Bhim Singh visited pellet wounded Kashmiri boys in AIIMS

Prof.  Bhim Singh, Chief Patron National Panthers Party who is also Executive Chairman of Human Rights Committee visited five Kashmiri boys admitted in AIIMS for bullet (pellet) injuries in the eyes in Kashmir Valley in the last week.

Prof. Bhim Singh assured the injured boys one of them is a Kashmiri girl and a boy of about seven years of age.  Prof. Bhim Singh assured the wounded children of Kashmir who have been admitted in the eye wing of AIIMS in Delhi.

Prof. Bhim Singh assured the young one that the Panthers Party shall fight from the streets to the Supreme Court to ensure that justice is done to the victims of the state bullets.  He also assured that he shall take up this matter of eye wounds with the eye hospitals in India and anywhere as to ensure that the unfortunate children shall get their eye sight back to a normal stage.  He also appealed to the Union Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh to provide all facilities to such boys/girls who have lost their eye sight because of the bullets of Kashmir government aided and supported by the BJP, a partner share holders in the state government.

SC issues notice on UOI to file status report on ground situation in Kashmir Valley

A Division Bench of Supreme Court of India comprising of Chief Justice of India Mr. T.S. Thakur and JJ Mr.A.M. Khanwilkar and Dr. Justice D.Y. Chandrachud today issued notice to the Solicitor General of India to file a status report on the writ petition filed by J&K National Panthers Party through its General Secretary, Mr. B.S. Billowria, Advocate.

            The Panthers Party filed writ petition (PIL) before the Supreme Court of India seeking intervention of the Supreme Court to issue a direction to the Union of India to advice Governor of J&K to impose Governor Rule within the meaning and scope of Section 92 of J&K Constitution.

            Prof.Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate arguing for the Panthers Party made a strong plea seeking intervention of the Supreme Court of India to advice the Governor to impose Governor Rule in the state in the interest of security, safety and defense of the State of J&K as Kashmir Valley has been facing grave situation for the past three weeks. Prof.Bhim Singh submitted before the court that the people of Kashmir Valley have been suffering for want of drinking water, medicines and there are no public utility or service centres or even the public places opened for public. Prof.Bhim Singh submitted that he visited the AIIMS yesterday and met the young boys, one of them seven years old under treatment in AIIMS, New Delhi. Prof.Bhim Singh told the court that the people of the Valley have been living under the shadow of guns and terror for the past three weeks since July 8, 2016 when three militants were killed in a house.

            The Chief Justice warned Prof.Bhim Singh to not to politicize the situation to which Prof.Bhim Singh strongly reacted saying that it is not mean or my party which is fighting against the national interest. He said that the innocent Kashmiries are being brutalized and shot like pigeons by the loaded pellets fired by the police against all national and international norms and such practice is against the principle of non-violence that India has been spreading to the entire world. He said he visited AIIMS and met the young boys with pellet injuries in the hospital.

            The angry Chief Justice who hails from J&K warned Senior Advocate, Prof.Bhim Singh of dire expenses if his statement proved wrong. Prof.Bhim Singh told the Chief Justice that he (Bhim Singh) is prepared that he shall be happy to spend rest of his life in jails if his submission before this court is proved wrong or faulty. Prof.Bhim Singh told the Chief Justice that he has spent more than eight years in the prisons of J&K and the only fault that he has been committing was and is that, “I stand for Indian Flag and Constitution for the entire country including Kashmir and I stand for fundamental rights as incorporated in Chapter-III of the Indian Constitution for every citizen of India residing in J&K.”

            Prof.Bhim Singh also submitted three days reports/communications dispatched by Press Trust of India (PTI) from Kashmir to the media. The Hon’ble judges were pleased to go through the report and the Hon’ble Court finally agreed to direct Solicitor General of India to file before the court a status quo report on ground situation in the state.

            Prof.Bhim Singh expressed satisfaction that the Govt.of India shall be under compulsion to inform the Supreme Court about the existing realities and the suffering of the Indian citizens living the under shadows of guns and terror of the state in Kashmir Valley.