NPP Supremo calls on UHM, Shri Rajnath Singh Urges for immediate fresh Assembly election

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party called on Shri Rajnath Singh, the Union Minister for Home Affairs today and made a strong appeal for holding fresh Assembly election in J&K to save the State from further death and destruction so that the people of Jammu, Ladakh and Kashmir may get an opportunity to election popular Assembly of the people to establish lasting peace at end the rule of bullets and guns.

Prof.Bhim Singh urged the Home Minister to intervene so that the local press, public propaganda and the media shall not undermine the nationalist spirit of the Kashmiries. He accused the ruling elite and the press for defaming the opposition leaders and politicians who do not subscribe to the ideology of the ruling clique. He said that any person in Kashmir Valley who is opposed to the ruling clique and does not accept their anti-people policy is being denounced as a‘separatist’. Similarly, those who do not agree with the policies of the ruling clique for being denounced as communalists. He said that ruling class has been treating the people of J&K likeguinea-pigs and have been exploited ever since Maharaja Hari Singh acceded to the Union of India on 26th October, 1947.

NPP Supremo said that people of J&K whether in Ladakh, Kashmir Valley or in Jammu Pradesh have been living with dignity as citizens of India yet some angry leaders in Kashmir Valley are being denounced as separatists by the ruling clique and the press. He urged the Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh to intervene in this matter so that no Indian citizen in J&K is denounced or charged as anti-national or as a ‘separatist’. He made a strong appeal to the media, press and commercial politicians to stop using slang and contemptuous remarks against the Kashmiri leaders by calling them separatists. He said that this is a conspiracy to give an impression to the world and to the international media that the Kashmiries are separatists which means they are against Indian nationalism.

Prof.Bhim Singh urged the Union Minister to take immediate measures to shut such voices in writing or in speech, which condemn the Kashmiries rather provoke them against Union of India. Prof.Bhim Singh said that these were the Kashmiri Muslims led by Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah in 1946 who stood against the division of India rather they stood against the creation of Pakistan. It were the Kashmiri Muslims who did not accept the theory of partition of India or for the creation of an Islamic State. He said that the history should be taught to the younger generations that there were the Kashmiri Muslim leaders in particular who denounced Mohd. Ali Jinnah and his philosophy of two-nation’s theory’.

Prof.Bhim Singh urged the Union Home Minister to intervene in person, utilize the services of the J&K Police only to deal with local unrest or in law and order situation. Prof.Bhim Singh also urged the Union Home Minister to advice the J&K Governor to constitute an all party consultation committee in J&K so that the genuine civil/political representatives of all the three regions could be involved and the day to day issues could be settled peacefully and respectfully between the Governor’s administration and the civil society.        

Prof.Bhim Singh appealed to the youth, students and intelligentsia in the entire State of J&K to work in cooperation and in solidarity so that the people of all the three regions shall get justice, honour and security with full scope of all the fundamental and human rights enshrined in Chapter-III of the Indian Constitution. Equality before law and equal protection of law for all. The people of J&K should be guaranteed this licence also as is available to the citizens of India in rest of the country. He urged the Union Home Minister to dissolve the present Assembly and hold fresh election, free and fair so that the faith of people of J&K is restored in democracy, which has been tumbling till this day.