NPP Supremo describes Pak Army General’s statement, ‘India poses threat to Pakistan’ is intriguing, baseless

Prof.Bhim Singh, Founder of J&K National Panthers Party condemned the Army General’s statement that, India poses a threat to Pakistan as baseless, provocative and amounts to creating hatred between the two brotherly people of India and Pakistan. Lt. General, Mr. Asim Bajwa is Director General Inter-services of Pakistan Army who made a baseless charge that Jammu and Kashmir problem was a major cause of tension between India and Pakistan and further alarmed that, India poses a threat to Pakistan. Prof.Bhim Singh accused the Pakistan Army to try to create a situation to foment military spark between India and Pakistan to create tension between the two brotherly countries in order to topple the present elected government of Nawaz Sharief as the Army had done earlier.

          Prof.Bhim Singh accused the military General holding a responsible position in the Pak Army for creating a provocative situation to foment psychological tension on the borders between the two countries todown play the elected government of Nawaz Sharief in Pakistan to repeat military coup as Army had done earlier in the name of so-called Kashmir problem.

          Prof.Bhim Singh alarmed the national leadership both India and Pakistan to watch the role of the Pakistan Army to ensure that Army shall not topple the elected government in Pakistan under the pretext of the so-called ‘Kashmir problem’ as the Army had done earlier. Prof.Bhim Singh wanted to know from the Modi government of BJP what preventive measures they have taken to shut the nefarious propaganda of Pak General to instigate the people for war? Prof.Bhim Singh also charged Pak Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharief for keeping silence which shall prove fatal to the peace zone, Indo-Pak Borders.

          Prof.Bhim Singh appealed to the Members of the Parliament of India to take daring and most needed step to amend Article 370 of the Indian Constitution to empower Parliament to extend its legislative jurisdiction to make laws in the Central List (List-I) so that the Laws made by the Parliament on national subjects shall extend J&K without any interruption. That shall give confidence to the people of J&K that India is onefrom Ladakh (Kashmir) to Kanyakumari.   

          Prof.Bhim Singh who visited Pakistan last year on the invitation of the Lawyers of the Supreme Court of Pakistan was given immense reception by the lawyers said that people of Pakistan and the people of India have no conflict and the people of Pakistan love the people of India as much as Indians love the people of Pakistan. He said that people are people whether in India or in Pakistan or in Bangladesh. He blamed power hungry politicians on every side who are trying to create a friction/division among the people for the sake of power and their personal interests and glory. He appealed the people of India and Pakistan particularly the lawyers community to play a major role to ensure that the democracy survives in Pakistan and the people have basic-fundamental rights in Pakistan as these rights are available in India. He hoped that people of India and Pakistan shall live like brothers and sisters as they had been living for centuries. This initiative can be taken by the Indian Parliament to amend Article 370 of the Indian Constitution for permanent peace and permanent resolution of the so-called problem of J&K.