Documentary Film on Yasir Arafat Diplomats hailed the film by Bhim Singh

A documentary film made by Prof.Bhim Singh on the life of Palestinian Hero, Yasir Arafat, was released late last evening by Palestinian Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Adnan Abu Alhaijaa in a historic function organized at India International Centre, New Delhi. The film has been made by Prof.Bhim Singh, a Barrister and a Sr. Advocate in the Supreme Court of India who travelled around the world on motorcycle for nearly five years from 1968 to 1973. He held several video interviews with Palestinian Hero, Yasir Arafat from 1973 to 2003 in India, Syria, Lebanon, Cairo, Tunisia, Gaza and finally in Ram Allah, the capital of Palestine.

Prof.Bhim Singh in his brief address to the distinguish diplomats, political leaders, parliamentarians, media persons and others made a forceful presentation in the following words,

“While travelling around the world on peace mission on two-wheels in March, 1968, I met Yasir Arafat, a young Palestinian engineer at Palestinian refugee camp on Eastern side of the Bank of Jordan river, where the Palestinians thrown out from the West Bank during 1967 war were camping.

I remained in contacts with the Palestinian leader from 1968 till 2004, till his death.

I had an opportunity to have several video and audio interviews with the Palestinian Hero at several places from time to time. I interviewed him in Damascus, Syria in 1973, Cairo, Egypt in 1976, Beirut, Lebanon in 1980, Tunisia (where he was staying in exile after his expulsion from Lebanon).

I with my team (Mrs. Nasreen Hamid, Mr. Sanjeev Sood and others) interviewed him in Gaza in 2001 and recorded his interview on his mission, ‘Free Palestine’.

I visited Palestine again in 2003 and met Yasir Arafat at Ram Allah where the ‘Palestine capital’ was functioning after its closure from Gaza. I recorded his interview again. Yasir Arafat fell ill (according to the information that we received via media) in Ram Allah and he was shifted to France for medical treatment (emergency treatment). He died in French hospital. His body was brought from France to Ram Allah via Cairo. The world leaders including representatives of India paid last homage to the great Yasir Arafat at International Airport, Cairo where leaders of different parts of the world bade him last tributes.

Body of Yasir Arafat was flown from Cairo to Ram Allah by air. I along with my camera team drove from Cairo to  Ram Allah via Jerusalem. Had to stay in Jerusalem for some hours in the night. We reached Ram Allah by the morning where Yasir Arafat was resting in that historic centre of Palestine.

I was the only foreigner present in the memorial meeting organized in Ram Allah, the next day.

This short film on the life of one of the greatest revolutionaries of the world and the only revolutionary who was honoured with Nobel Peace Prize Award is being telecasted from the heart of the Indian capital city at India International Centre, New Delhi with the active cooperation of one of my greatest friends from Rajasthan, Shri Ashok Bapna who had sponsored my trip to Syria in 1973 when I was invited by Palestinian Hero Yasir Arafat. Mr. Ashok Bapna, I remember, had sent a sword of Rajasthan as a gift to Yasir Arafat which I presented to the Palestinian Hero in 1973. His grandson Mr. Dushyant Bapna, a youthful light from Rajasthan is also present here to pay tributes to the Palestinian Hero.

This is documentary film a short presentation of interviews and interactions with Palestinian Hero, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.  I am sure this film shall bring us at the threshold of struggle of the Palestinian people who have been rightly asking for statehood. Insa Allah this dream shall come true very soon.

India has stood with Gandhi ji’s declaration he made in 1935,

“Palestine belongs to the Palestinians as England belongs to the English and France to the French.”

Prof.Bhim Singh also expressed gratitude to Shri Ashok Bapna an old associate and friend as well as patron of Indo-Palestine Friendship Society who had sponsored this programme at India International Centre.

A 32-minute-documentary film made by Prof.Bhim Singh was telecast in the Auditorium which was attended with pen drop silence.

Several ambassadors, diplomats and political leaders spoke on the unique presentation, the film on Arafat, and admired the film which speaks of Arafat and his love for India and its people.

Several ambassadors and diplomats addressed the audience praising Prof.Bhim Singh efforts to project and promote the Palestinian cause all over the world. The prominent among those who addressed the audience included M/s. Palestinian Ambassador, Adnan Abu Alhaija, Ambassador of Iraq, Fakhri H. Al-Issa, Ambassador of Brazil Tovar da Silva Nunes, High Commissioner of Kenya, Mrs. Forence Imisa Weche, Ambassador of Algeria Hamza Yahia-Cherif, Ambassador of Egypt, Hatem Tageldin. Several representatives from several embassies also attended the meeting including Embassy of Russian Federation, Oluyo Shimakura, Second Secretary, Embassy of Japan, Yasser Dahlan, Deputy Head of the Mission, Embassy of Palestine, Mr. AbdullahiYahuxa, First Secretary, High Commission of Nigeria and others.  

The proceedings were conducted by Mrs. Nasreen Hamid, General Secretary of Indo-Palestine Friendship Society who was also member of the delegation which visited several Arab countries to conduct interviews with the Arab leaders. She expressed vote of thanks and to the diplomats and the participants who spent nearly two hours in the meeting.

Mrs. Usha Malhotra, Ex-MP and Chairperson of Indo-Arab Fraternity Council expressed gratitude to the ambassadors and the diplomats and prominent leaders from different political parties for participating in the meeting. Prof.Bhim Singh also introduced Shri Dushyant Bapna, grandson of Shri Ashok Bapna, the patron of Indo-Palestine Friendship Society and 40 years associate of Prof.Bhim Singh.