Remove discrimination against RBA category of J&K to enable them to take benefit of national schemes

 Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party in a communication to Shri N.N. Vohra, the Governor of J&K has pleaded with a strong note to include RBA (Residents Backward Area) candidates in J&K at par with OBC so that the students/candidates covered under RBA (Residents of Backward Area) are also provided equal opportunity to share the benefits of the Central schemes under the Central Laws. In all other states, Prof.Bhim Singh pleaded, the students under a Backward category are treated at par with the students/candidates belonging to any backward area category.

          Prof.Bhim Singh in his communication to J&K Governor expressed shock that students/candidates under RBA category in J&K (who may be registered/notified by the Government of J&K vide S.R.O. 126) have not been provided benefit of the Central Schemes for educational facilities in educational institutions in the country.

          The Govt. of J&K provided only 2% reservation on the recommendation of the Anand Commission to the 26 castes from among the OBC. J&K has provided a certificate (SRO-294) with a certification that the candidate is resident of backward area. The Govt. of J&K has been sending students from J&K by providing them scholarships for educational purpose outside J&K. It is a tragedy, Prof.Bhim Singh said that the students of J&K who have been notified as RBA (Residents of Backward Area) have been kept out of the Central List which ratifies the OBC etc. This has deprived a majority of the rural students to take the benefit of the Central Schemes.

          Prof.Bhim Singh urged the Governor to intervene in the matter and ensure that this category ‘RBA’ is also included as approved category for seeking admission in the educational institutions outside J&K as is being done in respect of other students belonging to other reserved categories.    

          Prof.Bhim Singh declared that the Panthers Party shall take up the matter before the Supreme Court of India claiming damages besides relief.     

In the meanwhile, Prof.Bhim Singh, Executive Chairman of State Legal Aid Committee has appointed Shri Vilakshan Singh, Advocate as a special secretary to file public interest litigation before the Hon’ble High Court at Jammu.             

Intervention of the President on Foreigners arbitrary detention- STATE LEGAL AID COMMITTEE

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22nd December, 2015

New Delhi

Press Release

Prof.Bhim Singh urged Shri Pranab Kumar Mukherjee, Hon’ble President of India for intervention to ensure the release of Russian (40 years) lady detained in Srinagar (Kashmir) jail.    

“I am taking this liberty seeking the kind intervention for the deportation of a Russian lady, Bonetekia Zoia, a Russian citizen, presently detained in Kashmir prison. According to the newspaper reports (published in Delhi Tribune, Delhi Edition on 22.12.2015 at page 30). (A copy of the statement is attached).

Your Excellency may be pleased to intervene in the matter for ensuring deportation of the Russian lady (40 years old) who was detained on August 24, 2015 from a tourist resort at Sonamarg. According to the report published in the Delhi Tribune, I understand that this case deserves intervention of the President of India on humanitarian grounds besides other legal and technical grounds.

That the India is a sovereign country and the tourists from Nepal may enter India. According to the report published, it appears that the Russian lady had no (valid visa) to visit India if it so, it had to be ascertained how the Russian lady was allowed to enter India without valid documents, visa etc. from Nepal. The immigration at the border is responsible for this mishap and not the visiting tourist.

According to the reports the said lady was charged under section 14 of ‘Jammu and Kashmir’, Foreigners Act for not having a passport and visa. I do not find this statement as authentic because there is no Jammu and Kashmir Foreigners Act. The Foreigners Act is, The Foreigners Act, 1946 (Act No.31 of 1946). This Act was amended in 2004 (No.16 of 2004 dated 20.02.2004). There is no Jammu and Kashmir Foreigners Act. If this is the charge framed by Jammu and Kashmir it is highly objectionable and deserves urgent intervention of the Hon’ble President of India.

That the said foreigner lady, Bonetekia Zoia has been tried without providing her any reasonable defense counsel and interpreter too. Her trial is vitiated and has no constitutional basis to uphold her conviction.

