NPP Supremo extends solidarity with AMU, Urges Parliament to ensure its Minority Status

Addressing a distinguished gathering of the law-makers, parliamentarians, distinguished jurists and judges today at the Law Centre, New Delhi, Prof.Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and Aligarian expressed hope that the Parliament shall respect the mandate of law and secular character of the Indian Constitution by restoring the Minority status of Aligarh Muslim University which was founded by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in 1920. He said that Article 30 of the Constitution of India affirmed the minority status of Aligarh Muslim University in the same way as right to life and liberty was affirmed in Article 21 of the Constitution of India as a fundamental right. He said that AMU was born before the promulgation of the Constitution of India in 1950. Aligarh Muslim University was born in 1920 which enjoyed the basics of secular character 30 years before the Constitution of India was born and therefore the character of the university was affirmed in Article 30 as the university was in existence.

            Prof.Bhim Singh was addressing a seminar on the minority status of AMU which was presided over by the former Chief Justice of India, Mr. A.M. Ahmadi, Former Union Law Minister, Mr. H.R. Bhardwaj. Among the distinguished speakers on the dias included Educationist Dr. Inamdar, Mr. Salamat Ullah, President, AMU Old Boys Association, Shri S.M. Sajid Hasan, General Secretary, All India AMU Old Boys Association and others.

            Prof.Bhim Singh was among those student leaders of AMU who were imprisoned for more than eight months in Aligarh District Jail for the offence that they were leading a movement in AMU for the continuation of minority status. Several former university union office bearers including Mohd. Faizan (Former President-AMU) & Mohd. Adeeb, Ex-MP and former President-AMU were present in the conference. Mrs. Nasreen Hamid, Chairperson, Global Women’s Lib also present in support of the cause of the minority status of AMU for the sake of humanity.

            Prof.Bhim Singh said that Aligarh Muslim University is a symbol of secularism’ in India which has enhanced the international rather global secular identity of India all over the world which he (Bhim Singh) had experienced during his five years global tour on motorcycle around the world on peace mission from 1967-1973. He said that he was expelled along with about 150 students of Aligarh who were imprisoned. After he left Aligarh he was expelled by J&K for raising the tri-colour flag in Kashmir. Prof.Bhim Singh said that it was the spirit of courage and truth he carried with him from AMU which enabled him to go around the world on peace mission. He said that secularism and peace was the strongest weapon that he carried with him during his world tour.

            Prof.Bhim Singh offered free legal aid service to the AMU activists before the Supreme Court of India which shall hear the case on minority status to AMU on 4th April, 2016. He, however, declared that AMU is greatest institution rather pride of the country which transcends the message of brotherhood (secularism) to the whole world. He called on the Members of the Parliament to understand this message and ensure that Parliament of India would not interfere with the inborn message of Aligarh Muslim University founded Sir Syed Ahmed Khan 30 years before the birth of Indian Constitution.   

FIR against Airlines dealing with domestic flights


Sub: FIR against Airlines dealing with domestic flights.

I as a State President of Delhi Pradesh Unit of National Panthers Party would like to request for registering an FIR (First Information Report) against the domestic airlines namely, Jet Airways, Air India, SpiceJet, Go & Indigo and others for having ruthlessly enhanced the air-fare on the domestic routes which is violative of the principles of natural justice and amounts to a fraud on the rule of law.
1.    That seveal Airlines taking advantage of Haryana’s unrest and protests, several Airlines operating in India under the rules and regulation settled by the Ministry of Aviation etc. of Govt. of India have violated the rules, the laws and have been playing fraud with the customers/passengers travelling from New Delhi to Chandigarh and some other places.
2.    The normal air-fare from New Delhi to Chandigarh is approximately below/around Rs.5000/-. The Jet Airways example has raised the economy fare for the air travel between New Delhi to Chandigarh to Rs.17,282 (Economy) and Rs.26,740 (Premiere) classes, which is evident from Annexure-P1.
3.    That the Jet Airways has announced the price list dealing with air-fare from New Delhi to Chandigarh on February 21,2016 (Annexure-P2) ranging between Rs.70,000 to 99,000. Similarly the air-fare of the same airline have been shown from Rs.42,000 to Rs.77,000/-. (Annexure-P3).
4.    That another paper cutting (P4) dated 21.02.2016 has raised the alarm on the spate of violence unleashed by Jat protesters demanding quotas has sent air fares on the Chandigarh-Delhi sector through the roof with the cheapest available one-way ticket for Monday selling for over Rs.99,000.
5.    That the Times of India New Delhi dated 23.02.2016 has in its story “As airfares soar, PM Modi frets”. This story also speaks of the discriminatory rise in airfare from Delhi to Chandigarh and also speaks about the discrimination being committed by several airlines including Jet Airways. (Annexure-P5).
6.    That the Panthers Party is led by several senior human right activists and strongly regrets for the failure of the Union of India to deal with those highway robbers who have been using their authority in violation of the principles of natural justice and the rule of law. Thus causing grave hurt to the fundamental and civil rights of the citizens of India and other persons by raising airfare for the local passengers by exploiting their compulsion and need under the circumstances.
7.    That this person filing this FIR is a state president of Delhi Pradesh National Panthers Party which is recognised party by the Election Commission of India and chaired by Prof.Bhim Singh, the Chief Patron of the party who is a senior advocate of the Supreme Court of India and Executive Chairman of the State Legal Aid Committee.
It is submitted that an appropriate FIR be registered against Jet Airways and other Airlines which have been flouting the rule of law and the principles of natural justice which amounted to robbing the passengers and an utter violation of The Prevention of Black Marketing and Maintenance of Supplies of Essential Commodities Act, 1980. (Annexures-P6 & P7).
It is submitted that the one-way, 45-minute flight is priced almost double that of a Delhi-London return flight that costs around Rs.46,000. A Delhi-New York return ticket costs around Rs.63,000. Airline sources said flights out of Chandigarh were fully booked as people were desperate to get out of the city.
“These are the last few seats available and they are being sold for a premium,” said an airline official who did not wish to be named. Across the board from economy to business class seats, prices showed a ten-fold jump, with a one-way ticket on travel portal makemytrip selling at Rs.99,128.”
It is requested that the appropriate FIR may be registered against the Indian Airlines mentioned here, Jet Airways and other Airlines who are involved in similar offences and are violating the principles of natural justice and the rule of law forthwith.
Thanking you,

