Bhim Singh’s bravo to Ankit Love contesting for Mayor’s election in London

Prof.Bhim Singh, a world globetrotter, a Barrister and post graduate in Law from London University sense his ‘bravo’ to Ankit Love for daring to contest election for the post ofLondon Mayor with clear message unto the world that peace and humanism are essential elements to keep universe growing in dignity and peace. He said that Ankit Love’s decision to contest election for the post of London Mayor itself is historical and the youth of the world may share experience and mission that Ankit Love has taken up to contribute for the peaceful existence of this multi-polar world and for the survival of human race through the message of peaceful co-existence.

          Prof.Bhim Singh in his message to Ankit Love said that he got the information only a day before and is trying to a passage to London to support his son carry a mission from the East to the West for mutual co-existence, complete disarmament and human love. Prof.Bhim Singh said that he travelled around the world for five years on motorcycles through nearly 150 countries of the world including Europe, Africa, Latin America and then to Hiroshima. Prof.Bhim Singh carried the message of peace, mutual co-existence, complete disarmament and human love wherever he went and travelled.

          He congratulated Ankit Love for working out a scientific strategy to carry the message of peace, disarmament and mutual co-existence to the new generation and that to from the heart of world’s supreme Colonial Centre-London.

          Prof.Bhim Singh was the first Indian to get elected as Secretary of the London University Students Union in 1971. He crossed Sahara Desert (from Tan Tan, Morocco to Senegal in 1971) becoming  the first person in the world to Sahara Desert 2200 kms. in about 21 days with a banner peace, human love and mutual co-existence. In his strong message to his son, Ankit Love, Bhim Singh says that all human beings on earth are creation of one God, peace and love are the essential elements to promote goodwill for welfare of the mankind from East to the West and North to the South.

          Prof.Bhim Singh in his good luck message to Ankit Love says that victory or defeat do not matter and one should not care for that part. What is the need in the 21st century that humanity must survive, human relations must grow and violence of all kinds should be condemned as ‘love’ is the strongest weapon in this century for the survival of humanity. He says that he spent nearly two years in London, stayed in International Hall, Brunswick Square beside the London University and learnt more from the youth in the streets than what he learnt inside. That was the urge for peace and human love which is much more stronger than the nuclear bombs and weapons. Prof.Bhim Singh conveyed to Ankit to carry on his mission of the East for co-existence of mankind with honour and dignity everywhere, the East and the West.       

Supreme Court ordered appointment of a Commission to verify Panthers Party allegations & state counter charge

A Division Bench of Supreme Court of India comprising of JJ Mr. A.K. Sikri and Mr. R.K. Agrawal heard the writ petition filed by Panthers Party senior leaders namely Ms. Anita Thakur, Mr. H.C. Jalmeria, Advocate and Mr. P.K. Ganjoo, Sr. Journalist seeking criminal action against the erring police officials who were guilty of committing barbaric and inhuman acts against the petitioners while the petitioners were escorting a peaceful protest march of the Talwara (Reasi) Jammu Migrants from Reasi to Delhi seeking implementation of the Supreme Court order dated 13.07.2006 to provide relief to the Jammu Migrants at par with Kashmiri Migrants as per judgment of the High Court of J&K dated 2001 and the judgment/order of the Supreme Court of India to provide the Jammu Migrants equitable and same relief as was provided to the Kashmiri Migrants.

The Supreme Court had admitted this writ petition in 2007 and it finally was heard today the Supreme Court. Mr. K. Venugopal, Sr. Advocate and Prof.Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate argued for the petitioners, Jammu Migrants urging the court for appropriate punishment to the police officials responsible for the assault on the Panthers Party activists including a lady, an advocate and a senior journalist. The Panthers Party has also demanded a compensation of Rs.10 lacs each to the arrested Panthers Party leaders and any other appropriate punishment to the police officials and other government agencies for causing injury for murderous attack on the petitioners.

