Whirlwind tour of Prof. Bhim Singh around Jammu Pradesh

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of NPP while addressing a press conference at Jammu declared that JKNPP shall be celebrating its 33rd Foundation Day by several students, youth and revolutionary young people of Jammu and Kashmir. Prof. Bhim Singh while addressing the press conference declared that the Panthers Party shall lead the movement of the secular, progressive and nationalist forces in the state to ensure justice, equity and equality to the new generation in Ladakh, Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh which got integrated in 1846 under the leadership of Maharaja Gulab Singh, the Napoleon of Jammu and Kashmir. 

The Panthers Party was formulated by several secular, progressive, nationalist, political activists mostly the Congressmen in 1982 under the leadership of Prof. Bhim Singh, the then sitting Congress MLA.  The first meeting was chaired by Shri Thakur Dass Chanotra the then District President of the Congress Party at Town Hall Udhampur on 23rd March, 1982. Prof. Bhim Singh resigned his MLA ship and was declared first President of the Panthers Party which declared that the party shall fight for the establishment of Jammu State, Kashmir Valley State and Ladakh.

Prof. Bhim Singh was first Panthers Party elected MLA in 1983 from Chenani Assembly Constituency.

The Panthers Party has a commitment to ‘Reorganize’ Jammu and Kashmir by the establishment of Kashmir Valley State, Jammu State with separate Chief Ministers.  The party ensures freedom to the people of Ladakh to choose between Union Territory or Kashmir Valley or Jammu State.  The Panthers Party stands for confederation of Jammu State, Kashmir Valley State and Ladakh region (unless Ladakh prefers Union Territory status). The State Subjects mentioned in Item 3 in the Schedule-VII shall be governed by state government. The subjects mentioned in Conncurrent List (III) may be looked after jointly by the two states. The items included in Central List (I) shall be taken care of (monitored) by the Parliament.  This is the mission of the Panthers Party for which it is mobilizing the general opinion particularly that of the youth. 

The Panthers Party calls on the youth of Ladakh, Kashmir Valley State and Jammu State to understand this mission which is the only way out for the glorious future of the people of all the three regions. There shall be two Chief Ministers, whereas both the states can have one Governor and one High Court. This is the message which Panthers Party shall deliver from its platform on 23rd March, 2016 at Jammu. 

Prof. Bhim Singh with his team of JKNPP leadership shall start 10 days tour from Jammu-Poonch-Reasi-Ramban–Kishtwar-Doda-Udhampur and finally shall return to Jammu after visiting Kathua and Samba districts. 

NPP Supremo urges President’s intervention to save J&K from death and destruction

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party urged Shri Pranab Kumar Mukherjee, President of India for his intervention as constitutional head of the Union of India and the only intervening authority vis-à-vis the constitutional crisis in J&K under Article 370.

          NPP Supremo described the present situation in J&K as alarming as there is no governance at all as the Governor cannot exercise his executive or administrative or legislative power as the Govt.of India has created a dangerous situation by proposing a coalition government with the state political party PDP. He blamed Modi government for the present chaos, lawlessness and the dangerous situation that emerging in J&K because of no governance. He said that nearly three months have gone and no government could be constituted in the state because of the BJP’s intention to become a partner in the government to share the loot in the state.

          Prof.Bhim Singh said that the Modi government is responsible for the present situation that has emerged in the state of J&K. He said that the President of India is empowered to intervene in the situation to save the state from total chaos by his intervention under Article 370. He said that the Constitution of India does not allow the Union of India to interfere or intervene in any crisis prevailing in the state of J&K. Without going into the merits or the merits of the command of Article 370, Prof.Bhim Singh said that national interest is more important than the RSS/BJP’s interest because a nation is the first priority and deserves immediate attention in the interest of national integration.

          Prof.Bhim Singh while addressing the advocates, Legal Aid Committee at Jantar Mantar urged the President to intervene under Article 370 and go for dissolution of State Assembly so that fresh election may be held without delay. He said that Article 370 provides full power to the President of India to intervene in the situation to save the unity, integrity and sovereignty of India. He said that sub-clause 3 in Article 370 has become infructuous for the reason that there is no constituent assembly present at the moment. Clause 3 has become infructuous and has to be considered as dead letter. It is therefore the President of India by virtue of Article 370 who can intervene in the same way and with the same capacity as the Viceroy of India enjoy power and constitutional authority.

          Prof.Bhim Singh appealed to the intellectuals, secular and democratic political leadership in the country to support this motion in the interest of National Integration and the secularism.