World’s peace crusader Prof.Bhim Singh appeals London voters to pick Ankit Love as Mayor for peaceful Union of SE Asian States

chelmsford-club-new delhiNew Delhi, May 3, 2016: Prof.Bhim Singh, Founder, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party (India) & former Secretary London University Students Union addressing press conference in Chelmsford Club, Raisina Road, New Delhi appealing London voters to vote for Ankit Love in the Mayor’s election being held on 5th May, 2016.         


Prof.Bhim Singh, a known as world traveller for peace (1967-1973) who travelled around the world on motorcycle for five years with a message of peace and human love made an appeal to the London voters to vote and support Ankit Love (Bhim Singh’s son) contesting for Mayor’s election in London. There are 12 candidates in the fray. Prof.Bhim Singh studied in India, UK and Cairo, represented J&K as Legislator for 15 years. Presently he takes free legal aid case in the Supreme Court, as Senior Advocate.    

Prof.Bhim Singh appreciated his son (Ankit Love) choice to reintroduce world’s centre of peace, human understanding which has been in co-existence with multiple faiths, religions and ideological shades. He said that the world in the 21st century has a lot to learn from the history of London and the sufferings it has undergone during the first world war and in the second.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that Ankit Love has taken a daring decision to carry the message of human co-existence and world peace by entering into the electoral battle for the post of Mayor of London,  with an idea as I understand, that he finds London a universally accepted space to carry the message of peace, human co-existence with dignity and for the end of all kinds of violence and wars. He reminds me of the message of Bertrand Russell of complete disarmament and struggle for world peace.                                                      

I appreciate the message which Ankit Love has communicated to bring peace and end the threat of nuclear war. He is born in India, naturally, he has been rightly arguing to end the threat of nuclear war between India and Pakistan. Ankit Love stands to end threats of any nuclear war anywhere in the world is the right message for the survival of the world today so that humanity lives in peace forever.

Prof. Bhim Singh, who is also the Founder of Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party expressed his solidarity with and support to the mission that has been undertaken by Ankit Love in London which itself can rightly be called as international centre of human co-existence and peace.

Has expressed his solidarity with Ankit Love in his campaign on behalf of his party, ‘One Love Party’ in the Mayor of London elections on May 5, 2016. After battling for 60 years against terrorist insurgencies, false imprisonments, dictatorial curfews against democratic and secular values in Jammu and Kashmir and other areas, Bhim Singh takes pride and expresses solidarity with Ankit Love movement to spread the ideas of human love and idea of peaceful co-existence with equality and equity for all human beings.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that idea of confederation among India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as the best solution to 69 years of ongoing armed conflict between India and Pakistan vis-à-vis Jammu and Kashmir. This confederation of the South Asian states would include a single currency, freedom of movement of goods, services and labour. As well as a unified foreign policy and defence, there by ending the potential of an apocalyptic nuclear war in the region.

ankit-4This arrangement would be encouraged to keep autonomy on many internal matters and retain their unique identities. In Love’s Confederation these states would be able to focus on economic growth raising hundreds of millions from poverty adding stability to the entire region. Love’s United Confederation would have potential to be the world’s eminent super power with the largest population of almost 1.7 billion.

Prof. Bhim Singh who has fought for justice, equality and equity of all regardless of religion or nationality has freed hundreds of Indian, Pakistani and Afghan prisoners held in illegal detention through the Supreme Court. Chief Justice P.N. Bhagwati has described him, “as a crusader for truth and justice.” He calls on all those in the cosmopolitan hub of London to come out in support of Ankit Love for the cause of World Peace now. Especially those who belong to the Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities there. These communities number substantially over 1 million which would give Ankit Love a clear win based on the last London elections in 2012 when Boris Johnson received 1 million votes.  

Prof. Bhim Singh believes if Ankit Love’s win in such fashion as the Leader of the One Love Party in London, which is the headquarter of the Commonwealth this movement of peace and prosperity would be an absolute success. It would generate a media frenzy as never seen before is history and ultimately resolve several conflicts including Kashmir. Thus ensuring a lasting peace in South Asia.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that Ankit Love’s initiative in the 21st century shall build new roads of human communication between the people of Latin America, Africa and Asia particularly the conflict ridden people in Asia. Because Love has taken up this initiative as a soldier of peace to unite the new generations to strengthen the global struggle for international peace, complete disarmament and mutual co-existence of the countries in the East and the West, North and the South so that there shall be complete disarmament and man shall live for man and the world shall live in peace and dignity. Prof.Bhim Singh hoped that London shall turn to be an Ocean of love, world peace and human dignity.

I sincerely hope that citizens (voters) of London may understand this unique message to realize this unique opportunity they have in their hands on May 5th to influence international history so directly in one vote.