Prof.Bhim Singh in his arguments submitted before the court that nearly 2000 migrants including women, old and children started their march for justice from Reasi to Delhi as per judgment/order of the Supreme Court of India dated 13.07.2006. The Supreme Court had directed the Union of India and Govt. of J&K to provide relief to the Jammu Migrants as per its direction given on 13.07.2006. He submitted before the court that Jammu Migrants hailing from the districts of Rajouri, Poonch, Reasi, Udhampur, Doda, Ramban, Kishtwar, Kathua and other places were completely ignored and they were not allowed even ration for their survival whereas the Kashmiri Migrants (hailing from province of Kashmir) were provided ration in cash and kind on regular basis by the Relief Commissioner working from Jammu. The Jammu Migrants were only tortured, ignored, sent to jails and their children were bought over by the outsiders. They were forced to sell a child for the survival of the rest of the family members. Prof.Bhim Singh told the court that migrants numbering 2000 including women, old and children were peacefully marching from Talwara on their way to Delhi to present memorandum to the Prime Minister. He told the court that these migrants were stopped by the Armed Police near Katra bridge, beaten, assaulted and not allowed to cross the bridge. He submitted before the court how Mr. H.C. Jalmeria, Advocate was taken into police custody when he approached the police to requesting them to stop beating the children and women on the road. Ms. Anita Thakur followed Mr. Jalmeria. Prof.Bhim Singh presented a film on this tragic incident. The Hon’ble judges screened the film. This film shows how Mr. Jalmeria was dragged into the police brigade, assaulted and attacked by the policemen with their lathies and shoes. His leg was broken. The film shows that Ms. Anita Thakur who went the police camp by herself to inquire about Mr. Jalmeria was pounced by the wolves (police in uniform), beaten, assaulted, attacked and then dragged like gunny bag on the stony road and packed into a police jeep. The film also shows how policemen in uniform were pelting stones against the innocent villagers on the road. The Hon’ble Judges after screening the film directed that, this court shall appoint a commission of inquiry which shall visit the areas and report back to this court within one month.

Mr. K. Venugopal, Sr. Advocate for the Panthers Party petitioners made a strong submission that the Hon’ble Court should take appropriate action against the erring policemen and pay appropriate compensation to the petitioners for their illegal, unconstitutional and undesirable arrest and for the loss they have suffered at the hands of the policemen.

The Supreme Court directed that the case shall be taken up after the vacation.

The other advocates who assisted Prof.Bhim Singh included B.S. Billowria, S.K. Bandopadhyay and others.  Mr. Sunil Fernandes and others appeared for the State of J&K.

Prof.Bhim Singh expressed happiness that this case which was filed by the Panthers Party in 2007 came to the final hearing after nine years by the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

SC adjourns Pak-prisoners petition against illegal detention Bhim Singh urges deporation of all illegal prisoners

A Division Bench of Supreme Court of India comprising JJ J. Chelameshwar and Mr. Abhay Manohar Sapre today directed that the petition filed by Prof.Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate against the illegal detention of about 800 Pak-prisoners shall be listed a week after for final hearing. The Supreme Court made this observation when Prof.Bhim Singh arguing the petition submitted that he filed a petition in 2005 against the illegal, unconstitutional and malafide detentions of nearly 800 Pakistanis while who had infiltrated to India by crossing borders from Pakistan side.

          Nearly 500 Pakistani prisoners have been deported back to Pakistan by the order of the Supreme Court of India on the writ petition filed by the Panthers Party connected social organizations and legal aid committee. The Supreme Court directed that the petition (Writ Petition No.310/2005 along with other writ petitions) filed against the illegal detention of Pakistani boys may be taken after a week.

