Call to people of Ladakh, Kashmir Valley & Jammu Pradesh to support reorganization of J&K

In a communication to the people living in Ladakh-Gilgit, Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh (Kishtwar to Muzaffrabad), Prof.Bhim Singh, the Founder of J&K National Panthers Party made an earnest appeal to the Indian citizens residing in the entire State of J&K to understand the prevailing situation in the continent and the hot experience of over half a century with the boiling situation in the sub-continent since the partition of India. The separation of Bangladesh from Pakistan is a unique lesson which the people of J&K should and must understand that no State in the 21st century can be established on the basis of a region or religion or language. The separation of Bangladesh from Pakistan is a living example that the creation of Pakistan could not be justified on the basis of religion or even region. Pakistan leadership today has realized that there is a need pressing need for living in peace and harmony with India.

J&K has been exploited by the power hungry leadership combined with armed forces in the name of religion. Creation of Bangladesh reduced Pakistan population to less than the Muslim population residing in India as Indian citizen.

J&K is being exploited by the Anglo-American Bloc to suit their convenience so that Anglo-American Bloc could build their offensive in Gilgit-Baltistan against China. This was the latest calculation of Anglo-American Bloc to keep China defensive. 90% people in J&K are committed to India and majority in POK would prefer India if are given a right to choose their future.

Secularism has united India and its culture had a leading role in strengthening the unity and integration of the country.

Addressing a large gathering of the students and the youth from North-Eastern region, Prof.Bhim Singh said that the CIA and ISI have failed to exploit the new generation in the North-Eastern region and in J&K the enemies of India have realized that India cannot be divided like the USSR or Yugoslavia. The Modi orientation in Indian politics failed to create a divide in the Indian society which can be realized by the latest trends in Indian politics. Delhi and Bihar are the living examples.

Prof.Bhim Singh made an appeal to the youth, students and the intellectual groups of Indian citizens to start a national campaign to promote and strengthen the concept of national integration for the welfare of the country as India has a great role to play from today.

Prof.Bhim Singh called on youth, students, intellectuals and the working class to join hands to strengthen India so that the future of the world could be saved and protected from the agony of war and hatred. Prof.Bhim Singh has been invited by several universities in the North-East and South to speak on his experiments with peace campaign that he gathered during his five years travelling on motorcycle around the world for peace.

Prof.Bhim Singh proposed that peace in the sub-continent is possible only when J&K is reorganized on the basis its’ cultural, linguistic and geographical basis. Article 370 shall have to be amended by empowering Parliament of India to legislate in respect of Union List (Constitution of India) leaving State List powers with the Constituent States; Ladakh-Gilgit, Kashmir Valley & Jammu Pradesh (from Muzaffrabad to Kishtwar & Lakhanpur to Banihal).