Modi’s ‘symphony’ failed to usher Indian tune in US Congress

Commenting on the 45 minutes speech of Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi before the US Congress on Wednesday, Prof.Bhim Singh, Supremo of the National Panthers Party and former Barrister-at-Law from Lincoln’s Inn-UK described the speech of the Indian Prime Minister as a thesis on the American democracy without commenting on India’s unique and highly valuable international policy of non-alignment. Prime Minister Modi’s concluding remarks commending the Members of the US Congress “for sending a clear message to those who preach and practice terrorism for political gains” needs a serious analysis of the remarks which has given ‘terrorism’ a political weightage in the international sphere. Does the Indian Prime Minister feel that the terrorists in the world have been fighting for a political gain and if so can Mr. Modi spell it out before the country men. Shall Modi spell out the affects of terrorism in India or elsewhere? Mr. Modi has certainly deviated from the great and a trusted movement of non-alignment which was created and kept alive for international peace and security for decades. Does Modi mean that the present Russian leadership is not essential to be involved along with China to ensure that the Third World War could be avoided once for all.
The new symphony that Prime Minister Modi is intending to play under the patronage of the USA could be interpreted as the New World Order that President Richard Nixon played in the Middle-East in 2003 attacking Iraq with the help of entire Anglo-American Bloc. The historians and the thinkers have time to analyze the speech of the Indian Prime Minister before the US Congress.
It shall not be out of place to mention that Indian Prime Minister was asking for delegitimization of terrorism before the US Congress. Does the Indian Prime Minister believe that terrorism is legitimized if so by whom? The Indian Prime Minister would have contributed a lot towards projecting India mission for peace if he could have come out with a clear agenda to demolish all forms of terrorism in the world. Terrorism has no ethics for politics or political mission which is evident from the records if any layman could go for a research on the creation of terrorism anywhere in the world. Sardar Bhagat Singh and Subhash Chander Bose were not terrorists they were political fighters for democracy. Defining terrorism as a mission for political gains cannot be accepted in the civil society and therefore Indian Prime Minister may like to withdraw his remarks in the interest of his own credibility and the credibility of the political philosophy of RSS which he has been sharing in Indian politics.
Prof.Bhim Singh said that the speech of Indian Prime Minister deserves a serious reading and study of the effects of his speech before the US Congress. Prime Minister Modi avoided or failed to realize that 9/11 of 2001 terrorists attack on US Airlines was no less anti-humanism than the Mumbai attack on 26/11 of 2008. Mr. Modi also failed to count affects of terrorism on the Indian soil which had no political mission because terrorism is always terrorism.
Prime Minister Modi failed to convey the feelings of the people of this great Indian continent that people of India were grateful to the USSR (now Russian Federation) when Russia came to the rescue of India against the US-sponsored Resolutions vis-à-vis J&K. Indian Prime Minister failed to convey that India and China jointly sponsored Non-Aligned Movement in 1954 from Bandung, Indonesia.
Prof.Bhim Singh called on the Indian thinkers, political leadership who believe in the philosophy of Non-Alignment and world peace to come out with clear message to Prime Minister Modi and the rest of the world that India is peace-loving nation which shall continue as a Non-Aligned Nation and work for peaceful/mutual co-existence with all the neighbourers so that India can play its magic role for the promotion of international peace, progress with scientific mutual co-existence. This is the only way to fight all forms of terrorism around India and in rest of the world. NPP feels that all the political persons in the world share this belief that terrorism is a terrorism which has no political gains as its mission. Its’ mission is only destruction, death and anarchy which is substantiated by a living evidence of the past and present history of the world.
NPP Supremo expressed shock that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi deliberately chose to ignore the historic contributions made by the past Indian Prime Ministers particularly Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Mrs.Indira Gandhi and lately Sardar (Dr.) Manmohan Singh towards strengthening the bonds of international relations and projecting India’s peace mission all over the world as a leader of the Non-Aligned Movement. It appears as if Mr. Narendra Modi was addressing RSS gathering in Nagpur and not in the US Congress Hall in Washington.

Panthers Party may adjourn NPP conclave, reorganization shall be main agenda of next conference

After concluding three days convention of Kashmir Unit of Panthers Party at party headquarters Raj Bagh, Srinagar which was presided over by Syed Masood Andrabi State Vice-President of Panthers Party, in which all the district Presidents, State Secretaries, Provincial office bearers and others senior leaders from Kashmir Valley participated.

            It was resolved to hold a three days convention of State Council of Panthers Party in the first week of August 2016 at Jammu to resolve political issue vis-a-vis Jammu and Kashmir to work out concrete action plan for ensuring justice to all three regions of the state.  It was also resolved that Panthers Party shall also fight legally and constitutionally for the release of Kashmiri boys who have been under detention in various jails of the state and outside. 

While addressing the conclave, Prof. Bhim Singh Supremo of JKNPP urged upon the Kashmiri leadership of the Panthers Party to be ready for the struggle to achieve the goal of justice and equity for every residents of Jammu and Kashmir, including weaker section, downtrodden, Scheduled Tribes, labourers, farmers, youth and students.  He also appealed to the youth of Kashmir to actively involve themselves in the welfare of the society.  He also conveyed that Panthers Party has been and shall be fighting for political freedom of every Kashmiri irrespective of caste, culture and religion.