          The Supreme Court had also directed Union of India and the State Govt. to move out all the foreign prisoners (most of them are Pakistanis) to the centres and shall be taken out of the prisons. The Union of India and State Govt. have been claiming that the foreign prisoners were not lodged in the prisons/jails. The Union of India in its affidavit filed this morning before the Supreme Court admitted that 59 Pakistani prisoners who have completed their sentences or against whom no offence was registered are still continuing in different lock-ups/jails in the country. Though, Sewa Sadan at Lampur, New Delhi has been set up but there are only two Pakistani prisoners namely Mohd. Kamar, s/o Mohd. Ameem and Abdul Jabar@Sikander, s/o Musa Ibrahim. Though, they have not been identified till date. The affidavit filed by the Union of India also admitted that there are two detenus in Alwar (Rajasthan) jail. They are Mr. Hamid, s/o Mohd. Hussain and Javed Isaim, s/o Mohd. Bux (no nationality mentioned). The affidavit filed this morning before the Supreme Court, the Union of India has admitted that there are about 20 foreign prisoners who have been detained in Amritsar prison in Punjab for several years with no offences registered against them. Interestingly, their addresses or country or origin has not been mentioned. Out of 20 unknown/with unknown citizenship there are three goongas (Deaf and dump) because they are goongas. This matter was referred by the Supreme Court of India to the Union of India to trace out the original connection of these prisoners. According to the information these prisoners have been lodged in detention centres along with other 16/17 Pak-prisoners in Amritsar jail called as Detention Centre Amritsar.    

          Prof.Bhim Singh has been arguing this case for years he also handed over several copies of judgments of the Supreme Court of India to the Pakistani lawyers and functionaries of Pakistan Supreme Court Bar Association. The Lawyers Congress of Pakistan in Lahore headed by Zulfiqar Ali Jehangir, Advocate in the Lahore High Court has been working hard to ensure that Govt. of Pakistan may trace out the relatives of these goongas.

          According to the affidavit of the Union Home Ministry there are 22 prisoners from Pakistan who have been in jail for several years and detained in the so-called Detention Centre, JIC, Bhuj in Gujarat.

          The Supreme Court of India in its strict order had directed all the states and Union of India to shift all such foreign prisoners who are not convicts and have no case pending against them to some independent areas. It is unfortunate that there is only one such centre in New Delhi called Sewa Sadan Lampur which has only two foreign prisoners. The Union of India has admitted this day in the affidavit that there are 59 foreign prisoners who are not wanted in any case and are not involved in any offence. Only two of them are kept in Sewa Sadan, Delhi. 57 foreign prisoners are still detained in jails/prisons which is evident from the record which has been supplied by the Union of India to the Supreme Court. There is no Detention Centre even in J&K, Goa and several other states. This is admitted by the Union of India that five foreign prisoners (Pakistanis) have been detained in different jails, Rajouri, Lalaya Khan, s/o Shareen Khan, Central Jail, Kotbhalwal (Mrs. Rubina, w/o Mohd. Noor), in District Jail Jammu two foreign are detained namely Mr. Akhtar Hussain, s/o Noor Rehman and Mohd. Shafeeq, s/o Mohd. Shareef wheras Mohd. Iftikar, s/o Barhan Ali Khan has been detailed in Poonch District jail, J&K. They have been kept in illegal detention and in violation of the Supreme Court order/judgment.

          It is also interesting revelation by the Union Home Ministry that there are some non-Muslim names (persons) who have been detained for years in Gujarat jail (Bhuj). They are mentioned as Hiralal, s/o Ranamal (Srl. No.45), Laduben, w/o Hiralal, Najesha, s/o Hiralal, Khiyan, s/o Hiralal, Nanji, s/o Hiralal, Jagdish, Laxman, Narayan (all sons of Hiralal) and daughter of Hiralal Raqtuben (all these information through an affidavit by the Union of India was submitted before the Supreme Court this morning).

          On 11.02.2014, the Union of India had admitted in its affidavit that there were 265 Pakistani prisoners in jails and 131 fishermen.

          Prof.Bhim Singh submitted before the Supreme Court of India that the Govt. of India should release the names with photos to the Pakistani High Commission as almost all of the unidentified prisoners sulking in prisons belong to Pakistan. He has made a submission that all the prisoners not identified should be given the choice to go as a refugee in the United Nations refugee penal and choose a country of their choice. He said that they are all human being and cannot be treated like cattle.

          Prof.Bhim Singh has decided to send the list of the names with pictures if he is allowed to picture the unknown prisoners, to the Prime Minister of Pakistan to trace out their connection and send his representatives to escort the Pakistani prisoners from detention centres in India to Pakistan.               

