NPP Supremo calls on civil society to join hands to promote National Integration & cultural bonds

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party addressing the representatives of youth, students and artists at JKNPP office in exile at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi today called on the younger generation to strengthen the concept of national integration, Buddhist philosophy of tolerance and commitment of Maharana Pratap for the defense of motherland which is highly essential to strengthen the bonds of national integration and promote cultural ties among the young generation of India. He described the incident at JNU, Delhi and in some educational institutions in Bengal where conflict was erupted which damages the concept of national integration.

Prof.Bhim Singh held the politicians, mostly from the ruling class responsible for what is happening today in educational institutions and public places. He accused the politicians for trying to divide the society in any name or under any excuse to create a conflict and divide the society just to promote the political interest for power game least realizing that any division in the civil society can be dangerous for the unity and integrity of the entire nation.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that the education should be brought in the Union List (Central List) because the educational institutions need to be organized as centres of learning and promoting cultural, social and human relations among the citizens of the country. He said that the politicians today have been trying to instigate the innocent people in the streets, in the villages and in the educational institutions to divide the society in order to promote political interests of these so-called political lords.

Prof.Bhim Singh addressing youth from different states gathered at Jantar Mantar appealed to strengthen their commitment to unity, sovereignty, integrity and patriotic unity so that there should be no dispute on the unity and integrity of the nation. He expressed shock at the unfortunate and undesirable incidents in JNU and other educational institutions may be in West Bengal and other places. He also expressed shock on the row that occurred in court’s premises in Delhi which is centre of Indian civilization.

Prof.Bhim Singh proposed to hold a National Integration Meeting in Delhi in the middle of August this year. The representatives from the universities and social groups shall get an opportunity to participate to promote the new idea of tolerance, goodwill and unity of the nation.