            Among prominent persons those who participated in the conclave included M/s. Manzoor Naik, H.S Jamwal (State General Secretaries), Farooq Ahmad Dar (Provincial President Kashmir), Mehboob Illahi, Mohd. Maqbol Malik, Jhangir Ahmad Khan, Mohd. Iqbal Jan (State Secretaries), Ab. Majid Dar (Provincial Vice-President), Hakim Arif Ali (District President Srinagar), Ab. Rashid Ganai (District President Ganderbal), Mohd. Shafi Khan (District President Bandipora), Ghulam Nabi Khanta (Secretary Panchayats Forum Kashmir), Sewa Singh Bali (State General Secretary PTU). 

Prof. Bhim Singh also attended the question hour sessions of the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council this morning and met several past colleagues and associates.  After attending the question hour sessions of the Assembly and the Council Prof. Bhim Singh commented that the intellectual and political standard of the leadership in the Assembly and the Council did not create much impression about the present leadership in the ruling side or in the opposition. He reacted that the political interaction and House debates that he experienced during the time of Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah, Mirza Afzel Beig or even Mufti Mohd. Sayeed had gone with the winds of political climates. 

 While talking to the media outside the Assembly Hall, Prof Bhim Singh replied that he uses warm cloth in Kashmir in winter where as cotton dress in Jammu in summer and that is the reason that his political reaction sounds different in Jammu from Kashmir.  He said that Reorganization of the state by creating a confederation of Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh shall only resolve the local issues in Jammu and Kashmir.  Both sides shall get identity issue settled once for all. 

NPP holds urgent meeting in Kashmir
Resolves to continue fight for justice

An emergency meeting of NPP of its Kashmir province held in Srinagar (Kashmir) today under the chairmanship of Provincial President, Farooq Ahmed Dar. Prof.Bhim Singh was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Other senior members who participated included M/s. Masood Andrabi (Vice President-JKNPP), Mohd.Manjoor Ahmed Naik, H.S. Jamwal (State General Secretaries), Maqbool Malik, Mehboob Illahi, (State Secretaries), Abdul Rashid Ganie (District President-Gandherbal), Ghulam Nabi Khatana (Secretary-Panchayats Forum, Kashmir) and others. The special meeting resolved to continue Panthers Party fight for justice, equity and rule of law against the rulers and other exploiters so that justice shall flow to every home in Kashmir also.

The meeting also resolved that it shall fight for granting all fundamental rights to all the people in J&K who have remained deprived of the fundamental rights which are applicable to all other citizens of India. The committee felt that J&K Constitution has no chapter or mentioning of fundamental rights which is against the human rights and does not go with the universal provision of human rights in the constitutions of democratic and civilized country.

The Kashmir Panthers Party leaders also adopted the declaration of the Panthers Party declared in Jammu to not to contest Assembly elections against first female Chief Minister of J&K. The Kashmir Unit of the Panthers Party shall take a final decision on the role of Panthers Party vis-à-vis Anantnag Assembly election to decide the next role of the party in Anantnag Constituency.  

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party congratulated the Kashmir leadership of the Panthers Party for keeping the voice of truth and equity high in spite of untold difficulties and problems created by the political rivals in Kashmir. Prof.Bhim Singh declared that the Panthers Party in Kashmir Valley shall be free to adopt its next action programme so that justice is ensured to every Kashmiri irrespective of his political thought or religion or region.

The Kashmir Panthers Party also suggested to hold state conclave of the party in the first week of August instead in June because of the holy Ramzan and weather.

The meeting of the Secretariat also condemned attack and killing of security personnels in Bijbehra (District Anantnag) yesterday. The party called on all angry youth to join the Panthers Party so that a battle could faught democratically with the echelons of power.   

Panthers Party shall not contest Assembly poll against Mehbooba Mufti, first woman Chief Minister in J&K

JKNPP held a video conference among the senior members of the Secretariat on the issue of contesting Assembly election in Anantnag Assembly in the Valley of Kashmir. Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of NPP had an opportunity of discussing the issue with senior members of the Secretariat whether the Panthers Party should jump into the frey challenging Ms. Mehbooba Mufti in Anantnag Assembly election who is contesting bye-election from Anantnag as first woman Chief Minister in Kashmir. Prof.Bhim Singh interacted with Chairman-JKNPP Shri Harsh Dev Singh, former Education Minister, President Shri Balwant Singh Mankotia, ex-MLA, Shri P.K. Ganjoo, Shri Masood Andrabi, Shri Navin Bakshi, Shri Sudershan Jamwal & Choudhary Mohd. Iqbal (Vice Presidents). Prof.Bhim Singh also interacted with senior general secretaries of JKNPP including Ms. Anita Thakur, H.C.Jalmeria, Manjoor Naik and others. Coordination General Secretary Shri Jagdev Singh in his communication said that the entire Secretariat has agreed with the proposal that the Panthers Party should not contest Assembly election against the first woman Chief Minister in J&K.

          Prof.Bhim Singh after consultation with the members of the Secretariat has announced this morning that the Panthers Party shall not contest first Assembly election of Ms. Mehbooba Mufti contesting first election as Chief Minister of J&K. This will be, he said, a tribute to late Mufti Mohd. Sayeed.