India must play its destined role to  end terrorism,  discrimination & for complete disarmament –NPP
National Panthers party and the Rashtriya Chetna Abhiyan TODAY  held a massive   protest in Jantar Manttar( the Hyde Park Corner in Delhi) against 13/11 Paris terrorist attacks resulting into  death of over 150  innocent human beings  thus posing a serious threat to the existence of humanity and peace . The NPP volunteers  organized a Candle March in theCapital (Delhi) in memory of those killed in Paris,France on 13/11.
    Prof Bhim Singh the founderof the NPP and the Peace Movement  while condemning the attack on behalf  of 1.25 billion people of the country hoped that the India shall to the occasion   and  carry the torch of light towords world peace and mutual coexistence which has been the mission of the nation  for centuries.
  He called for the peace groups and organizations to stand together and mobilize the world opinion for complete disarmament for peace and start a battle against all forms of terrorism and war.
  He urged the parliamentarians to forge a peace front  against terrorism and for peaceful  world so that there shall be no more bullets ,no more deaths of the innocents and no more blood. Let the humanity live in Peace.
Prof Brim Singh  urged India and the leaders of NAM countries to call an emergency meeting of the NAM countries who have a bigger role to play because they are  not the Arms traders nor colonial tempramentaly.
The NPP volunteers offered condolences to the families of the departed souls  in 13/11 terrorist attacks and sympathy with the  wounded perons and the families effectd.
The formost participents in the candle march included Ms Rajive Jolly Khosla , Romesh Khajuria, Kali RamTomar, Prof. Gian Singh Gian,  Surjeet Singh Guleria, Balwinder Khosla , Dildar hussain Beig, Swaran Singh Yadev, Ms Sunita Chaudhary, Mrs Neelam Thakur, Mr. Mehfoos Khan and National Gen Secy. Shri B. S. Billowria. Adv and others .