Submitted by:

Rajiv Jolly Khosla


Bhim Singh’s tributes to Sheikh Nazir, his co-prisoner in Jammu Jail in 1962

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party expressed deep condolences on the first death anniversary of his personal friend and jail-mate (prisoner) for about 8 months in Jammu Central Jail in 1961-62. Prof.Bhim Singh was a detenue in the Jammu prison and Sheikh Nazir was an ordinary under-trial in the Central Jail residing with about 20/30 under-trials in another compartment. Prof.Bhim Singh got the permission of the Superintendent Jail to allow Sheikh Nazir to stay in Bhim Singh’s detention room. Bhim Singh and Sheikh Nazir spent nearly 8 months in one detention room. Prof.Bhim Singh was entitled to Rs.4.50 ration per day whereas Sheikh Nazir had his entitlement of Rs.1.50 per day being an under-trial.  The friendship between the two remained unbroken in spite of Bhim Singh’s love and hate war against Sheikh Abdullah.

    Prof.Bhim Singh offered rich tributes to Sheikh Nazir, adopted son of Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah on his 1st death anniversary. Prof.Bhim Singh was addressing a Panthers Party special meeting organized at party’s exile office in Jantar Mantar, New Delhi late last evening. Prof.Bhim Singh while addressing the social and political activists at Jantar Mantar gathered from different provinces of the country reminded the political activists in India about the blunders committed by the Constituent Assembly by excluding the State of J&K from the Union of India from the Constitution which proved fatal and dangerous for the peaceful co-existence of the country. Prof.Bhim Singh said that the Constituent Assembly failed to include J&K into the Union of India and inserted Article 370 in the Constitution though temporary yet full of volcanoes hidden inside the script of Article 370. Maharaja Hari Singh was allowed to continue as a Monarch, Article 370 was inserted which proved fatal and dangerous for the people of J&K to share the fundamental rights in the Indian Constitution as citizens of India.

          Prof.Bhim Singh said that Article 370 stood abrogated when the so-called Constituent Assembly of J&K under the leadership of Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah abolished the Monarchy and Maharaja was ousted through a resolution of the so-called Constituent Assembly on 20th August, 1952.

          Prof.Bhim Singh accused the leaders of the Constituent Assembly for defying the Chairman of the Drafting Committee, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar who did not agree to insert Article 370 in the Constitution while the ‘King’ was alive and functioning as a Monarch through his son, the Regent of the State till his father was acting as Monarch of the state. Prof.Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate, expert in the Constitutional Laws, former Legislator maintains that Article 370 was buried in the grave of the history the day his monarchy was declared abolished. He says that Article 370 is being used by the rulers in J&K only to keep the people of J&K away from their basic and constitutional rights. He said that the Constitution of India and the Fundmental Rights guaranteed the every citizen of India in Chapter-III of the Constitution have not been made applicable to the Indian citizens residing in J&K as they are described as Permanent Residents of the state.

          Prof.Bhim Singh said that Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah signed agreement with the Govt. of India headed by Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India in 1975. The agreement was specific and clear that J&K is integral part of Union of India. He agreed to take over as Chief Minister of J&K without any hesitation. He said that Article 370 has no relevance in Law or in the State politics. This Article was a temporary and could have continued till the Monarchy in the state. With the end of Monarchy the command of Article 370 came to an end. He said that it was the blunders of the Central leaders which have created a mess in the state of J&K where the citizens of India (Permanent Residents of the state) are still treated as alien when they are entitled to share the benefit of all fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution of India. He regretted that the High Court of J&K has not been declared a Constituent of the Constitution of India and still called High Court of J&K whereas all other High Courts in the country are theHigh Courts of Judicature. Fundamental rights in J&K are not available to the Indian citizens. So-called Delhi Agreement, 1952 which was never signed by the leaders of the Central Govt. is still being quoted by the National Conference leaders to exploit the innocent people of Kashmir in the name of so-called ‘autonomy’ which got buried deep into the grave of history in 1952.