          Prof.Bhim Singh was assisted by the advocates, Mr. S.K. Bandhopadhyay and Mr. B.S. Billowria.

NPSU protest against BJP sarkar in Jammu

photo-npsuToday NPSU held massive protest demonstration against SBI & BJP led coalition govt. The protesters burnt govt. effigy for its silence over the neglect of Jammu youth in S.B.I recruitment drive.

The protest was led by Thakur Virender Singh state president NPSU, while interacting with the media persons Mr. Singh said that this is height of discrimination that the S.B.I have launched special recruitment drive only for Kashmir and Ladakh region & Jammu region is totally ignored. It is insult of the National language (Hindi).

Mr. Singh questioned the Criminal silence of BJP legislators on this issue. Mr.Singh said that BJP before election used to pronounce loud slogans in favour of Jammu and promised to end the discrimination with Jammu region but now the real face of BJP is exposed.

Mr.Singh asked the SBI authorities why youth of Jammu is debarred from applying in SBI recruitment for the post of Junior Associate (customer support and sale) & Junior Agriculture Clerical Cadre. He added that youth of Jammu is suffering for last 60 years due to this discrimination. BJP is working against Jammu interest.

Mr.Singh warned the SBI Authorities to change this discriminatory behaviour and issue fresh notification for Jammu youth or be ready to face the consequences. Mr.Singh said that if our demands are not fulfilled then NPSU is going to launch massive agitation against the state govt. for ignoring jammu region.

The other  present were lovely Singh, Chetan Sharma, Sahil Jagwal, Shubam Jasrotia, Sudesh Badyal, Rishikesh Raina, Rushpinder Singh & others.


Jammu Traffic Police assaults NPP leader, robs wedding gifts, detains party secretary Jagdev Singh, shuts him with minor children at Warehouse Police Station

Police brutal action in Jammu City

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of JKNPP in a strong note addressed to the Union Home Minister, Mr. Rajnath Singh sought his intervention to ensure safety, honour from the barbarism of J&K Police working under the dictates of BJP leaders in Jammu City.

Prof.Bhim Singh in his communication addressed to the Union Home Minister sought intervention of the Union Home Minister for the safety and security of the political activists associated with the Panthers Party and their minor children who have become a target for the BJP leadership and mastering all police illegal actions and operations against the Panthers Party activists. Prof.Bhim Singh said that Panthers Party Legal Cell has arranged a get-together of the Legal Aid Cell with the Talwara Migrants to celebrate the victory of the Talwara Migrants over the recent judgment of the High Court of J&K granting relief-balance to the migrants which amounts nearly Rs.15 crores.

Prof.Bhim Singh in his note to Home Minister said, “It is a tragedy that RSS control government in J&K has started targeting the Panthers Party workers which is evident from the brutal, illegal and criminal act committed by the Traffic Police of Jammu City this morning. The traffic police took out the Panthers Party Sr. Leader and Coordination Secretary, Mr. Jagdev Singh from a private vehicle and snatched small kids (minor children) from the vehicle, dragged them like gunny bags and dumped into the police jeep. Mr. Jagdev Singh was going to attend celebration in connection with wedding and carrying lot of gifts meant for this celebration. The traffic police dragged Mr. Jagdev Singh and minor children more than eight and dumped them into a police jeep. They have been detained in police lock up in warehouse Jammu. I have spoken to Mr. Jagdev Singh, sent a legal aid team headed by Mr. Chetan Sharma and Bansi Lal Sharma to take appropriate legal action. I urge (the Union Home Minister) for his intervention to ensure that ‘Kans Raj’ (brutal rule) comes to an end in J&K.”

Prof.Bhim Singh also urged the Governor of J&K, Mr. N.N. Vohra for his urgent intervention and take urgent legal action against the brutal rule of traffic police without any delay. He threatened that the appropriate legal action shall be taken against the J&K police and the administration for their brutal, illegal and authoritarian action.

Prof.Bhim Singh urged Governor to take stern action against police officials and traffic police for assaulting and arresting minor children only to show their might against NPP leaders.