argument. They were assisted by M/s. B.S. Billowria, D.K. Garg, P.V. Yogeswaran, Naveed Hussain Naik, Advocates.

The Supreme Court today in its final judgment awarded Rs.2 lacs as compensation to Ms. Anita Thakur whereas Rs.1 lac each has been awarded to Mr. H.C. Jalmeria & Mr. P.K. Ganjoo.

Prof.Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate expressed thanks to Shri K.Venugopal, Sr. Advocate who has been giving free legal aid and guidance to most of the human right cases in connection with suppression and oppression meted out with the Panthers Party activists in J&K. Prof.Bhim Singh described the judgment as historical which has given a great hope to the suffering people in J&K that the doors of the Supreme Court are open to people of J&K who are deprived of justice and equity or any of the fundamental rights in the state.

Prof.Bhim Singh while expressing satisfaction on the historic verdict of the Supreme Court expressed regrets that the High Court of J&K who is seized of the contempt petition filed by the Panthers Party before the High Court of J&K against the Govt. of India and State for not implementing the Supreme Court order dated July, 2006 which had directed the Union Govt. to balance amount to the Poonch-Doda-Jammu Migrants, Rs.23 crores.