This case deserves the intervention of the President of India to uphold the rule of law and the principles of natural justice which are wedded to the Constitution of India which is the largest democracy of the world.

I have been looking after the prisoners detained improperly, illegally or unconstitutionally in India or elsewhere. I understand that case of this Russian lady is that of unique nature which deals with the principles of natural justice and human dignity.

May I urge the President of India to intervene in this matter to ensure that the Russian lady named above is set free from the freezing prison of Srinagar (Kashmir), set at liberty and handed over to the Embassy of Russian Federation without any delay.

This message from the President of India should go to every corner of the world that India means justice, the land of rule of law, peace and human dignity.

Assuring Your Excellency the President of India best of the cooperation to uphold the dignity of every human being on earth as has been guaranteed by the Constitution of India.”

Sd/-Bhim Singh

Call to people of Ladakh, Kashmir Valley & Jammu Pradesh to support reorganization of J&K

In a communication to the people living in Ladakh-Gilgit, Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh (Kishtwar to Muzaffrabad), Prof.Bhim Singh, the Founder of J&K National Panthers Party made an earnest appeal to the Indian citizens residing in the entire State of J&K to understand the prevailing situation in the continent and the hot experience of over half a century with the boiling situation in the sub-continent since the partition of India. The separation of Bangladesh from Pakistan is a unique lesson which the people of J&K should and must understand that no State in the 21st century can be established on the basis of a region or religion or language. The separation of Bangladesh from Pakistan is a living example that the creation of Pakistan could not be justified on the basis of religion or even region. Pakistan leadership today has realized that there is a need pressing need for living in peace and harmony with India.

J&K has been exploited by the power hungry leadership combined with armed forces in the name of religion. Creation of Bangladesh reduced Pakistan population to less than the Muslim population residing in India as Indian citizen.

J&K is being exploited by the Anglo-American Bloc to suit their convenience so that Anglo-American Bloc could build their offensive in Gilgit-Baltistan against China. This was the latest calculation of Anglo-American Bloc to keep China defensive. 90% people in J&K are committed to India and majority in POK would prefer India if are given a right to choose their future.

Secularism has united India and its culture had a leading role in strengthening the unity and integration of the country.

Addressing a large gathering of the students and the youth from North-Eastern region, Prof.Bhim Singh said that the CIA and ISI have failed to exploit the new generation in the North-Eastern region and in J&K the enemies of India have realized that India cannot be divided like the USSR or Yugoslavia. The Modi orientation in Indian politics failed to create a divide in the Indian society which can be realized by the latest trends in Indian politics. Delhi and Bihar are the living examples.

Prof.Bhim Singh made an appeal to the youth, students and the intellectual groups of Indian citizens to start a national campaign to promote and strengthen the concept of national integration for the welfare of the country as India has a great role to play from today.

Prof.Bhim Singh called on youth, students, intellectuals and the working class to join hands to strengthen India so that the future of the world could be saved and protected from the agony of war and hatred. Prof.Bhim Singh has been invited by several universities in the North-East and South to speak on his experiments with peace campaign that he gathered during his five years travelling on motorcycle around the world for peace.

Prof.Bhim Singh proposed that peace in the sub-continent is possible only when J&K is reorganized on the basis its’ cultural, linguistic and geographical basis. Article 370 shall have to be amended by empowering Parliament of India to legislate in respect of Union List (Constitution of India) leaving State List powers with the Constituent States; Ladakh-Gilgit, Kashmir Valley & Jammu Pradesh (from Muzaffrabad to Kishtwar & Lakhanpur to Banihal).

Reorganization of J&K is the only way out for lasting peace & National Integration

Addressing a rally of political activists from different parts of the country at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi this afternoon, Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party & Member of National Integration Council advocated with strong note and compassion that the resolution of J&K lies in the reorganization of the state and reconstituting all the three regions namely, Ladakh-Gilgit, Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh on the basis of geographical, cultural and ethnic basis to ensure that the citizens of India in J&K enjoy social, cultural and political freedom and also strengthen their cultural bonds as nature has entrusted in the people of each region since the establishment of each region. NPP Supremo has been advocating for the reorganization of J&K ever since the establishment of the Panthers Party in the state.

