NPP Supremo’s call to MPs to realize affects of Article 370 vis-à-vis National Integration

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party struck a highly appealing call to the Members of Parliament to spend 10 minutes of their valuable time to go throw the hidden contents of Article 370 in the Constitution of India which is available in all regional languages also to enable them to come to a genuine conclusion whether present language of Article 370 deserve a change in the greater interest of national integrity and unity.

          Prof.Bhim Singh expressed shock saying that 90% Members of the Parliament out of 790 MPs have not cared to study and value the contents of Article 370 which has been kept alive by the Parliament knowing well the contents of Article 370 are affecting the nation like cancer for the past 65 years. Prof.Bhim Singh, a Sr. Advocate of the Supreme Court, a post graduate from London University and a Barrister-at-Law has been continuously carrying a battle against Article 370 which he describes as a cancer in the heart of Union of India.

          Prof.Bhim Singh said that this is a tragedy that Article 370 which was opposed by the Chairman of Constituent Assembly, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar was inserted into the Constitution with a sinister move and a conspiracy to weaken the national unity when the Constitution was promulgated on 26th January, 1950 by the Constituent Assembly. Prof.Bhim Singh said that the Constituent Assembly committed one of the biggest blunders by inserting Article 370 in the Indian Constitution which was totally against the basics of National Integration. 557 states were merged into the Union of India which included Hyderabad and Junagarh even though these two states never signed Instrument of Accession. Baroda was merged with the Union of India when its Maharaja Gaekwad signed Instrument of Accession in 1949 only. The Maharaja of J&K had signed similar Instrument of Accession as was signed by other 557 rulers.

          Prof.Bhim Singh questioned the decision of the Constituent Assembly to insert Article 370 in the Indian Constitution keeping J&K away from the map of integration. J&K was kept aside by the Constituent Assembly without assigning a reason. The new generation, particularly the intelligentsia, political and social activists should answer this question as to why J&K was not declared integrated with the Union of India along with 557 states when the Constitution of India was launched on 26th January, 1950.

          Prof.Bhim Singh said that Maharaja Hari Singh was bundled out of state in 1949 itself without abolishing Monarchy in the state. This needs a serious debate and discussion on the role and mission of the major political parties, mainly the Congress.

          Prof.Bhim Singh called on all the members of the civil society, particularly the lawyers and intelligentsia to seek answer to the following questions which shall help the entire nation and its integration;

a).      What was reason or compulsion on the members of the Constituent Assembly to force Dr. Karan Singh an heir to the throne as a Regent of the State? Why Maharaja Hari Singh was subjected to humiliation and thrown out of J&K without divesting his status as Maharaja in 1948?

b).     Why Article 238 was not applied to the State of J&K?

c).     What was the reason and hidden agenda behind Clause 3 of Article 370 with its proviso,“The recommendation of the Constituent Assembly of the State referred to in clause (2) shall be necessary before the President issues such a notification.” Why this proviso was inserted to put a break on the Constitutional powers of the President of the Republic of India?

d).     What is the jurisprudence and what was the reason to put a stop of the constitutional powers of the President of India who was empowered in this provision by the Constituent Assembly. How the powers of the President of India could be curtailed by this legislation which was absolutely unwarranted, undesirable and unacceptable in the domain of the Constitution of India?

e).     This is tragic in the history of the Constitution of Union of India that the so-called Constituent Assembly created in J&K for the pleasure of the Constituent Assembly of India was declared more powerful than the National Assembly or Parliament. This clause was highly unacceptable, against the principles of democracy which was enshrined in the Constitution of India by its members.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that the members of the Constituent Assembly literally murdered the soul of Indian Constitution and even threatened the very existence of democracy and unity of the entire country by keeping J&K out of the map of India by inserting Article 370 which deserves to be trashed without delay by the Parliament.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that the he shall constitute a committee of 100 lawyers from all over the country and start a movement in the whole country for one India, one Constitution and one Flag.