Bhim’s twin-State suggestion highly laudable Ending discrimination with Jammu

JAMMU: JKNPP chief patron Bhim Singh has yet again reiterated that creation of Jammu State and Kashmir Valley State was the only way out to end discrimination, chaos and regional imbalance. “Time has come when J&K should be reorganized by establishing Kashmir Ghati State and Jammu State. The Treaty of Amritsar is no longer relevant after J&K merged with the Union of India by the signatures of the then Maharaja of J&K, Hari Singh in 1947. Ladakh region which was annexed under the leadership of General Zorawar Singh in 1842 and affiliated with Jammu Pradesh should be given a choice between Kashmir Ghati State and Jammu State. The Ladakhis if choose to be adopted as Union Territory, their choice should be respected. Gilgit and Baltistan which link close to Ladakh shall be declared as part and parcel of Ladakh region after the liberation of Gilgit-Baltistan,” he has said in a statement from New Delhi.

Bhim Singh also announced that a convention shall soon be held in February where the twin-State solution will be threadbare discussed. “The participation of the social and political representatives from all regions will give a scientific and concrete shape to this proposition,” he has also said, adding that the two States shall continue as “twin States” with separate provincial Governments but with one High Court and one Governor. He also announced that he would constitute a committee of social and political representatives irrespective of their political affiliations “to mobilize the people’s opinion in support of reorganization of J&K”.
It is not the first occasion when Bhim Singh came out with such a suggestion. He and his party had a number of times in the past demanded reorganization of the State saying the existing 68-year-old politico-constitutional and financial structure had failed to produce the desired results and that the people of Jammu province would continue to suffer unless this unitary structure was reformed and federalized to accommodate their social, economic and political aspirations.

And what Bhim Singh and his Panthers Party had been saying was the general view in Jammu province. There is consensus in Jammu province that reorganization of the State is the only alternative available to end discrimination with the people of Jammu province and avert the possibility of Jammu province witnessing the Kashmir-like situation – situation that forced the Kashmiri Hindus to quite the Valley in early 1990 to become refugees in their own motherland. Even the RSS and the BJP had endorsed the idea of the State’s reorganization. In fact, while the RSS adopted resolution on separate Jammu State at Kurukshetra in 2002, the BJP at least thrice adopted resolutions on the State’s reorganization

“If Jammu province is not separated from Kashmir, the former would surely witness the Kashmir-like situation. To avert this impending disaster separation of Jammu province from the militant and separatist-infested Kashmir is imperative. There is nothing that is common between the people of Kashmir and their leadership and the people of Jammu and Ladakh. The Kashmiri leadership wants independence or semi-independence from India and it also wants to de-link the erstwhile Doda district and parts of Poonch-Rajouri belt from Jammu to set up Greater Muslim Kashmir. The people of Jammu province, barring a few agents of Kashmiri leadership, want their complete merger with India. They long for a regime that is of them, by them and for them within the Indian Constitution, minus Article 370 and Article 35-A,” this is the general view in Jammu province. Hold a referendum in Jammu province and you will see for yourself that an overwhelming majority will vote against politics, Kashmiri-style, and vote for the Indian Constitution and separation from Kashmir.
It is a different story that the political class in Jammu has failed Jammu to remain on the right side of Kashmiri leadership, which gets unstinted support from all the important political players in Delhi. That’s the reason all the movements which the nation witnessed in Jammu province after 1947 were all engineered by the common masses and civil society groups.

The situation as it exists today in the State is highly alarming and frightening. Indeed, the people of Jammu province are in grave danger. The suggestion of Bhim Singh and his ilk needs to be viewed in this context.

Silence on international violence leading UNO to League of Nations’ fate

Addressing a lawyers’ fraternity at Jantar Mantar, Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party and post graduate on international affairs from London University who travelled around the world on peace mission (1967-1973) on motorcycle expressed serious concern on the silence of the United Nations on the growing violence in different parts of the world. Prof.Bhim Singh told the lawyers’ fraternity that the League of Nations came to an end when it lost its credibility rather failed to check international violence. He said that the United Nations is facing the same situation which the League of Nations met when failed to control the international war mongers. He said that United Nations is loosing its grip in the international sphere with the result international violence has threatened internal and external peace particularly in the Afro-Asian sectors. The United Nations, it appears, is failing to keep watch/control to check violence particularly in Afro-Asian sector. He said that creation of groups like ISIS in the Middle-East and other sectarian off shoots have threatened peace. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria and some sectors in Africa have been witnessing massacre of humanity and innocent people as the respective governments/ administrations have no control over the outlawed and violent ridden elements/terrorists.

Prof.Bhim Singh who travelled on his peace mission around the world for five years and visited some of the violence hit areas in the world during his five years globetrotting for peace, told the new generations in New Delhi while addressing young lawyers, social and political activists at Jantar Mantar (Hyde Park of India) that violence against innocent people anywhere in the world is threatening the international peace and disturbing tranquility which may be described as the beginning of the third world war.

Prof.Bhim Singh urged the members of the Security Council and particularly the so-called five big powers to convene an international emergency meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations to involve all the Members of the United Nations in the campaign against the rise of terrorism, international violation of Code of Conduct. He said that there is a need to organize international peace committee in the areas in Africa, Asia, Middle-East, Latin America and other sectors to mobilize world opinion against all forms of violence. There is a need to ban all lethal weapons. Each university should include anti-violence chapter in all the textbooks. No one should be allowed to carry a lethal weapon in public. There should be a chapter in all the textbooks of schools and universities to support non-violence as a creed ‘culture’ to be made obligatory in the textbooks.

Prof.Bhim Singh proposed to hold an international conference on peace and humanity this year in the month of August-September with the participation of the youth from all over the world. He said that conference shall be held in India which has been center for peace and human values. Prof.Bhim Singh also forwarded proposal in this regard to all the vice chancellors and heads of educational institutions in India for their valuable opinions/suggestions.