          Prof.Bhim Singh said that the leaders in J&K irrespective of their political affiliations have been acting as agents of political hawks since 1947. He said that Ladakh-Gilgit has its own cultural identity and entity and nature has confined them in a different situation in the Himalayas. The Kashmir Valley has its own identity and geographical recognition with its language and cultural unique entity. Kashmir’s merger was a unique contribution of the Dogra Maharaja Gulab Singh assisted by General Zorawar Singh with Jammu State (Muzaffrabad to Kishtwar) in 1942.

          Prof.Bhim Singh said that in 1947, hundred years after the Treaty of Amritsar signed in 1846, J&K was established by Maharaja Gulab Singh Kashmir and Ladakh (Gilgit) became parts of J&K. That India was reorganized and this process continued for years and still continuing. Gujarat later was divided into Gujarat and Maharashtra. Assam was divided into seven states. Punjab, Bihar and other states were also reorganized on the linguistic, cultural, geographical and other disciplines.

          Prof.Bhim Singh said that the situation in J&K could not be addressed for several factors. 28,000 sq. miles of India’s territory (Gilgit-Baltistan) is under Pakistan’s direct control. 4,500 sq.miles (Karakoram) of J&K’s territory is under the illegal occupation of China. Nearly 5,000 sq. miles is under Pak occupation, which Pak called as ‘Azad Kashmir’. China has been occupying nearly 20,000 sq. miles of J&K territory in the Ladakh region. Mathematically speaking India does not have even one-half of the territory of J&K which was established by the Dogras under their unique leadership of Maharaja Gulab Singh, General Zorawar Singh, General Baaz Singh and others.

          Prof.Bhim Singh accused the Delhi leadership, may it be Congress, Communist, Jan Sangh (BJP) or others for keeping the entire nation in dark about the history and geographical situation of the State of J&K that was founded by the great Dogras between 1817 and 1846.

          Prof.Bhim Singh called on the members of the Parliament and the political parties all over the country to initiate a debate/discussion on the socio-cultural and historical background of J&K so that the new generations shall understand the meaning and significance of J&K.

          Prof.Bhim Singh declared that he shall associate the intellectuals and the progressive youth leaders from all over the country to go around India with a message of national unity and integration. He said J&K is as an integral part of the Indian Union as is entire North-East (Assam and other states in the region). He said that the Parliament of India, unfortunately, has not been able to understand the political, social and historical roots of Indian nationalism vis-à-vis J&K, North-East and other regions which form lasting parts of India. Prof.Bhim Singh strongly advocated for the reorganization of J&K by establishing Ladakh-Baltistan as northern unit, Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh as its integral constituents, so that the Ladakhies, Kashmiries and the Dogras shall enjoy their regional entity and identity.  

          Prof.Bhim Singh hoped that Prime Minister Modi shall try to understand the geography, the history and the social standards of the people of India from all over the country; Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Dwarka to Kohima (Nagaland). He said that the Panthers Party shall start this movement for integration of the country in April, 2016 from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and Nagaland to Gujarat. He invited all those who are interested in this movement, National Integration from the roots.

Dismiss present government in J&K to save national interest and unity

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of NPP & Sr. Advocate of Supreme Court of India today urged President of India to use its exclusive constitutional power under Section 92 of J&K Constitution to dismiss the present J&K government in the national interest and for upholding unity, integrity and sovereignty of India without any delay. 

Prof.Bhim Singh said that PDP-BJP government is unconstitutional and has been functioning in total violation of the Constitution. He said that the security of the state stands threatened under the present government which has been openly hobnobbing with the anti-national elements thus causing threat to the unity and integrity of the state. 

Prof. Bhim Singh demanded immediate dismissal of the government, dissolution of the state Assembly and imposition of Governor Rule without any delay in accordance with the command of the state constitution and norms for national security.