Bhim Singh’s bravo to Ankit Love contesting for Mayor’s election in London

Prof.Bhim Singh, a world globetrotter, a Barrister and post graduate in Law from London University sense his ‘bravo’ to Ankit Love for daring to contest election for the post ofLondon Mayor with clear message unto the world that peace and humanism are essential elements to keep universe growing in dignity and peace. He said that Ankit Love’s decision to contest election for the post of London Mayor itself is historical and the youth of the world may share experience and mission that Ankit Love has taken up to contribute for the peaceful existence of this multi-polar world and for the survival of human race through the message of peaceful co-existence.

          Prof.Bhim Singh in his message to Ankit Love said that he got the information only a day before and is trying to a passage to London to support his son carry a mission from the East to the West for mutual co-existence, complete disarmament and human love. Prof.Bhim Singh said that he travelled around the world for five years on motorcycles through nearly 150 countries of the world including Europe, Africa, Latin America and then to Hiroshima. Prof.Bhim Singh carried the message of peace, mutual co-existence, complete disarmament and human love wherever he went and travelled.

          He congratulated Ankit Love for working out a scientific strategy to carry the message of peace, disarmament and mutual co-existence to the new generation and that to from the heart of world’s supreme Colonial Centre-London.

          Prof.Bhim Singh was the first Indian to get elected as Secretary of the London University Students Union in 1971. He crossed Sahara Desert (from Tan Tan, Morocco to Senegal in 1971) becoming  the first person in the world to Sahara Desert 2200 kms. in about 21 days with a banner peace, human love and mutual co-existence. In his strong message to his son, Ankit Love, Bhim Singh says that all human beings on earth are creation of one God, peace and love are the essential elements to promote goodwill for welfare of the mankind from East to the West and North to the South.

          Prof.Bhim Singh in his good luck message to Ankit Love says that victory or defeat do not matter and one should not care for that part. What is the need in the 21st century that humanity must survive, human relations must grow and violence of all kinds should be condemned as ‘love’ is the strongest weapon in this century for the survival of humanity. He says that he spent nearly two years in London, stayed in International Hall, Brunswick Square beside the London University and learnt more from the youth in the streets than what he learnt inside. That was the urge for peace and human love which is much more stronger than the nuclear bombs and weapons. Prof.Bhim Singh conveyed to Ankit to carry on his mission of the East for co-existence of mankind with honour and dignity everywhere, the East and the West.