‘0’ in Tamilnadu, Pondicherry, one in Kerala & three in Bengal, BJP PM should have morally resigned by now

“The BJP has been using its power in the Centre to raise the so-called victory of the BJP in the recently held elections in five states. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been shouting loud with his RSS plank by shouting the so-called majority win in eastern state of Assam. Assam has already been suffocating in the communal tension since the partition and its sensitive borders with Bangladesh. The communal crises have engulfed the entire state of Assam and the leadership in Assam has not been able to address the real problems being faced by the residents of Assam since partition. Assam was reorganized into seven states. The real problem burning the heals in Assam was not attended to properly and with the secular appeal in Assam. Emergence of new political party called Asom Gana Parishad was sabotaged by the ruling clique of Delhi which added to the turmoil and political instability in that state.

          Congress remained in power after defeating AGP but its leadership failed miserably to heal the wounds that were causing pain in the minds of the Assamese. The Congress had only agenda absolute power and authoritarian role without taking the confidence of the people. Assam had different categories and tribes which had been living together for centuries.

          This was unfortunate that the Congress failed to address the problems of the people of Assam affiliated with different climates, regions, cultures and religion.

          The electoral victory of BJP in Assam shall be a short-lived victory for the reason that the people of Assam have been living in social boundaries with human affiliation for centuries. They cannot be divided or segregated from their ancient culture which reflects the era when an Assami prince rode to Kashmir on a horse back and married a Kashmiri girl. There is a historical affinity between Assam and J&K. That is the reason that communalism cannot grow in J&K or in Assam. The victory of the BJP is short-lived yet answer is not an election victory.

          Prof.Bhim Singh called on the people of North-East (Assam), and all the Himalayan States in the country to create a Himalayan vision to grow India and project India as a peace-loving nation in the world as it has been for thousands of years. The Himalayan States should not miss the opportunity to establish a Himalayan cultural movement in the country to reunite India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Dwarka to Kohima.

          Prof.Bhim Singh proposed that secular-democratic-socialist and peace loving people from all over the country should forge a united movement in the country so that all the communal, sectarian and anti-national mongers are washed away with the winds of secularism, peace and oneness.

          Prof.Bhim Singh said that Prime Minister Modi a man of cultural identity should quit his Prime Ministership after BJP’s humiliating defeat in four states ranging from 0, 0, 1 & 3 seats in four Assembly elections.