Prof.Bhim Singh reacting strongly on the statement of grandson, Mr. Omar Abdullah and former Chief Minister of J&K condemned the statement of Mr. Omar Abdullah talking about the so-called autonomy of the state which was buried by his own grandfather, Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah on 20th August, 1952 by abolishing the state Monarchy. No more Monarchy, no more autonomy. NPP Chief said that the so-called autonomy granted under Article 370 was buried by Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah himself when he got Article 370 abrogated. When womb is blasted, the baby cannot survive. This was Sheikh Abdullah the head of the NC and the then Chairman of the Constituent Assembly which abolished Monarchy, exiled Maharaja and took over the reign of power with the blessing of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru in 1952. When Mr. Nehru realized his blunder he was the only one who used his power and under his direction Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah was dismissed as Prime Minister of J&K on 8th August, 1952 by the signatures of the then Sadar-e-Riyasat, Karan Singh who was imposed by Nehru in J&K.

Prof.Bhim Singh concluded that J&K is integral part of the Union of India and Article 370 is no more relevant rather became infructuous on 20th August, 1952 the day the state Monarchy was abolished.  Prof.Bhim Singh declared that the Parliament should take this matter to its logical end. He warned that he shall take the matter in the Supreme Court seeking its intervention to ensure that all fundamental rights available to the citizens of India are extended to every citizen of India called Permanent Resident of the state. He said that Article 370 has become infructuous and the tail cut from the body of the dog cannot wag the dog.

NPP demands into circumstances that led to police firing, lathicharge and chaos in border areas of Samba Distt.

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party and Executive Chairman of Free Legal Aid Committee, J&K expressed shock and anger on the police lathicharge and firing on the villagers in Sarore village in Samba District killing a youth Mohd. Yaqoob.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that this area bordering with Pakistan has been peaceful and the people have been living in brotherly atmosphere having no personal grievance or conflict.

Prof.Bhim Singh demanded an independent inquiry by a sitting judge of the High Court of J&K to let the public know the cause of the unrest and compulsion for the police to use bullets against the unarmed villagers. Prof.Bhim Singh also said that judicial inquiry should find out the cause of the unrest and the reason for the use of excessive force against the villagers. He said that the local Gujjars who are permanent residents of J&K, mostly landless permanent residents of J&K have been living a nomadic life in these deserted areas for years. He said the Govt. of J&K has not been able to provide them necessary piece of agricultural land for the survival of the Gujjar community and their cattle which is the only property on which this Gujjar fraternity has been surviving.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that there are reports that some outsiders from outside J&K have forcibly held the agricultural land in this area with the help of the power wielding politicians. He demanded full protection and security to the Gujjar community who are the permanent residents of the state of J&K.

Prof.Bhim Singh also appealed to the people, particularly the youth of the entire bordering areas to put up their joint efforts to ensure that communal harmony is maintained at all costs which is in the interest of all the people. Prof.Bhim Singh urged Shri N.N. Vohra, the Governor of J&K to constitute an All Party Committee as an Advisory Committee to assist the Governor to ensure that communal harmony and peace is maintained at all costs. He said that Gujjar community has been contributing to strengthen the bonds of National Integration and humanism for thousands of years and they have contributed tremendously to strengthening the bonds of National Integration.

Prof.Bhim Singh also appealed to all the residents of Jammu and Samba Districts including the residents of Jammu province who have made historic contribution towards strengthening the bonds of brotherhood and this is the time that all of us sit together and defeat the forces from outside which intend to destroy the human compassion and love among the Jammuites. He hoped that Shri N.N. Vohra may constitute the judicial commission without any delay.

Call to civil society to join hands to save India from present socio-political crisis

Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party & Executive Chairman of State Legal Aid Committee has made a strong appeal to the civil society particularly to the social activists, lawyers’ fraternity and the intelligentsia to organize social active groups in at least from district to provincial level as civil volunteers in defense of the civil society which is under a grave threat this day because of the over ambitious power hungry politicians in the society. Prof.Bhim Singh said that the civil society has never been encouraged to serve the society at social and political levels because of the power hungry politicians who have assumed all activities in a civil society just for retaining political power and promote their personal interests at the cost of the society.

          Prof.Bhim Singh said that recent happening in the North-East, in Punjab-Haryana sector and even in the Indian capital have shaken the faith of the civil society and threatened the peace and tranquility which is the order of the day. Prof.Bhim Singh has given a call to the members of the civil society particularly the lawyers’ fraternity from different parts of India to come forward and take up this challenge to defeat the fascist and anti-social elements who have posed a threat to the social and political tranquility in the country.

          Prof.Bhim Singh announced that a special conference shall be arranged in New Delhi with the active participation of the civil society, particularly the lawyers, journalists and the intellectuals in the middle of April, 2016 to launch a movement for strengthening the oneness, unity and integrity of India.

          Prof.Bhim Singh also announced that NPP office in exile at Jantar Mantar shall be the centre of this new movement to strengthen national integration and promote humanism.